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Roblox is home to a litany of unique and enthralling experiences, including Scriptbloxian Sudios' Ninja Legends, where we can double jump, use Ninjutsu, and master skills to overcome all obstacles. While Ninja Legends is exciting on its own, grabbing Roblox Ninja Legends Codes can get up your game and give you the edge you need in this wild acrobatic playground.

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The Pro Game GuidesRoblox Ninja Legends Codespage has a complete list of working codes that players can use to get free coins, Chi, and ninjitsu. Using codes is an easy way to grab some extra currency that will help you level up faster, earning additional upgrades for your character.

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All Ninja Legends Codes

Active Ninja Legends Codes (Working)

Codes for Ninja Legends offer various boosts, including Chi points. Keep in mind that players may receive more Chi based on their current multiplier, which means the totals listed below may change when entered in Ninja Legends.

Auto Train

  • epictrain15—Redeem for 15 Minutes of Auto-Training
  • roboninja15—Redeem for 15 Minutes of Auto-Training

Gem Codes

  • christmasninja500—Redeem for 500 Gems

Chi Codes

  • soulninja1000—Redeem for 1000 Chi
  • zenmaster15K—Redeem for 15k Chi
  • innerpeace5k—Redeem for 5k Chi
  • skyblades10K—Redeem for 10k Chi
  • darkelements2000—Redeem for 2000 Chi
  • silentshadows1000—Redeem for 1000 Chi
  • omegasecrets5000—Redeem for 5k Chi
  • ultrasecrets10k—Redeem for 10k Chi
  • elementmaster750—Redeem for 750 Chi
  • secretcrystal1000—Redeem for 1k Chi
  • skymaster750—Redeem for 750 Chi
  • legends700m—Redeem for 1200 Chi
  • dojomasters500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • dragonlegend750—Redeem for 750 Chi
  • zenmaster500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • epicelements500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • goldninja500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • goldupdate500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • legends500m—Redeem for 1000 Chi
  • senseisanta500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • blizzardninja500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • mythicalninja500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • legendaryninja500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • shadowninja500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • legends200M—Redeem for 1100 Chi
  • epicflyingninja500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • flyingninja500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • dragonwarrior500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • swiftblade300—Redeem for 300 Chi
  • DesertNinja250—Redeem for 250 Chi
  • fastninja100—Redeem for 100 Chi
  • epicninja250—Redeem for 250 Chi
  • masterninja750—Redeem for 1000 Chi

Soul Codes

  • sparkninja20—Redeem for 20 Souls
  • soulhunter5—Redeem for 5 Souls

Inactive Ninja Legends Codes (Expired)

Below you'll see the Ninja Legends Codes that no longer work.

  • epictower350—Redeem for rewards
  • treeninja400—Redeem for rewards
  • shurikencity500—Redeem for rewards
  • epicturrets450—Redeem for rewards
  • powers500—Redeem for rewards
  • bossbattle300—Redeem for rewards
  • Firstplanet250—Redeem for rewards
  • epicturrets—Redeem for rewards
  • waterfall500—Redeem for rewards
  • newgame500—Redeem for rewards
  • autotrain15—Redeem for 15 Minutes of Auto-Training
  • epicsensei500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • launch100—Redeem for 100 Coins

Ninja Legends Frequently asked questions

Here’s everything you need to know regarding Ninja Legends codes.

How to Redeem Ninja Legends codes

To redeem your codes in Ninja Legends, follow our guide below.

Ninja Legends Codes - Roblox (1)
  • Check the right-hand side for the blue Twitter Bird Icon.
  • Click on the button to open up the Type Code Here box.
  • Once you've entered the code, hit the Enter button to finalize the redemption.

Where to find more Ninja Legends codes?

To get the latest codes in Ninja Legends from the developerScriptbloxian Studios, follow them on their Twitter page@Scriptbloxian, and for additional content, subscribe to their YouTube channelScriptbloxian Studios. We at Pro Game Guides have all the latest codes, so visit us regularly to never miss out on another code again.

Why are your codes in Ninja legends not working?

There may be several reasons why your Ninja Legends codes aren't working. These codes may be misspelled or missing punctuation when you type them into the text box, copy and paste the code from our list to avoid making those mistakes. These codes could be expired. Most Ninja Legends codes in Roblox have an expiration date, so be sure to claim the new codes as soon as you see them on our list!

What can I purchase with Chi in Ninja Legends?

Ninja Legends players can use Chi to purchase pets! Pets have passive boosters that increase multipliers of how much chi and coins users can earn when they find them around the map. Chi and Coin boost also apply to items players sell, like ninjitsu. It's important to earn these currencies as quickly as you can so that you can explore the different islands and venues available in Ninja Legends!

What can I purchase with Coins in Ninja Legends?

Players can use coins to purchase swords, belts, and character upgrades, which are integral to improving character performance in Ninja Legends. Collect more powerful gear to trounce the competition and deal more damage when playing.

What is Ninja Legends?

Ninja Legends is an interactive experience where players take on ninjas' abilities, weaponry, and skills. Use Ninjutsu, swords, bets, and more to rise to become a Ninjutsu master with powers like the Double Jump and powers like Blazing Entity Element.

If you're looking for codes for other games, we have a ton of them in ourRoblox Game Codespost! You can also get a bunch of free stuff via ourRoblox Promo Codespage.

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Ninja Legends Codes - Roblox (2024)


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