40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (2024)

The top stops along the way from Bury St. Edmunds to Cheltenham (with short detours) are Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Warwick Castle, and Blenheim Palace. Other popular stops include Bletchley Park, IWM Duxford, and Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens.


Braintree Village

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Outlet mall


Shopping mall

Braintree Village is a shopping center with outlet stores offering popular fashion, perfume, and home & kitchen brands. It's a hotspot for serious shoppers seeking international brand deals. The district also offers family-friendly activities like catching a film, bowling, and trying the climbing wall at Namco. Visitors praise the good selection of shops with great bargains and many dining options. The village is easy to navigate and not overly crowded, making it an enjoyable experience for shoppers.

A nice outlet - not too big but a great range of shops, from high street (M&S) to higher end (Ralph Lauren/Hugo Boss). Has plenty of places for a coffee pit-stop and also has cinema/restaurants across from it if you wanted to make a full day of your trip (that's if you don't spend the whole day shopping!!)

Lauren R — Google review

Nice spacious outlet! There’s plenty of places for you to park and we had a great time as it wasn’t crowded or that busy for a Sunday afternoon.It’s great for walking around due to there being zebra crossings in the right areas. Braintree is so well managed, with plenty of stores. Stores you didn’t even think you’d like to see like Haribo.It’s a good change from Bicester Village if you’re looking for an outlet that isn’t focused on luxury goods.

Helen B — Google review

Nicely laid out outlet mall. Not massive and not that many shops. Typical stores you would expect to find in a UK outlet mall.Prices are nothing special but again not too different from what you get at any outlet mall in UK.If you are used to shopping at outlet malls in the UK then you will be very pleased visiting. If you are used to shopping in the US then you will be quite disappointed with the prices and number of shops.

Tuoyo-E — Google review

Great place for all your shopping needs especially clothing, footwear etc. Good range of designer outlets, with great deals.As all the shops are on ground level hence no problems for wheel chair users.There are a few car parks which are free to park for six hours. Food outlets are close to carpark.Overall a good place to spend a day shopping and finding some great deals.

Faheem S — Google review

Nice selection of small stores. Christmas decorations were very nice. Not entirely outlet prices tbh. You can find same deals cheaper online. But the beauty store was the bomb !

MARIE W — Google review

Decent shopping mall with good brands to choose from. The free parking for 6 hours is a bonus. The customer service team prompt in answering queries. The food options weren’t particularly bad, but tolerable brands. Overall the staff in most of the shop were relaxed and friendly.

Emily R — Google review

Really enjoyed my trip, great selection of shops 👌 easily found my way around. I found it more realistic than other outlet centres as it offers more retailers at a sensible price level rather than just the top notch designers taking the majority of the units.

Paul B — Google review

Nice little day out. Different from usual. Had a lot of good deals. I've got myself a pair of shoes from nike. But needs a more variety of shops with lower price ranges but this place is more of outlets so always find something

David Y — Google review

An excellent place to visit. England is not London only. There are these places to visit too. Lovely places with coffee shops, stores, monuments, you name it. It was a pleasure and lots of fresh air to breathe. Come and visit.

Carlos R — Google review

Good selection of shops with good bargains , many nice places to eat. It’s not big so easy to navigate, you can’t miss any stores. The staff were very polite and friendly in every shop. We spent about 4 hours there on Saturday, it wasn’t crowded at all. I didn’t have a car as it was serviced in the nearby garage so I particularly liked “drop it” facility offered in Guest Services unit. We were able to leave our shopping bags there and continue shopping without extra “baggage “. The young man in Guest Services was extremely helpful and polite. I will definitely return.

Kasia S — Google review

Been there for the first time on boxing day,place was packed.Got nice bargains from Ralph lauren outlet, Tommy hilfiger, adidas and couple more outlets.More food shops and toilets would be great as I felt there isn't enough.

Neeraja A — Google review

A very good shopping outlet in Braintree. Around 75 shops with many designer shops here including Hackett, Tommy Hilfiger, Hollister, Adidas and Boss. There is an M&S clothing store as well as a food store. Also many places to eat and drink. There is plenty of parking. Opening hours are 10am-6pm Monday - Friday 10am-5pm on Sunday and 9am-7pm on Saturday.

Eddie R — Google review

I wouldn't go back. First impressions were positive...easy to get to by car and good parking. But walking into the 'village', you're hit by the fact it feels soulless...like on the verge of closing down. Admittedly I went on a day when the weather wasn't great in Oct...but still.Prices are generally not good value such that you'd prob be better shopping on the high street. The stock definitely feels like it was outlet stock. If you're after a specific item you need like a coat you'd be OK, but anything else just isn't attractive enough to catch your eye if you're browsing for a bargain. Some shops hit and miss...like they can't be bothered welcoming you...guess they don't mind going bankrupt then.So in summary...not worth making a special trip to unless you lived in Braintree! 💯

J — Google review

Excellent comfortable shopping experience at Freeport, quality branded clothing - and if judicious - you may get a good deal.Take care with timing your visit, Friday's and weekends are going to be extra busy leading up to Xmas.Oh and there's an Ice rink!Free parking for 6 hours.

Graham A — Google review

Good outlet.Around 1 hour and half driving from central of london.Also, in the back of the outlet there is many big stores like Next, T.k.max, sport direct and more.There also cinema and namco entertainment.

Ahmed — Google review

I like the place, great shops , a real big free parking and it worth driving 40 mins to get thereI love NIKE, Tommy, Calvin Klein, VANS, M&S and many others , prices are really affordableEvery time we buy delicious churros thereHighly recommended!

Hanna S — Google review

Nice place for shopping branded itemsPurchase braned items in cheap rate

BasiL B — Google review


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Chapel Hill, Braintree, CM77 8YH, United Kingdom

+44 1376 348168


Ely Cathedral

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Sights & Landmarks

Ely Cathedral, an impressive Gothic-style structure, is easily recognizable from afar due to its dominating silhouette that earned it the nickname "Ship of the Fens." The nave features simple yet elegant lines which create a spacious and bright interior. Notable highlights include a mesmerizing ceiling, a masterful 14th-century Octagon, and towering structures adorned with iridescent colors.

Excellent cathedral to visit, and highly recommend the Octagon Tower tour and Stained Glass museum as well.The church is nearing 700 years old, though painted ceiling is newer. It’s interesting to walk through (as most English cathedrals are), but the standout point is the octagon centre. The tour gives a lot more history, including the architectural and engineering cleverness, and allows you to go up to the top and see the almost 1,000 year old oak timbers holding it up and look down into the cathedral from behind the Angel panels.

Becky T — Google review

We visited this magnificent cathedral on Sunday. Although the stained glass museum is not open, the experience is quite impressive. Especially the colors on the walls that are drawn by sunlight and the stained glasses are magical. Those colors combined with exquisite carvings and the tranquil sound from the organ, let us forget the time and be soothed. Also recommend the trails suggested by the Ely Country Park, the views of River Great Ouse are beautiful.

River Z — Google review

Ely Cathedral, a magnificent architectural masterpiece nestled in the heart of the charming city of Ely, is a place that transports you to a realm of awe-inspiring beauty and spiritual contemplation. During my recent visit, I was left utterly captivated by the cathedral's grandeur, rich history, and serene atmosphere.From the moment I set foot inside, the sheer scale and intricacy of the cathedral's design took my breath away. The soaring ceilings, ornate stained glass windows, and meticulously carved stone details are a testament to the skill and artistry of the craftsmen who dedicated themselves to its creation. Each step along the nave, transepts, and chapels reveals new wonders to behold, with architectural surprises at every turn.One of the highlights of my visit was the chance to witness the cathedral's renowned Octagon Tower, an architectural marvel that rises majestically above the crossing. The intricate tracery and delicate stonework of the tower left me in awe of the vision and engineering prowess of those who conceived and constructed it. I was fortunate enough to ascend to the tower's summit, where I was rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, offering a breathtaking perspective of Ely and its picturesque surroundings.

Swati P — Google review

Full of history, full of life despite being one of the oldest in the country. Ely cathedral is a place to take a good slow walk through hundreds years of colourful history. It's a great trip for even non-religious visitors.

Nguyễn H — Google review

Wow! This is the most incredible cathedral. Somehow more beautiful than the others due to its remarkable medieval, timber framed octagon, making it unique.As you walk in, you are also met by a stunning painted ceiling running the whole length of the first part of the building.It has so many amazing bits of history in and around it, so worthy of a visit.There is a audio guide available giving you the best of information and helping you to navigate.They have recently added new lighting, which is an ongoing project, so the ceilings are just stunning, the angels leaning forward from on high, beautiful.It is a wonder in every sense and a cathedral not to be missed.

Debra R — Google review

A most pleasant few hours. Good walk down to the river with made paths. There are paved routes down to the river where you can enjoy a drink overlooking the river.The city centre is ok but watch out for the vagrants. On the plus side lots of old buildings and 1950s shop fronts.Excellent parking.

Michael W — Google review

Loved visiting Ely Cathedral. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. Such a beautiful piece of architecture. We didn't do the tours but understand there are other closed off areas where you can pay extra for tours. We also visited the stain glass museum which was equally beautiful. Highly recommend a visit to see born parts.

Lissa A — Google review

Magnificent and breath-taking. This is a true wonder. Visited on a cool Saturday afternoon with a couple of colleagues at school and had a good time.The experience in this massive cathedral with its rich history was like reading a thriller novel. The choir was amazing, and we just sat the in the utter transfiguration. Student ID admits you into the cathedral for free.You must checkout the gift shop when you visit or market across the road for great souvenirs.

Nelson D — Google review

Beautiful experience! And very affordable tickets. I reccomend adding one of the tours to the visit, if you are into history and architecture. they're about an hour or so. General Tickets will also give you full day access so you can look around before and after a tour if you schedule one. I bought my tickets ahead of time on their website

Tassie F — Google review

Amazingly beautiful cathedral. It's very attractive from the outside and even more attractive inside. I would definitely recommend visiting here. Very well looked after. Very large with beautiful areas inside.

Abdullah Y — Google review

Absolutely magnificent.They have tours inside, which are well worth it to feel the full experience of immersing yourself in the cathedral. The grounds are well maintained, and their information points are interesting. Although there is currently maintenance work being undertaken, it does not affect the sheer magnificence of this cathedral.A must-see in Ely!

Charlene K — Google review

Beautiful cathedral in the city of Ely, with beautiful surroundings and market square. The Alcove garden is also a little hidden gem. The new sculptures are incredible! I was convinced the two of the man and woman, were a young couple having an argument from a distance. Was weird when I noticed they weren't real, very convincing! 😄

Mark B — Google review

I love cathedrals and Ely cathedral is no exception (but it is an exceptional building!) - there's something awe inspiring and moving about old religious buildings like Ely cathedral, it's impossible to not be impressed at the architecture. The staff are lovely and friendly and always on hand to answer any questions you may have. There's a nice little gift shop and sometimes there are exhibitions. There are also toilets if you get caught short. Well worth a visit because of how breathtakingly beautiful the place is. It's a tad pricey at £8 a visit when you can get in other cathedrals for free (Peterborough and Norwich for example), but still worth a visit at least once.

Katy ( — Google review

Great day for £10 and £5 for the stain glass museum. I used the free all-day parking. And had a nice lunch at the Almonry restaurant and tea room.

Ben — Google review

A beautiful cathedral, The Ship of the Fens.I popped into the shop to get my Pilgrims Passport stamped.I've been here on many occasions, school visits as a governor, remembrance day, the wonderful Toppings book launches, and with friends for coffee and scones at the café.There are lovely grounds to explore as well.Accessible facilities and access, good toilet facilities, a shop, and knowledgeable volunteers and guides on hand to answer your questions. You can pay to tour the Cathedral, the octagon is a spectacular sight, especially when the poppy petals are falling.It hosts many events, festivals, and markets throughout the year. Parking is a way out of the city centre and a lot of it will be uphill to the Cathedral. It's 15 minutes or more from the train station and uphill all the way there.

Willow T — Google review

Amazing architecture which worth to visit even the fee is £14, online cheaper but worth every penny. Anglican Cathedral whose present building dates back to 1089 AD. It was originally built in a monumental Roman style, some parts redesigned in the Gothic style.Plenty to see here such as the Lady Chapel and the Octagon Tower in the centre of the church. Impressive marble monuments and painted windows. You can take a tour of the massive West Tower too.Ely Cathedral is one of the most detailed art and architectural churches in England.

Win T — Google review

Not only is the cathedral immense but it is impressive on so many fronts. Take the tour up the huge West Tower, the guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. Yes it’s 250+ steps but as you climb you learn much of the history and the views on this April day were huge.I had the great fortune to visit the day before the opening of exhibition by sculptor Sean Henry - “Am I My Brother’s Keeper” The artist’s figures so cleverly placed on vacant plinths and spaces. This together with meeting the Sculptor made the visit really special. Thanks.

Alick — Google review

An absolutely stunning cathedral both inside and out!! It’s definitely worth a visit inside and if their available book to climb the towers!!!! Both tower tours fantastic! The whole cathedral is beautiful and full of history.The staff have always been very friendly and informative when I’ve been and I’ve visited the cafe on a few occasions and have no complaints. There is a small gift shop too which is nice.

Gemma R — Google review

Fabulous place. If you have less than an hour in Ely within Cathedral opening hours as we did, recommend attending a service as then entry is free. Otherwise it is £14 and to make the most of that would recommend having an hour or so to see the place properly. A tour of the wooden octagon (?) on roof exists and looks fascinating. Ely itself is delightful. The Lamb hotel is right alongside the Cathedral.

Drusilla G — Google review

Ely Cathedral, located in the picturesque city of Ely, UK, is an architectural marvel and a testament to centuries of craftsmanship. This stunning cathedral, with its intricate Gothic design, soaring arches, and captivating stained glass windows, is a true masterpiece. The breathtaking beauty of its interior and the serene ambiance within its hallowed walls make it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and architecture aficionados. The cathedral's rich history and awe-inspiring architecture create an unforgettable experience, leaving visitors in awe of its grandeur.

Andy K — Google review

Ely cathedral is a beautiful building set in stunning surroundings and well worth visiting. I have shared a video of the cathedral on my YouTube channel: urbantiger6540, take a look.The cathedral costs £14, the stained glass museum costs £6 and the tower costs £11. I think it was a little expensive considering other cathedrals throughout the country are free entry and donations, but this was still a very impressive building. There are a few free car parks around Ely.

Matthew T — Google review

Impressive cathedral worth visiting. Whilst £14 may sound expensive, this astonishing building and the included audio guide are definitely worth it.Also fully recommend paying the extra £11 to visit the Octagon tower: the views are worth it and the guide was superb, very knowledgeable.

Jorge J — Google review

Thank you Ely Cathedral for the most exciting & creative fundraising event. Silent Disco.At 74 y.o i felt so privileged. It's a wonderful venue. It was 3 hours of non stop dancing.. choice of 3 music channels....great mix of ages At all times you were are of this magnificent Cathedral was a place of worship. The Sacredness was preserved..it's generosity of allowing pure Joy in such surroundings contributed to a sense of great Gratitude ...

Jean B — Google review

Amazing cathedral both inside and out!! It’s definitely worth a visitThe stain glass museum couldn’t have found a better locationThe whole cathedral is beautiful and full of history.The staff is extremely friendly and informative There is a small gift shop too which is nice.

Nitin M — Google review

What a magnificent piece of history! The details are mesmerizing. They were debuting new audio tours and it added an amazing depth to the experience. Being able to click on the area you were stepping into and hear a history and details about the space was awesome.

Laura H — Google review

Such a loverly and peaceful Cathedral. Most excellent stained glass exhibition.Hubby and I loved visiting Ely Cathedral and would like to thank all the people there for making it an interesting visit.

Jenifer H — Google review


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Chapter House, The College, Ely CB7 4DL, United Kingdom

+44 1353 667735

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40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (10)


IWM Duxford

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (11)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (12)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (13)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (14)

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War museum


IWM Duxford is the largest aviation museum in Europe, featuring 200 vintage aircrafts and a vast airfield showcasing military and civilian vehicles. The exhibits cover both World War I and II, with a particular focus on American civil and military aircraft outside of the USA. The museum provides an all-day experience for families, with informative displays in each area. Conservation efforts are visible throughout the museum, which offers reasonably priced cafes as well as outdoor picnic areas for visitors to enjoy.

Fantastic day out. First time using our membership. No queues. Took picnic and there were plenty of benches near children's play area. Cafe gave good service for hot drinks. Area very clean and well kept. Wonderful exhibitions. Highly recommended. Loved watching some planes landing and taking off.

Lucy H — Google review

Probably the best war museum in the UK! Have visited many times throughout my life, with friends and family, for displays events and just days out and it never disappoints. So a wide range of vehicles and aircraft for every enthusiast to enjoy. Stepped in history and So much to see and do, definitely worth the visit. I highly recommend the classic wings fights as it was an amazing experience to go up in a 1930s aircraft and see the stunning aerial views of the region. Will definitely be back in the future!

Samuel H — Google review

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to fly into Duxford, as it provided me with a unique experience. Upon landing, I walked straight off the runway and into the museum, which immediately immersed me in the atmosphere.Accompanying me on this visit was a disabled passenger, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the museum offers complimentary onsite wheelchairs. This thoughtful provision made the entire experience more accessible and convenient for my companion.We spent a significant amount of time exploring the various hangars, each filled with captivating exhibits and historical artifacts. The sheer magnitude of the collection was awe-inspiring, allowing us to delve deep into aviation history.After our museum tour, we decided to take a break and enjoy a delightful homemade meal. We found a comfortable spot on one of the many benches or tables conveniently located outside, which offered a picturesque view of the active runway. As we dined, we had the privilege of witnessing numerous visiting aircraft and even witnessed some impressive aerobatic displays above the runway. However, the highlight of the day was undeniably the exhilarating sight of a Spitfire soaring past in a breathtakingly fast flyby.Although our visit was thoroughly enjoyable, there was one minor inconvenience we encountered. The distance between the various hangars proved to be quite significant, especially considering our limited time and the presence of a disabled passenger. Unfortunately, the shuttle bus service that would have facilitated our movement between the starting and ending points was out of service during our visit. It would have been immensely helpful to have this service available.Despite this small setback, our overall trip to Duxford left a lasting impression, and we are already making plans to return. I wholeheartedly recommend this museum to everyone, whether you're interested in exploring the exhibits or even considering the unique opportunity to fly into the airfield itself. The experience is truly remarkable and is sure to leave you with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for aviation history.

Ali J — Google review

We are absolutely blown away by how fantastic the museum is. There is so much to see. We will definitely be having another visit. The facilities are excellent with plenty of picnic seating and the cafe has lovely food. All the staff were extremely helpful and friendly. I can't praise them enough. Well done to IWM Duxford.

Tricia B — Google review

It doesn't matter how many times you come here it still an interesting place. The plane collection is always worth a visit. You can fly on various planes if that takes your fancy for that special occasion. The American hangar is well worth a visit. The B52 Bomber is massive taking up half of the hanger. The Black Bird spy plane is also here.

Paul A — Google review

What a fabulous place, we had our Christmas party here. It was awesome . Friendly knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere, good food but most importantly amazing planes. What's not to love?! Also if you are a visitor in the day time the sunset is stunning

Evil E — Google review

Just visited Imperial War Museum Duxford. What an amazing place. We got here at 10am and stayed right until it closed at 6pm. So much incredible history filled with so much genuine original planes & items relating to conflicts around the world. We also got to see a lot of vintage aircraft taking off and landing which was a bonus! It was also nice to see the hangers that the aircraft’s were being worked on so each time you come you can see the progress they make and eventually see it flying! There are planes you can book to be a passenger and fly over the airfield which is great and a once in a lifetime opportunity. They have plenty of toilets which are very clean, they also have a restaurant, gift shop and free parking. The staff are really friendly and will help with any questions. If you’re into history it’s definitely well worth a visit! We never got to finish it all, so we plan to come for a few days next time. Our favourite was the wreckage of the BF110 flown by Rudolf Hess In hanger 1

Jonny G — Google review

Definitely all day experience. So much to do and great place for families. Good amount of information in each area. Great to see conservation in action. Cafes reasonably priced and good food. Do recommend taking a picnic as not much space to sit in cafes but plenty of outdoor space. Would come back again

Liz J — Google review

Absolutely stunning experience. You can see all types of war vehicles, from aircraft (my favourite was the SR-71, beautiful one), through mortars and artillery to tanks from WW1, WW2 and modern ones. Also, boarding Concorde and seeing it in real life was amazing. When you are walking from one building to another, you will have an opportunity to see beautiful airplanes perform breathtaking acrobatic stunts. Although the t-shirt I picked in the souvenir shop was already sold out, they have a nice collection of items that are worth buying. 10/10, not visiting it would be a massive mistake.

Andrej P — Google review

Really enjoyed it. Not too crowded and lots to see. I was lucky on the day, as weather was great and there were a lot of planes flying around so we got to see some Hurricane aerobatics and some other WWII planes flying about. Would recommend.

David W — Google review

Brilliant museum but be prepared for lots of walking. Wonderful displays and plenty to see. Obviously the theme is on war machines but there are some civil planes. It would be fantastic if the museum could have a dedicated section for this. Well worth a visit.

T C — Google review

If you love planes, tanks or history this is an amazing day out, great displays with good write ups that interest all ages. The workshop hangers are incredible to watch a spitfire or hurricane being restored or given inspections. The workshops also smell amazing.It's a lot of walking and lots to see, we got distracted by everything and went for lunch late, by which time the food choices were limited. Go, enjoy, read and by the end of the day you will be able to recognize which is a hurricane or spitfire, P51 or thunderbolt

Daniel G — Google review

We visited yesterday and had the most incredible day out. I had not been since I was a child, and now I was taking my son to experience the museums.The selection of planes in the various hangers is mind-blowing. The exhibitions are very well thought out, and it all flows impeccably.We recommend going to the very last exhibition first, then working back to the start. We walked for about 5 hours, but there are options for shuttle buses to areas for those who might need this.We spent the entire day there and feel like we barely scratched the surface. It's definitely worth a few visits to allow yourself to soak everything in.The obvious stars of the show are the Blackbird, B-52, Tornado, Harrier, Lancaster, Spitfire...there's a huge list. I was impressed with many of the obscure and lesser known planes and vehicles such as the one man German sub.A very well thought out and maintained museum that must be one of the best in the world for this subject matter.

Sean M — Google review

Warning, allow a full day for your visit! We visited especially to see the Spitfire display and were not disappointed, however each and every hanger and display holds marvels of air travel whether it be commercial airlines, first world war aircraft, spitfires or more modern machinery of warfare. It's an absorbing place with stacks of history which make it the ideal setting for an aircraft museum. Sometimes the information provided is a little scant but use Google to supplement the knowledge provided, a great way to spend a day, if you're lucky you might catch some vintage machinery airborne. Well worth the entry fee.

Mark B — Google review

First of all, I would just like to start this review by saying wow. If you are planning a visit, please allocate at least a whole day here. There is so much to do and see you can easily make a day or two of it. I visited with a friend, and the moment we walked in, we were greeted by the very friendly staff who were happy to help us with any questions or queries. There truly is a bit of everything here, from WW2 era fighters like the spitfire and hurricane to current models like the typhoon. Maybe that's not your thing? No problem! There's a vast range of civilian aircraft, too, many of which are open to go inside. These range from a prototype Concorde to a full VC10. This is without mentioning the amazing American section where you can truly appreciate the size of a B52, get up close with an SR71, and many other aircraft! Maybe the aircraft in general is not your interest? Again, you are covered as there is a massive collection of land vehicles in their own dedicated building. Highly recommended for everyone to do.

Alex M — Google review

This is the best museum ever to my humble opinion in combination with my interests, which are not a plane or a history nutter ones, but still liking the subject.If you care at least a little bit about your children, do them and yourself a big favour and buy those tickets asap. I would recommend a bit of a research in advance to know what is there, why and what is interesting about it. There are wonderful signs and everything, but still.My Number One ever, the reason I've visited there first time for and will always keep me going back, is SR-71. This is the best aeronautical achievement of humankind of all times (again - my humble opinion).I try to go at least once a year (no kids), but will one day I will buy that membership and even the birds there will roll their eyes when they see me for 437 375 294 636th time 😂Distance is the only reason I cannot afford to volunteer, otherwise I would put my TV in the bin and probably spend more time volunteering than at my actual workplace.Are you still reading? Come on then, see you there!

Yosif A — Google review

Duxford is a truly wonderful place to visit with a huge range of aircraft that are both static and flying, and a fantastic land museum with a range of tanks and vehicles from multiple eras. There is so much to learn and you can spend a long day here so I'd highly recommend getting there early, say to start the day 10am to 10.30am, as this gives lots of time to look around in a relaxed and leisurely way. There's often planes flying around too so you can often see a mini air show on days that are not official airshows. Really amazing and very special place that played a crucial role during the Second World War. Highly recommended and a great place for kids and families to visit.

Danny H — Google review

very good time spent here and lots to see, helpful stuff to answer any questions even depending when you go they have some good shows and events on. but in general see few odd planes take flight.unfortunately only down side is, where its so big its spread out to far and inbetween, it can be a struggle for elderly people to walk it all. rented mobility scooters would be ideal for the elderly just because purely on the size of the place just a suggestion.

Mark H — Google review

Battle of Britain Day. What an amazing place Duxford is. It's a brilliant day out on any day of the week but today took this to another level.We arrived early to take in the hangars and stands. The American Hangar is my favourite. The flying started at 1pm and there was a tremendous array of WW2 aircraft to enjoy.The Red Arrows put on a great show towards the end but the icing on the cake was the Lancaster and Sally B flying together for the first time in decades. The cherry on top was the 16 Spitfires and Hurricanes that made up the big wing who performed two passes.Having flown in a Spitfire, the next item on the aviation bucket list was to go inside a B17. As luck would have it and for 20 very happily spent pounds I was given a very thorough tour inside and out by a super enthusiastic crew member. It was quite a humbling experience to actually stand in the place that countless brave airmen risked their lives whilst under fire. A similar feeling to when I flew in the Spitfire, the B17 is a truly wonderful aircraft.The only slight gripe was being forced to turn left out of the carpark added a rather large detour to our journey, not that it mattered. An awesome day and I will be back again... and again... and probably again!

Tom R — Google review

Really good educational day out for solo or group visits. So much to look at here in the different hangers and displays. They are constantly being updated and refurbished to upkeep the exhibits. Lovely gift shop at the end to pick up merchandise and small gifts. Entry is reasonably priced too.

Charlie B — Google review

My partner and I became members last year. Great value for money as you get access to lots of other museums such as the Churchill War Rooms, Imperial War Museum London etc. Always very friendly staff and pleasant experience. You can tell the other visitors appreciate history and engineering. The cafe caters for gluten free with jacket potatoes and chips. Could do with some gluten free cakes perhaps. The toilets are very clean. There is simply too much to see in one day hence we have been 3 times in the last 12 months. My sister has now also joined and thoroughly loved it. They provide a taxi for elderly guests as there is a fair bit of walking between hangers. The best hanger is where the engineers are actively working on planes. People often miss this one. If you visit during the week they will be there. During the summer there are constant flights, you can book a short pleasure flight. I plan to do this next time in the warmer months. The shop as well has something to cater for every budget. It seems as though the item profits also go back to the charity as they are all Imperial War Museum branded. I like to see this.

U. C — Google review

Omg, what an amazing day!And you don't even need to be passionate about aviation to enjoy it.There's a Lot to see, we spent 5 hours there and only managed half of what was there. And the photo opportunities were plentiful.So definitely make a day of it. ❤️One of the best parts is that a lot of the staff and volunteers are Veterans who love to tell their stories... and they've got some good ones!😎

Cecilia E — Google review

Duxford is such a well run, curated and interesting museum. They've done an impressive job of bringing the exhibits together so that they tie in nicely. All the staff and volunteers are exceptionally friendly, professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I can't recommend the annual membership highly enough so you can return and learn more each time.

Giles O — Google review

In The co*ckpit ~ Spitfire N3200 Experience.For Christmas I gifted my son this wonderful opportunity to be able to sit in the co*ckpit of a beautiful, historic Spitfire.Mick, the expert IWM guide, kindly let me sit in whilst he gave us a thoroughly informative talk about the Spitfire’s history.Then my son was able to sit in the co*ckpit whilst Mick explained the controls and what the conditions would have been like.The whole experience was incredible, I cannot recommend it enough. Plus the proceeds go towards the N3200 and keeping her airworthy. A very memorable day!

Susannah — Google review

Brilliant museum, lots to see and do for adults and children. Staff were very happy to help and were very knowledgeable. Everytime we come here we learn something new. Disabled access was great and you can get up close to all the aircraft. The highlight of our visit was seeing the spitfire take off and land several times during the day. Will definitely be back soon.

Louise C — Google review

This museum is massive and 100% worth the trip/money! This is a full day out it took us (2 adults and 2children) 4/5 hours to complete all the buildings. There are cafes and toilets throughout the whole facility and a really nice gift shop.

Rachel K — Google review

Love places like this. Amazing to see some of the flying machines of the past that have shaped the world we live in.Really informative place to visit, with a new play park for kids being built, a cafe and shop and loads of airfield action with the hurricane and spitfire going up.Not to mention you can get on a concorde too!Will attend their airshow in June!

Russell D — Google review

So many planes and so little time! A great day out with so much to see that you do really need most of the day to get round everything. A lot of walking but it's mostly flat. They also run a regular mini bus service between hangers.

Claire D — Google review

Brilliant places to see such wonders of the skies! Took all the hours available to see all the hangers and still did not have enough time, so prepare well and your time. Staff excellent, and the volunteers went above and beyond to help. Definitely be back.

Paul M — Google review

This place is absolutely amazing. A must for anyone you just can't believe how these planes look in real life. Advice your looking at at least 4hrs to get round it all. The volunteer staff honestly are what make this place what it is they are a credit to the place, also try the chilly dog from the cafe near the entrance. Overall very happy and worth the money awsum experience

Gary W — Google review

I was lucky enough to be able to fly in a Spitfire as a 60th birthday present from my daughters. It was an incredible experience and brought me pure joy. The staff were fantastic and very friendly which just added to the whole day.Each of the buildings holds history within its walls and it's worth taking your time to absorb everything.

Julie G — Google review

Came here yesterday really good day out highly recommend! Clean well organised modern museum. Cost £67 for 2 adults 1 child with no donation which I thought was a little excessive. Food and drink are expensive aswell so bring your own!

Tony H — Google review

Outstanding aviation museum, so much to see across a massive site.Spitfire, Lancaster, concord, plus a massive collection of American 🇺🇸 planes including the gigantic b52.You can pay on the day which isn’t really cheap, however you can become a member for £15 per month, 2 adults and 6 kids, go unlimited times, free entrance to mini air shows, 10% off the major ones (not near enough in my opinion) you can visit other iwm sites for free.Visit and join today.

Jim H — Google review


(16280)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (16)


(4487)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (17)

IWM Duxford Airfield, Cambridge, CB22 4QR, United Kingdom

+44 20 7091 3067


The Fitzwilliam Museum

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (18)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (19)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (20)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (21)

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Art Museums

This museum is home to a vast collection of artifacts from different cultures, including art from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It's one of the most popular museums in Cambridge, and its galleries are filled with famous paintings by such artists as Hogarth, Gainsborough, and Turner. The museum also has a wide range of historical artefacts from medieval manuscripts to ancient Egyptian and Roman antiquities.

Absolutely excellent museum.Came on the bank Holiday to see the Hockney exhibition. It has been spaced out throughout the museum so you get to see more.Really great exhibits on offer and extremely well presented.Free entry, very nice gift shop.Toilets in basem*nt.

Chad G — Google review

Excellent Cambridge museum. The current exhibition: Islanders The Making of the Mediterranean - which runs until 4 June - is spellbinding. It spans thousands of years, from neolithic Crete to Roman period Sardinia and includes an object that is 9,000 years old. The exhibition is free is free to enter but a ticket is required.The museum's permanent collection is also amazing; I particularly like the ceramic pieces that are on display.

John J — Google review

Worth to visit this beautiful museum which is holding historical stuff from all over the world. It’s free and in centre location of Cambridge city. Building itself is a beautiful architecture.Not big as London Museum but still offering a lot from all over the world specially Egyptian, Greek, Roman etc which is spreading different time period.

Win T — Google review

First, free of charge.Second, it doesn't take a whole day to visit the collection. It's just the right amount of time.The collection is interesting. There are some sections that are for mature audiences only but it makes you think about the lives of other people. Beautiful currency and sword collection.Outside, they have a little patio for snacks and chairs to lounge in the sun.

LB C — Google review

We visited the Fitzwilliam on a Thursday morning, having pre-booked free entry. I've visited many museums but I think this might be one of the most fascinating smaller collections I've seen. In May 2022, they cleverly juxtaposed David Hockney's exhibition pieces alongside permanent and older work that resembled them, it was very well done. Highly recommend when in Cambridge.

Eva S — Google review

Loved this museum. From medieval armors and weapons to ancient Roman Empire or even Egypt. The collection is superb and worths your time to pay it a visit. When you want to take a break there is a coffee/tea shop near the souvenirs.I really enjoyed my time here and definitely I'll return as I didn't had enough time to explore it properly.

Raul G — Google review

The museum is definitely worth a visit!A great place with an impressive number of paintings and antiques from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.Unique collections of famous artists, interesting artifacts, sculptures, porcelain, armour. Everyone will find something for themselves! Admission to the Museum is free!

Sergiusz P — Google review

An enormous range of artworks, some especially famous ones such as Monet's. Great selection of flower still lifes, along with religious artworks. Art is sorted by country of origin. There is a gigantic collection of ceramics, varying in age. The gift shop is large and quite good, there is also a café.

William N — Google review

Lovely well maintained museum. Plenty to see. Cafe was average price but delicious cakes and coffee. Toilets on site were clean. Well done Fitzwilliam museum. If in Cambridge, you must take time to visit, and it's free entry.

Antonia M — Google review

One of the must visit places in Cambridge!It is like a small version of the British Museum but less crowded, so you can feel free to explore around and admire all the exhibitions here.Better expected spending 1-2hrs to visit here

Ling L — Google review

One of the best museums in Cambridge.The entrance architecture is stunning as it is inspired by ancient Greek temples.Lots of paintings, historical weapons, statues, and objects.The entrance is free of charge and you get to see a lot of things, a must-stop when visiting Cambridge.

Francesco M — Google review

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge left an indelible impression on me as one of the best museums I've ever visited. My husband who is not a fan of art and museums he remained impressed. Its stunning architecture, diverse collections spanning from Egyptian antiquities to European paintings, and exquisite decorative arts left me in awe. The museum's rich history and engaging exhibitions make it a must-visit for anyone with a love for art and culture.

Lucy C — Google review

Fantastic morning went to side entrance told you can book a slot but let us in because numbers were low i think due to covid will only let a certain amount of people in at any time .plenty of volunteers to guide you round or answer any questions nice cafe for drinks and snacks great museum shop aswell great experience

Jonathan G — Google review

Nice Museum to visit, my son wanted to see the Egyptian items. You could spend a couple of hours walking around looking at the interesting artifacts. You have to book your tickets online before you go. Its free to visit or you can make a donation if you like.

Tina E — Google review

Beautiful museum, which is definitely worth a visit! It's free and there are also a gift shop and a cafe. There is a lot to see, so you would need a few hours to see all the galleries. You can see art from all over the world and you can see artefacts from different time periods. There are sections dedicated to Egyptian, Greek and Roman history, just to name a few.

Rosi P — Google review

Great museum, really fascinating array of things on display, there's really something for everyone. The building's architecture is also gorgeous and there's a lot to see just by looking up.

Sarah D — Google review

Beautiful place to explore the art and antiquities. Plenty of rooms to explore and learn more about art and world history. Have lovely cafe place too and if you would love to get souvenirs they have shop for that too. Easy access to toilets. Definitely a must see place when visiting Cambridge.

Indy R — Google review

Amazing place!Full of interesting history (from Romans to Egypt, Japanese etc etc.).Very nice displays with detailed describtions. The art and pictures gallery upstairs was exceptional too, full of nice pictures.The museum is situated in the heart of Cambridge (good location).And all this wonderful experience was Free of charge!

Andrejus S — Google review

Excellent museum. Free entry to permanent exhibitions. Or did I walk in unnoticed? Grand building. Parking nearby not cheap but worth a visit or several. Lots of pottery and trinkets but some great art. Handy cafe. Affable varied staff appear everywhere. Blake exhibition to pay to see at this time. But had to pick up someone at Cambridge North.

Mark C — Google review

One of the best museums in Cambridge if you are on a quick day trip (as ours were unexpected). We entered without a ticket,as it's only until January I guess.The paintings were fascinating. Much to see about Egyptian culture and sculptures. Not sure about the European potteries, didn't feel authentic.PS: do not fell for the shop and cafe, overpriced, you can get most of them around Cambridge City for less

Jabin F — Google review

Most impressive entrance hall. Vast collection of very cool items. Love the Egyptian rooms and the Armour section. Very good cafe and gift shop. Bus stops right outside.

Benomaly ( — Google review

It was such a beautiful experience at the Fitzwilliam Museum. Although most of the art works are appreciated by just viewing and not touching, they’re still worth viewing. The entire museum is really big and the facilities are also good. It’s a very picturesque place, has a disability entrance as well. There’s also a table with supplies to draw and paint. Helpful assistants as well. We appreciated the moment.

Jewel I — Google review

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge is a special place full of interesting things to see and do. Here's a simple guide to help you plan your visit:Getting Tickets:Getting tickets is easy. The admission is free for all. Just show up and enter. However, you need to do prior booking for exhibitions.Parking:There's no parking at the museum, but you can find limited parking nearby on the streets or in parking garages. It might be a short walk, but the museum is in a convenient location.Accessibility:The museum wants everyone to be able to visit. They have ramps and elevators for people who use wheelchairs. They also have accessible bathrooms to make sure everyone feels comfortable.What to See:Inside the museum, you'll find all sorts of interesting things. There are old artifacts and modern artworks to explore. It is divided region wise. The museum is easy to walk around, so you can take your time looking at everything. Moreover, they allow you to take pictures without the flash.Guided Tours:If you want to learn even more about the exhibits, you can join a guided tour. Knowledgeable guides will tell you interesting facts about the things you see. It's a great way to learn new things!Café and Gift Shop:After you've seen everything, you can relax in the museum café. They have drinks and snacks to enjoy. Don't forget to visit the gift shop too, where you can buy souvenirs to remember your visit.

Syed R — Google review

Had a good time 😁👍 love the Egyptian stuff! They have toilets. Nice and clean! One of them is for all genders! Have a café and a gift shop. Dad and I. Have been many times before.

Ethan M — Google review

The most beautiful museum and feels a bit like British museum from the outside. Highly recommended to visit once in a lifetime. Entry is free so check out this place. I love visiting museums 😇

Muhammed W — Google review


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Trumpington St, Cambridge, CB2 1RB, United Kingdom

+44 1223 332900


King's College Chapel

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (27)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (28)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (29)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (30)

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Sights & Landmarks

King's College Chapel is an iconic building in Cambridge, England. The chapel is famous for its fan-vaulted ceiling and choir. Some people find the church quaint while others find it overrated. The smell of manure from nearby cows detracts from the experience for many tourists visiting Cambridge.

It was an amazing day to explore more Cambridge city. So decided to go to Kings College Chapel.Just an amazing architecture n mind blowing stain glass windows work. Spectacular ceiling work with wonderful details. I even can’t explain how I was feeling to b there. Just beautiful place to visit if ur visiting Cambridge. Worth to give it a go. Spent very short but quality time there.

Win T — Google review

Breathtaking chapel. Been local for all my life and have recently gone in. Well worth the wait. Beautiful structure.The grounds are quite something as well. Worth a visit in summer to see everything in flower.

Conor M — Google review

King's College Chapel, nestled in the heart of Cambridge, is a breathtaking architectural masterpiece that enchants travelers with its timeless beauty and historical significance. Its soaring Gothic spires and intricate stained glass windows evoke a sense of awe and wonder, offering visitors a glimpse into centuries of religious and academic tradition. The chapel's central location within the picturesque King's College campus makes it easily accessible for tourists exploring the charming city of Cambridge. Inside, visitors are treated to sublime acoustics during the chapel's renowned choral performances, adding a magical dimension to the experience. However, the chapel's popularity as a tourist attraction can lead to long queues, especially during peak seasons, which may require patience from travelers eager to explore its interior. Additionally, while entry to regular services is free, there may be admission fees for special events or concerts, which could be a consideration for budget-conscious travelers. Despite these potential drawbacks, King's College Chapel remains a must-visit destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the rich history and architectural splendor of Cambridge.

Mete A — Google review

As seen on the Christmas day service but with the live wow factor. We were treated to some organ music and a gentleman playing the harp which added to the atmosphere. The history of the chapel is fascinating and the staff were very helpful and approachable. One place I would love to go again, just to hear the choir.

Kate R — Google review

One of the oldest colleges in Cambridge with a huge history!You can enter with a ticket to visit the place where it is wonderful. There you can read about its history and admire its magnificent architecture!You must first go if you want to see all the places to be informed if you allow entry all seasons and all hours in advance. There is a period when due to exams or other events you are not allowed to enter everywhere.

Kerry C — Google review

Went there last week and it was very beautiful inside, particularly the fan vaulted ceiling, the choir benches and the golden organ. The side rooms were full of history about the red and white roses (Tudor dynasty, the 3 kings who built the chapel: Henry VI, Henry VII, Henry VIII), as well as the construction techniques and architecture. I lived in Cambridge since 2012 and honestly this is the second best tourist destination in Cambridge. (the first is punting)

Vincent R — Google review

The words are too small to express the grandiose architecture exposed in front of my eyes. The history of it, the perfect garden near it, the small details, perfect of this building is extreme. I surely recommend it

Ellis — Google review

Beautiful historical building with an astounding architecture. It's a good visit if you like history. The ceiling was breathtaking.

Jorge B — Google review

I always say Yes to historical old buildings. It is so amazing how are built these old College Chapels etc. These old buildings are so luxurious, with lot of secrets. Maybe I don't see the reason why I need pay money to visit God house. But still was very exciting place.

Laura M — Google review

Undoubtedly the most iconic building in Cambridge and one of Europe's finest late Perpendicular Gothic English buildings. Indeed, the Chapel features the world's largest fan vault.The foundation stone of King’s College Chapel was laid on 25th July 1446 by King Henry VI, but was not fully complete, including some of the finest stained glass windows in the world, until 1547 under King Henry VIII.Most days the chapel opens for sightseeing at 9:30am, with final entry 3:15pm; though make sure to check in advance because this can vary. A self guided tour is £11 (or £8.50 for students or children). Well worth it for a place that literally oozes history.If you found my review interesting please leave a quick thumbs up 👍 Thank you!

Sam S — Google review

It’s astonishing especially the inside. All the details on the vaulted ceiling and the coloured glasses is breathtaking. It’s has a very nice walk as well to the Backs which you can walk across the bridge and see the punts in the water with a whole view of the Kings college and the chapel. It is a million dollar view.

Milad S — Google review

Very interesting beautiful building. Seemed strange to be in a Chapel which was full of youngsters creating quite a bit of noise. It was actually quite refreshing. Found the information leaflet really helpful.You can buy tickets from shop opposite King's College.

Sally S — Google review

Absolutely breathtaking. Feels like a refreshing experience every time I walk into it. As well as the spectacular fan vault ceiling, and beautiful stained glass, some other nice things about it are definitely the organ, candlelit events/services, and, if you’re lucky, it’s heated flooring. Worth coming to visit!

Xing Y — Google review

Amazing masonry. Unbelievable that most of it has survived now than 500 years, that's what the patronage of Henry VIII meant I suppose. A couple of really interesting explanation areas, I would have perused a lot more thoroughly if alone.It seems rather expensive, but I'm glad we visited.

Ali — Google review

One cannot visit Cambridge without visiting King's College Chapel (a shop opposite sells tickets). There is a detailed exhibition of its history and a pamphlet guide. A stunning place!

Jon — Google review

Got very lucky today to have a chance to see this spectacular Chapel. King’s College Chapel is prime example of late Perpendicular Gothic English architecture. It’s the second biggest Chapel in the world and features the world's largest fan vault. Beautiful and stunning stained glass windows around whole Chapel 12 windows on each side.Window 1 - The Lamb of God and the Wedding at Cana,Window 2 - Christ and Jairus’ daughter and calling the fishermen,Window 3 - The transfiguration and Christ with the disciples,Window 4 - Lazarus and preparation for the Passover,Window 5 - The last supper and its Old Testament antecedent, manna in the desert,Window 6 - The Light of the World,Window 7 - The Bread of Life,Window 8 - The Lamb of God,Window 9 - Christ of Revelation,Window 10 - The Good Shepherd,Window 11 - Jesus appears to his disciples,Window 12 - The Ascension of Christ and Elijah etc.Peaceful and magnificent chapel where you can come to enjoy the beauty of the place itself and have time to think about life and merge with the wonderful atmosphere. If you get luck you can attend the chapel when they have their own choir singing.

Indy R — Google review

The second biggest chapel in the world and incredibly beautiful as well. It's kept in perfect shape, the history behind it is really interesting and the tour guides will tell you everything there is to know about this masterpiece.

Francesco M — Google review

Fantastic place to visit. Amazing architecture to look at and wonder at the skills of the craftsmen that took so long to build it. 30 years for the stained glass windows to give you some idea. Then walk down to the Cam via the backs.

Andrew W — Google review

King's Chapel in Cambridge is a stunning architectural masterpiece, seamlessly blending Gothic and Tudor styles. The intricate details of its stained glass windows and ornate ceiling create an awe-inspiring atmosphere. The chapel's historical significance adds to its charm, making it a must-visit for anyone interested in the rich cultural tapestry of Cambridge. The serene ambiance and timeless beauty make King's Chapel a captivating destination for both history enthusiasts and architecture aficionados alike.

Tirthadeep K — Google review

The cathedral boasts impressive and unusual architecture, especially notable in the design of its ceiling. The informational displays in the side areas are well-prepared and intriguing, offering insights into the cathedral's history and significance. Visitors will appreciate the availability of flyers in many different languages, catering to an international audience. Additionally, the surrounding garden area is beautifully maintained, providing a serene setting for a short stroll. The price is a bit high.

Lars L — Google review


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King's Parade, Cambridge, CB2 1ST, United Kingdom

+44 1223 331212

I'll never travel to Cheltenham without this trip planner again

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I will never travel to Cheltenham without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Hertfordshire Zoo (Formerly Paradise Wildlife Park)

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Nature & Parks

Wildlife park

Nature & Wildlife Areas

The Paradise Wildlife Park is a Hertfordshire zoo that features an enormous collection of 800+ animals from all over the world. You're allowed to feed and touch the animals, making it a great day out for kids. The park is well maintained and staffed by knowledgeable and helpful zookeepers.

This place surprised me of its beautiful decor, cute fauna variety and an amazing dinosaur section added to it. We were lucky to see all the animals relaxing in the sun & the interactive dinosaurs roaring with realistic bodily movements. Whether you love The Lion King or Jurassic Park, this place is a must!

Ruby W — Google review

We visited the Paradise wildlife park to do a Tickle a Tapir experience. It's a lovely park. Lots of food places. Good exhibits and viewpoints for the enclosures.The experience was amazing. The keeper Joe was so friendly and very informative. It was lovely to meet Tim and Tamara the Tapirs. They were very content to be fussed over.The Tigers were active and one was even taking a dip in the pool which apparently is relatively rare.We didn't do the dinosaur walk but it looked really good. A great place to take children as there are lots of play parks etc.All staff we encountered were really friendly and welcoming.Highly recommend a visit if you're in the area.

Myfanw J — Google review

We visited this place for the 3rd time in 3 years. Kids still love it. Dinosaur walk was good fun with educational facts written next to each one. Great place to take photos. Zoo was also amazing, everything close by so don’t need to walk a lot to get from one place to another. Good variety of animals and managed to see most with good views. Dinosaur meet and greet, jungle dance shows, and the children’s soft play area were a great addition. They even have a dedicated multi faith prayer room which was very convenient.

Suleman A — Google review

Absolutely fantastic. Extremely underrated zoo! There is a wide range of animals to see and you can also pay for special interactions, (tickle a tapir) which are great add ons! You can easily navigate around the park and get up close to some of them which is great!The dinosaur world is a great perk and makes the zoo unique. Was very impressing. An excellent choice for kids! Great value for money

Despina K — Google review

Really enjoyable visit. Came for the day without kids and had a nice time. It wasn’t too busy or crowded at any point. Plenty of toilets dotted throughout the park. The food options seemed good and varied, and there were plenty of picnic tables and benches to sit on with your own food as well.Some of the habitats are great - we particular loved the sun bears. They were so fun to watch! Others seemed a bit small and lacking and made us uncomfortable. I do hope they continue to update throughout and improve this.I also had the red panda feeding experience which was delightful. The keeper who accompanied me was really lovely to talk to and I enjoyed asking her questions. I wish the experience could have been longer but I suppose with only one panda at the moment who isn’t bothered by bamboo, it was bound to be a bit short.Overall a lovely visit.

Erin J — Google review

Brilliant. We went on the summer evening night event. The zoo, entertainment and staff were so nice. Our toddler went free as he is under 2 and for the both of us it cost £32.40 (we had a discount code so got £3.60 off). It's small and not huge. No queues or rush. We got to relax and enjoy it. Highly recommend it.

Razia A — Google review

Yes yes yes!!! I haven’t been to the park in 7 years and today went with my 8 year old and 1 year old. I often find it hard to find things to do that will suit both my children due to their age gap. However this was perfect!! I love the size of the park not too big not too small. The animals enclosures were massive and clean. The eating facilities had a great view of the enclosures. Felt like the tiger who came to tea moment. My son was worried about a snake as she was submerged in water, and her head seemed to be stuck between the rocks. We found a keeper who acted very quickly walking with my son and talking about his favourite animal on the park. She said the snake looked okay but would get someone from the reptile department to take a look. 5 minutes later she was back with another keeper! These animals are clearly well looked after.The Dino park is a great addition and is so well done and blew me away. Both my children were a little scared so showed you how realistic it was!They do have works being completed but this had no effect on our day out and no disruption. The work spaces are covered with the plans and this is a great way of communicating the change from the normal blank canvas.However not having prams in one of the eating facilities wasn’t great. It wouldn’t have been a problem if the pram park was next to or directly outside the eating facilities but it was not, or you had a spare pair of hands. I sat my children down and managed to make sure my pram was tucked in as much as possible. A staff member asked me to remove it however I said this was impractical as a parent on my own. She said say she could look after my children while I moved it, but this wasn't okay for me. In the end she did offer to take it out for me. I spoke to a women while waiting for the changing facilities and she said that’s why she won’t eat in there. Also I hope with the new big plans for this zoo they do invest in more changing facilities. I had to wait 15+ minutes to change my daughter. This is why I have had to take a star away.Lastly this zoo has amazing customer service, was second to none even with the pram saga. From the staff on the gates to the cafes and zoo keepers. We will definitely be back time and time again. Your staff are a credit to the zoo and I do hope you share this review with them!P.s please can you add the Capybara to the adoption list or on the junior zoo keeper ☺️Well done 👌🏻

Nisha T — Google review

Fantastic Family Day Out at Hertfordshire Zoo!My family and I visited Hertfordshire Zoo on a sunny warm day and had an incredible experience from start to finish. Arriving around 11am, parking was a breeze with friendly staff guiding us to overflow when necessary. We were pleasantly surprised to find no long queues at the gates.The zoo itself is well-kept and maintained, offering something for everyone. With my 16-month-old daughter, 12-year-old son, my partner's 9-year-old daughter, and her parents, it truly catered to the entire family. Informational spots were plentiful, allowing us to learn while having fun.The highlight for our children was undoubtedly the Dinosaur park, which provided a magical and unique experience. The staff were not only friendly but incredibly informative. When my daughter inquired about the constant plant watering, a staff member took the time to explain its importance and even offered to involve her in the process.We made full use of the on-site facilities, from restaurants to little shacks, and especially enjoyed the well-maintained splash park. Overall, Hertfordshire Zoo provided us with a memorable day out filled with fun, learning, and friendly faces. Highly recommended for families looking for a fantastic day of adventure!

Nirmal P — Google review

Great day out with friends.Visited the park because of a wedding celebration which took place in the event marquee.Had a chance to explore the park and it was definitely worth it. Would come back here again.Great selection of different animals which all appear well looked after and treated well.On your feet for the entire time so wear comfortable shoes.

Chris L — Google review

Visited with a lovely friend, 101 years of age, for a birthday treat with her daughter. What a fabulous day we had. She had a feed the big cats experience and fed a tiger. A lovely extremely kind and knowledgeable keeper guided her through the experience beautifully. I cannot rate this experience high enough. All the staff polite and friendly. We spent all day enjoying the animals and a nice lunch. The dinosaurs were amazing too. Definitely will be back.

Andi's T — Google review

Lovely wildlife park. We went during a dinner festival on a Friday evening the kids absolutely loved the music, dancing and the animals of course. It's very friendly and compact. My only criticism would be the quality of food available- not the best particularly for the prices you pay. Overall though, great fun!!

Rohit A — Google review

The Zoo is divided into 2 sections. A dinosaur park and a more traditional zoo. The dinosaur park is good fun but more for small children while the Zoo is top class! Some great enclosures, with amazing views of the animals.

James B — Google review

First time visit and very impressed. Scary dinosaur park was impressive, wonderful collection of stunning animals, kiddies enjoyed the play parks and splash area. Plenty of loo's. Easy to walk around and with a buggy. Foody places plentiful and two placed with views of the bears and tiger! Staff happy and helpful.

Colin W — Google review

We were fortunate enough to visit our of school holiday time -the local schools had gone back after Easter.My family (children 4 and 6) had a lovely time. The dinosaurs were excellent and are based on the Jurassic World ones which include some of the hybrids - which my son absolutely loved!It wasn't busy for us, but I imagine it can get quite busy as the place is rather compact. I wouldn't have enjoyed it had we had to queue up for everything. There is a lot of see and do and it's easy to get round in the day.There is a splash area so if warm, children can get into their swimwear and have fun splash time.The soft play is good too.Take snacks and drinks because there aren't that many places to get these things from.

Born S — Google review

This is one of the best Zoos around, simple as that!For young children it’s brilliant, so clean and well maintained - plenty of things to see and do, plus the soft play and multiple play areas help to keep them entertained. The park is laid out in a way it always feels like an adventure. You turn a corner and suddenly there’s a massive monkey enclosure, or a big bird display area.The dinosaur adventure is fantastic too, combined with the train ride entertained the little ones for ages.My only criticism is the lion enclosure feels a little small .. we had an amazing view of 3 beautiful white lions but perhaps their enclosure could be bigger.I didn’t try the food, there’s plenty of places for picnics and I always find it easier bringing our own stuff.Will definitely coming back when the beat enclosure opens

Beetyd — Google review

Second time visiting. It was such an amazing experience. Spent a whole day there. Visited the animals and managed to have quality time with my family playing golf as it was all private. Kids loved the play area, which had big slides, large trucks, swings, etc. Kids also loved the dinasour train journey. Was able to sit and enjoy eating in the cafe. I would definitely go again.

Shamima B — Google review

I’ve not been to Paradise Park for probably around 25 years and the memories I have from back then absolutely do not match up to what I experienced this weekend!There is tons for the family to do. We arrived around half 10 and didn’t see our first animal until nearly 1, but that’s not a bad thing. The kids were in love with all the splash pool, play areas, the World of Dinosaurs, mini golf, more play areas and more. When we finally made our way to the animals we again wasn’t disappointed. We’ve been to a number of wildlife parks now and outside of the big ones (like London/Chester Zoo) here was easily the best so far. The park isn’t absolutely sprawling so you’re walking for miles but every area has a really good amount of space. The animals that we did see all looked very happy and comfortable, but unfortunately for us a lot of them were a bit too shy to come out and play. There is absolutely tons of interactive elements to most of the animals enclosures so the kids were never short of something to do between animals.Food and drinks wasn’t too badly priced either.I guess you could argue that the Paradise Park of today is a bit like the ship of theseus… So much has changed, is it even the same place it once was? The literal only thing I could spot that hadn’t been changed or removed was the red Dennis firetruck in the play area.

David N — Google review

I’ve visited twice within the past few months. The first was a day visit at the end of summer/beginning of autumn whilst it was still warm. My toddler had the best time ;we all did) from seeing the animals from different levels to the indoor unlimited soft play to the outdoor splash park and other play areas. I can see why families buy the membership packages. We revisited more recently to see the dinosaurs at night. My toddler is obsessed with dinosaurs and this was a night to remember with the lighting, dinosaur shows and meet and greets and silent disco. Would definitely visit again.

Tanesha B — Google review

Brilliant. I last went around 25 years ago so it's claimed a lot. The gift shop was brilliant, the food was surprisingly nice and the animals looked well looked after. The enclosures looked really good and spacious considering it's a smaller place and we ran out of time for my 2 year old to go on the slides etc but she would've loved it. There's so much space so even when it's busy, you're not having to push past people. We spoke to a zoo keeper in the car park who had just finished their shift and he had great things to say about the place. He also said the staff know so much and love it when visitors ask them questions although people usually don't ask them as they think they're too busy. He said "please ask us questions. We've always got time to answer questions about the animals". Highly recommended and we'll definitely be coming back in the warmer months and with more of the family!We visited on a Monday during half term in October for my daughter's 2nd birthday.

C P — Google review

Had a great day out at Paradise Wildlife Park. It was much bigger than I thought it would be. The zoo was very clean and kept well and the layout and enclosures made animals easy to see while still giving them plenty of room. No giant animals but still so many animals to see and a few I've not seen in other zoos. We had lunch there which was reasonable and the burgers were really tasty. We played crazy golf which was fun and super cheap! We popped into the speedway museum which was fantastic as we both love motorbikes and the gentlemen gave us so much information we learnt loads. Great day out.

Becky J — Google review

We are longtime members of the zoo (back from when it was Paradise Wildlife Park) and it's hands down one of our favourite places to still go, even though our kids are tween/teenagers now.There is so much to do, for all ages, whatever the weather, and all for one price as the entry covers the zoo itself, all the animals talks, playground, paddling pool, car museum, indoor soft play & cafe, playgrounds and the amazing Dinosaur walk.The variety of animals feels just right and they are constantly making improvements and adding new or improved habitats/enclosures, all beautifully planned and finished. My personal favourites are the otters and the red pandas.There is a good restaurant on site plus plenty of covered picnic areas, plus snack/coffee kiosks and ice cream!Lots of events throughout the years plus late openings in the summer. A huge choice of animal encounters and experiences offer, plus so much great conservation and charity work both here and abroad.Ample free parking, plenty of toilets, baby change and extremely accessible for buggies, wheelchairs and mobility scooters as so much is ramped. This means everyone can get a great view of the animals.A great place that we will continue to visit and support 🙂

Rachel E — Google review

Great Zoo for the smaller child, you can see the animals so close and my boy loved the world of dinosaurs so much.The food is also reasonably priced and great park and soft play facilities.Great day out for small children and no need for a pram as there’s little amount of walking between animals.

Joe I — Google review

Took the children up to see Hertfordshire Zoo (the one from One Zoo Three!) and we had a wonderful time. We met Cameron and Aaron too!The animals were great, the staff were super friendly and it just felt like a really nice place to work and be a part of. We saw a few talks and also the bird display (excellent).The dinosaur park there was also AMAZING. Well worth doing. Use the timings on the leaflet you get on the way in to plan your day and you'll have a great time.So yeah, we're absolutely going to be coming back again soon:)

James W — Google review

Oh how wonderful it was to finally visit this beautiful place 🥰 after watching it on telly for so long with the kids, we all had a wonderful day ❤️ so much to see and so much information provided about the animals! All the staff are happy to provide more information and happy to when asked questions by the children and you can tell they love their jobs 🥰 we were even more privileged when we met Cam and Taylor, who took the time with my children who spotted them and were very excited to met them. The children treated them like old friends and Taylor and Cam were wonderful, thank you so much 🥰

Sam C — Google review

Thoroughly enjoyed my time there with my children. I have been here when it was paradise wildlife park many moons ago however returning back now with five children all under 10 was brilliant. The children had an amazing time and the new Jurassic park feature was brilliant 2. Free face painting for adults and children was also a nice touch.

Shahnuaz M — Google review

We had a look at this place a few days ago and wanted to check this out for the new year and something to kick off the new 2024 year.Arrived there with no traffic getting in and a great go and stop signal system before you enter the carpark.Very quick service getting in and being the time of the year half the stalls were closed.The park area was wicked for my daughter she loved it.Seeing the animals as well was a wicked treat to see and what we paid as well. And we will definitely go back.The cafe was good priced and good food.

Josh L — Google review

Had a lovely day here, was very clean, they have just been doing up the Zoo and looks really nice.Took two of us around 2 hours 30 to walk around everything and watch abit of the bird show (due to the rain they couldn't show all the birds as some do not fly in the rain like owls)Was really short walks between all of the areas.Was a great day out.

Bradley P — Google review

Really nice zoo ,went in half term and wasn't to busy,zoo was clean and tidy staff was very friendly and polite .We saw an array of animals from lions to snakes to the cute family of otters my daughter liked the baby otters the best .The dinosaur walk was good ,the dinosaurs move and roar (not all but most) which made it that much better as an experience for the kids .We did the zoo plus stop for lunch etc in a couple of hours,probably need 3-4 hours depending on your family ,but it's nice as it's not too big great for younger children, in my opinion, as younger children can tire easily and get bored .There are talks in the day at certain times about the animals if you want to listen watch .And in school holidays there are live shows on stage ie singing and dancing and you can meet rex the dinosaur 🦕.There a couple of play areas ,one outdoor ,one under a canopy type and another indoor soft play so plenty to keep children happy .There is food available but we took lunch as with all places can be expensiveOverall really nice day and we would definitely go again 😁

Jojo X — Google review

All in all it is okay. Disagree with how small the enclosures are for majority of the animals. Im sure these cages can be made bigger given the prices they charge for entering and food/drink, it is really quite devastating to see animals in enclosures this size. I would recommend you going if you don’t care about the tiny enclosures these animals are in.

Carmen — Google review

Absolutely brilliant day, we met up with my son, daughter in law & 2 grandsons. They loved it, so much to do & see, they loved the dinosaurs. The weather was perfect too, what more could you ask for. Thank you for a fantastic day out, it's definitely worth a visit 😊 🦕🦖🦁🐒🐫

Sandra J — Google review

Lots to see and do, dinosaur really, train ride, kiddies play areas, animals etc. Good food and drink options or areas for picnics. Loved it so much we applied for annual passes at the end of the day and they deducted our entry fee we'd paid from the annual amount. All round fab time.

Shannon O — Google review


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White Stubbs Ln, Broxbourne, EN10 7QA, United Kingdom

+44 1992 470490


Peterborough Cathedral

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Sights & Landmarks


Architectural Buildings

Churches & Cathedrals

The Cathedral of Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint Andrew in Peterborough is a beautiful Norman structure that is still standing. The building originated from the mid-7th century as a monastery, but much of its present-day architecture dates from the 12th century. The cathedral's jaw-dropping western facade is characterized by three massive arches that are unique to the Gothic period.

A beautiful cathedral which encourages people to enjoy the space. Great that contributions rather than an entrance fee are given, allowing everyone to be able to enjoy it. Good information all around.Staff/volunteers are welcoming and helpful.

Jill C — Google review

Wonderful tower tour with Brian and Maureen. Both so knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. This cathedral really is so beautiful and as a non local I had no idea just how beautiful it was. Definitely recommend the tour if you're not sacred if heights or small spaces!!

Lorna B — Google review

I recently visited the Peterborough Cathedral last Wednesday and am delighted to give it a five-star rating. This magnificent church, accessible to the public, left me in awe. Its origins as a monastic community dating back to 654 AD, its status as one of the most famous medieval abbeys in the country, its role as the final resting place for two queens, and its connection to the Civil War make it a truly great site. The Cathedral welcomes visitors from Monday to Saturday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, and Sundays from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm.What struck me the most was the abundance of natural light inside the church, creating a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere. It's a photographer's dream, as the lighting is simply marvellous. During quieter moments, one can truly appreciate the cathedral's rich history. Although I regret not being able to explore the upstairs tour due to my busy schedule, I hope to have the opportunity to do so in the future. Entry is by donation, and it's wheelchair accessible in the main church area.

Jake M — Google review

Steeped in centuries of history and architectural grandeur, Peterborough Cathedral stands as a timeless beacon of tranquility and serenity amidst the bustling cityscape. From its majestic facade to the hushed interiors, every corner of this sacred edifice exudes an aura of peace and calm, inviting visitors to pause, reflect, and immerse themselves in its timeless beauty.As one approaches the cathedral, its imposing silhouette commands attention, towering over the surrounding landscape with an air of quiet dignity. Yet, upon stepping inside, one is enveloped in a sense of profound stillness, where the cares of the world seem to fade away in the presence of such sacred majesty.The cathedral's interior is a study in sublime simplicity, with soaring arches and delicate stonework that speak to the skill and craftsmanship of generations past. Bathed in the soft glow of filtered sunlight, the nave beckons with its spaciousness, offering a sanctuary for quiet contemplation and introspection.Throughout the cathedral, the atmosphere remains hushed and reverent, punctuated only by the occasional whisper of footsteps or the distant echo of a choir's song. Here, amidst the ancient walls and weathered stone, visitors find solace in the stillness, finding respite from the noise and chaos of the outside world.For those seeking a moment of quiet reflection, the cathedral's cloisters provide a peaceful retreat, where one can wander in solitude amidst the tranquil beauty of the surrounding gardens. Here, amidst the fragrant blooms and gently swaying trees, the mind finds rest and the spirit finds renewal.In conclusion, Peterborough Cathedral stands as a timeless testament to the power of quietude and contemplation. Within its hallowed halls, amidst the whispers of centuries past, visitors find a sanctuary of peace and calm, inviting them to pause, reflect, and find solace in the beauty of the divine.

Abin S — Google review

Stunning architecture - especially for a building that has its origins 900 yrs ago. Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first wife, and Mary Queen of Scots are buried here. Well worth seeing.

Kaptain G — Google review

First time to Peterborough and visited the Cathedral - the guide we spoke to was incredibly helpful and so passionate about sharing the stories and history with us, she also recommended other places to visit nearby. Well worth a visit! Reminded me of York Minster.

Kirsty B — Google review

My first visit here . So took my breath away. Absolute beautiful. Lovely welcome from staff/volunteer too. You can carpark on Brook Street for two it's £3.00. Bout 20 minutes walk to the cathedral. Took loads of photos here . Love it here. I definitely recommend visiting here. Top 5 star rating

Nicola S — Google review

Very pretty cathedral! Lovely walk around and I hope to visit again. Its full of history including the place of burial of Katherine of Aragon, Henry 8th first wife and the place Mary Queen of Scots was buried before she was moved in 1612.

World T — Google review

A lovely peaceful place to look around. There are some fine stained glass windows and interesting facts about the burial of Katherine of Aragon and Mary Queen of Scots - who knew the were interred there for a time?

Bill D — Google review

I did the architectural tour of the cathedral. If this interests you then I highly recommend it. Fantastic guides that had me hanging on their every word. The morning tour took in the ground floor and outside areas, followed by lunch in Becketts tearooms. Then the afternoon spent in the upper levels and roof. I absolutely loved seeing the bones of the building.

Steve C — Google review

If i could give this more stars i would!Absolutely breath taking place of history and beauty! Always love coming here to visit, its like walking into the history of the past, travel back in time!Lots to look at, cemetery at rear end, I don't need to honestly say much as the building speaks for itself, absolutely stunning. Always captivating!EDIT - if you're a fan of the deep blue sea history then come to the cathedral in July 2024, they are hosting a event in relation to the sea 🌊 🦈 looks like its going to be a fantastic one so dont miss out!

Sarah C — Google review

Beautiful place with amazing architecture. Free entry but I suggest to leave a donation for the up keep of this historical building. Gift shop and toilets inside.

Martin D — Google review

A "must see" in city center. Absolutely majestic and manificient. Loved the architecture, the woodwork. We spend almost an hour exploring the beauty of this large cathedral.

Narendra N — Google review

My son was a chorister here for 6 years. When people hear of Peterborough they don’t think of a cathedral.This is a simply stunning building. It’s one of the Fens crown Jewell’s. It’s an a amazing building but it’s a place of worship. I would recommend, whatever your faith or conviction, to attend choral evensong. That’s a real experience in an incredible building

Patrick B — Google review

Coming from Australia on a motorbike tour of UK. I had heard from locals in London that Peterborough was worth visiting.. They were correct. It has been a lovely experience. Your cathedral is breathtaking. The doorman - Philip was such a wealth of knowledge. This history he talked about of this amazing cathedral was very memorable.. It made our experience and such a real pleasure and we will pass on it’s a place to visit to your town. Thank you

Vanessa S — Google review

Very nice cathedral and surrounding buildings. Pity it closes so early, 5pm.You need to park your car far away. This gives you a plus too. The old part of Peterborough has some nice photogenic buildings. So take your time wandering around.I didn't go inside and the walk and shooting photos took me 2 hours.

Jorita S — Google review

It is absolutely magnificent and beautiful, very friendly service. Lots of things to see and learn from the historic cathedral.

Lucas S — Google review

Magnificent Cathedral in the centre of Peterborough. A truly impressive Cathedral with significant history, with; The Hedda Stone, Katherine of Aragon's tomb, Mary Queen of Scots original burial place and a memorial to Edith Cavell.Originally an Abbey it was saved by the Abbot from ruin by Henry VIII.It is free to enter but a donation is welcome and well deserved.😎👍👍👍

Mark P — Google review

Gorgeous cathedral, the celling looks stunning with all the paintings and sculptures well preserved. You can visit the ground floor yourself when it is open, and the tour is organised (on Wednesdays) to the Tower with the ability to climb upstairs to see the upper floors.Absolutely stunning place and a must-see if you are visiting Peterborough.

Inez K — Google review

This is an absolute must if you visit Peterborough, no excuses. We went on the upper floor and roof tour, frightening and exciting all in one, unreal views of the inside and outside areas, great tour guides filled with expert knowledge. We then went on the ground floor tour, again a wonderful tour guide with expert knowledge. Not expensive either for such a magnificent time.

Kegman 8 — Google review

Beautiful cathedral and very friendly volunteers who welcomed us as we entered it. There is a lot to see there. We visited just after Christmas and there was still a lovely smell of Christmas tree around the building. We visited as a family and our kids really enjoyed exploring the cathedral.

Michał N — Google review

You have to visit this magnificent building. Full of history and tranquility at the same time. The staff were helpful, the shop has souvenirs, there are brief explanations displayed everywhere. I di not get to the tour, hope to do so next visit.

Mrs A — Google review

Peterborough Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece that captures centuries of history in its grandeur. The stunning Gothic design, intricate stained glass windows, and awe-inspiring vaulted ceilings are a testament to human craftsmanship and devotion. As you wander through its hallowed halls, you can't help but be transported back in time, feeling the weight of the ages

Andy K — Google review

Wonderful church, amazing historic building.Over the centuries the building has been affected by various people (local, national) dignitaries. Local, national governments and of cause the monarchy. National, international events ( civil, world wars).

H B — Google review

Peterborough Cathedral is a mesmerizing example of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, with its imposing facade and intricate interior. The striking West Front features an array of medieval sculptures, while the vast nave and colorful stained glass windows provide a sense of awe-inspiring grandeur. The beautifully preserved medieval wooden ceiling is a sight to behold, and the intricate fan vaulting in the eastern transept is a testament to the cathedral's impressive craftsmanship. History enthusiasts will appreciate the connection to Katharine of Aragon, whose tomb lies within the cathedral. Whether you're drawn to its architectural splendor, spiritual significance, or rich historical heritage, a visit to Peterborough Cathedral is a captivating experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Aomam_review — Google review

The place is soooo big. I was just blown away, so many stained glass windows so many carvings.I was fascinated by the heaters. Originally coal fired now gas.My visit was way too short.

Jess H — Google review

A real gem for Peterborough. So much amazing history in this Cathedral, including the burial of two Queens (one now moved to London). It’s amazing to be able to visit the resting place of Katherine of Aragon, one of Henry the VIII’s wives, a huge part of English history.Make sure you take a walk around the outside too, there are remains of the original abbey still to be seen.

Terry L — Google review

We just visited Peterborough for the first time having traveled up from south Wales.Peterborough cathedral is definitely the jewel in the crown, it's an amazing building full of history inside its breathtakingly beautiful architecture is stunning.There is also a cafe which serves really nice food.

Gareth T — Google review

A remarkable cathedral which is free to enter and features stunning historical architecture.It has beautiful stained glass windows and the entire cathedral is warm inside thanks to the large radiators located throughout the building that heat it up.I recommend anybody who is interested in this cathedral to visit it.

Charlie P — Google review

It was a very nice place to go to. It was quiet there, and it was nice and warm within the cathedral. The cathedral gad a great history about it from important Anglo saxons preists praying here over a 1000 years ago to being the resting place of Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of King Henry the 8th. The people at the entrance were very nice people and answered the questions I had about the cathedral and the surrounding area. It's a place that I would recommend visiting if you are in the area. It does not cost to enter the cathedral, but there is a shop, and you can donate, which I advise you to do so we can keep these grand historical markers in tip-top shape.

Ross A — Google review


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Minster Precinct, Peterborough, PE1 1XS, United Kingdom

+44 1733 355315


Ferry Meadows in Nene Park

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (48)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (49)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (50)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (51)

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Country park

Nature & Parks

Ferry Meadows, located in Nene Park in Peterborough, is a great spot for a family day out. With stunning lake views, meadows and woodlands to explore, there's plenty of things to do here. There are also two cafes on site, making it the perfect spot to relax after a busy day. Horse rides, fishing opportunities and more are available nearby too.

Regularly go there for walks.There are Coffee shops and a farm shop.Plenty of seating if you need to stop on your walk around .An total blessing to have in our city.For children there are 3 separate play areas .Everything within the park us all in keeping with its surroundings.A total gem of a place

Nice location but expensive if you buy food here. Plenty of space to bring a picnic which we will do next time. Lots of BBQ stations so bring your own charcoal and enjoyBit of a sewer smell wafting around periodically which made it feel a bit dirty. Car park pay on exit works well and should be a similar system everywhere.Will probably return again next summer

Craig L — Google review

Excellent location near Nene Park. Big site but immaculate. Ideal for "country" walks around Nene Park and Lake, took us about an hour to walk all the way around the lakeWe also cycled alongside the railway line on cycle paths towards Peterborough and then back along the side of the rowing and canoe course, past the golf course and through the wooded section of Nene Park -easy flat route.On an afternoon we walked to the cuckoo pub along a wooded path and through the industrial estate - about 30/40 min walk. Dog friendly pub and served good beers.Large CAMC site with plenty to do. Would visit again.

Mike T — Google review

We have been coming here for years. My eldest is 18 this year and i have been bringing him since he was a few months old. I have since had 2 other boys who absolutely love coming here they are 8 &11. How you have revamped each area over the last few years is stunning. We very often meet friends and family here in the holidays as there is plenty to do for everyone and the kids have so much fun and have so much space to run around in. The newest part nearest the lake i have to say is my sons favourite and mine at the moment. Well done to everyone involved in looking after the park 💙❤️

Laura Y — Google review

Beautiful place. Perfect for a dog walk .Dog friendly shop.Very well maintained.Drinking water refills is a good thing, especially in the hot weather. Thank you.

Maija O — Google review

It was a wonderful experience, with clear and sunny sky. It was a picnic weather and we did not miss the chance. This park has barbecue stand, where you can bring your own food and charcoal to enjoy and it is absolutely free and first come basis. Toilets are there but not very clean but it is same as other public place. Car park is huge but cost is on higher side. There is a huge water body, where you can enjoy water rides and also restaurants are available. There is a small train 🚂 you can ride on too with your child and children playing area is also available

Debojyoti M — Google review

It was my first time visiting with my children and it was beautiful. The weather was fabulous. My only dislike was the long walk from the car! We will definitely be back.

Debbie R — Google review

This is one of the most beautiful places to spend a day out in nature.There is a special area designed for barbecue, playground for kids with sand, water and green grass. There is also a little train that you can ride from one side to another of the park.Another good thing is that you can visit and stay with your own motor home- caravan or tent.I do recommend to hire one of the equipments like boat, swan or kaiac and saile around the lake.Kids were very happy all day!

Marinela I — Google review

Lovely,large country park. Well maintained,miles of walks and lots of things to do.Ideal for families with children of all ages. There are plenty of places to picnic, some with BBQ which you would need to bring charcoal for, and several cafe's offering a reasonable range of items.For those staying at the adjacent Caravan and Motorhome Club Site it's an added bonus.I'd highly ya visit.

Jane S — Google review

The park in Peterborough is truly marvelous and breathtaking. The expansive lake adds to its stunning beauty, making it one of the largest parks in the area. What's even better is that the entrance is free, and the park offers a lengthy and picturesque space for walking and hiking. Conveniently, there's parking available on-site, along with restroom facilities. The presence of a cafe adds to the overall convenience, and I was delighted to discover private boat rides available on the lake. The enchanting nature of the park captivated me, creating a truly mesmerizing and unforgettable atmosphere.

Usif T — Google review

Absolutely wonderful place - highly recommend! Stayed at the camping and motorhome club site next door. Walk out of gates into park. The wildlife is amazing, as are the facilities. A huge site, easy to find peace and quiet.

N C — Google review

Lots to do for all ages, well cared and maintained. Paths good for my mobility scooter. Beautiful riverside walk, in woodlands and open land. Plenty of space for all. Cafe and toilets available or better still have your own picnic

Sue P — Google review

This place was on our list for months. I was not disappointed when we visited the place. Beautiful scenery. Lovely place for a walk, bike or picnic. Great playground for kids. Really enjoyed our day out.

Piotr K — Google review

Travelled 1.5hrs to get it and it was more than worth it. Definitely our favourite place to visit. Stunning lake and views, really lovely circular walk round. Huge field for dogs to run around including some agility equipment. A nice paddle area for dogs & people. We loved it here.

Amy L — Google review

A beautiful, well maintained park with numerous play areas and other things for children to do. The entrance greets you with a café with plenty of seating, as well as a farm shop, toilets and baby change facilities. There are benches throughout the park with BBQ points if you're making a day of it.There looks to be a train and boat trips on the lake but I think they're only open on weekends.Overall, if you compare this to your average country park it'll beat it hands down.

James C — Google review

Maybe visiting after heavy rain wasn't the best idea as most of the footpaths around the lakes were flooded, as was the large play area but still some nice walks to be had. Well stocked visitor centre with some local gifts. Parking is relatively cheap as well. Very busy in the park though! I get the impression Peterborough doesn't have many other public spaces like this so everyone goes here!?

G B — Google review

Lovely country park on the western edge of Peterborough. Lots of walks on good tarmac paths around the lakes plus a cafe and a bar with water sports, playground and a miniature railway.

Graddy 6 — Google review

3 pleasant lakes with walks. Bird hide... play grounds. Cafe and shop. Waterworks centre and another cafe on third lake. The local council let it run down during and after covid and seem to be making a big effort to bring things back up to standard. Nothing is cheap there as a result!

Mike S — Google review

Whilst visiting the area on business we wanted to get a few hours walk in and someone told us to visit here. So glad we did, and it was a beautifull afternoon to visit such a lovely place , beautifully maintained, loads of wild birds and so much open space for children to play. Managed to catch the cafe for a hot chocolate before it closed, very pleasant walk, would love a place like this near me.

Caroline C — Google review

Came here after searching for somewhere to walk whilst on holiday with family and our dog. There are lots of lovely, accessible walks around the park and seems to be lots of activities that take place there throughout the year. There's also a lovely cafe and shop (both of which welcome dogs) to take a break in when you're done exploring!

Emma L — Google review

We're very lucky to have this on our doorstep, it's a lovely place to walk whatever the season. The only negative is when people choose to ignore the park rules and allow their dogs to be off their leads (we visited at the time when the park was trialling a scheme where dogs had to be on leads at all times but sadly a few people seemed to think that they were exempt from this!). As much as we love dogs, it can be extremely intimidating when a strange dog runs up to you and starts snarling and growling and doesn't pay any heed to its owner's calls. Furthermore, if a dog can be that disobedient, then what's to stop it from harming wildlife??Also another note of warning, there are quite a few cyclists who use the park, so keep an eye (or ear!) out for them to avoid any potential accidents.Aside from that, it's a great place for a walk, enjoying the beautiful natural landscape, with the chance to spot wildlife and if you fancy a hot drink or something to eat, there are a couple of onsite cafes/restaurant that offer a variety of sandwiches and cakes. There are a couple of play parks too, if you have young kids who need to expend a bit of energy!We also got to see the new Willow Bridge that has replaced the old pontoon bridge and it looks amazing!There are onsite toilets and a gift shop and a car park too (car parking charges apply).

Nelly C — Google review

Went to winter festival was a tad disappointed only 2 small fairground attractions when advertised as being a Victorian fair ? The light trail was nice especially for little ones for bigger people could have been a bit more extravagant although thumbs up for the lovely sustainable willow animals throughout. Some of them very big..at the end of the trail there was a fairy enactment by 6 actor/ singers. Very sweet for the children. At this end there is a firepit where you can toast marshmallows bur at £4 for 1 on a stick was ridiculous, my advice is take you own if you want toasted mallows. Overall a nice chrismassy feel about it..enjoy the baikeys hot chocolate 🍫

Lorraine M — Google review


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Ferry Meadows Country Park, Ham Ln, Peterborough PE2 5UU, United Kingdom

+44 1733 234193


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (55)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (56)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (57)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (58)

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Movie & TV Tours

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is a world-class attraction where visitors can explore actual sets and learn the special effects tricks used in popular films.

Such an amazing experience. The customer service here absolutely blew us away, the staff are very interactive, friendly, helpful and informative. We had a small issue with the tickets as we got in, as i had forgot them and only had a confirmation email. This was no problem at all and they immediately brought us to print out new tickets without any issue. It was my daughters birthday and they gave her a birthday badge. Every member of staff spotted it and wished her a magical birthday, which she loved. Food was £18 for two kids meals, so it is a little on the pricey side. Gift shop was a little overpriced, but the staffs positive attitude really brightened the day up and encouraged me to let my daughter buy a little something. Staff at the cashier made us feel very welcome, interacting with us and genuinely looking like they enjoyed their job. We stayed about 4 hours, with an hour to eat. Ended up buying some ice cream and butter beer (which is pictured) . Super cool features, such as the harry potter actors hand moulds, and the lifesize models. Hopefully will visit again soon with other family and friends. Strongly recommend, especially for die hard fans of the harry potter world!

Daizee Y — Google review

I visited with my partner last week & it was just amazing. We were so in awe with parts of the set & how interactive it was. Reasonable price too for the amount of time spent there. The food choices were also great & we found the prices to be fair. I have to make special mention to the incredible staff who are all well-trained. I have a hidden disability & ever time staff member saw that we had a carer's ticket, there was no judgment (unfortunately I've experienced that elsewhere!) & I was treated with respect & dignity. They were so attentive in making sure I knew what to do if I needed assistance. Massive thank you to everyone! We will be back 😄

Heather M — Google review

If you love Harry Potter, then this is the place to go.Took my children 11 &13 (who are hard to impress) and got multiple wows, and this is amazing from them.Try to get in as early as possible, as there is so much to see and read, and you could easily spend the whole day.They also do food for gluten-free and vegan the loaded chips where amazing.We weren't a fan of the butter bear, but it was worth it for the keepsake tankard.The shop is amazing and you could easily spend a fortune.My children have asked to go again already, at Christmas time, as they decorate things and have snow machines.I've been twice, and there was so much new stuff to see this time.A definite bucket list must.

Carrie I — Google review

We went earlier in the day, which had a lower queue wait time, we were also able to park with ease.Being there is a fantastic experience even if you are not a mad Harry Potter fan, like myself! It is laid out in an easy walk through experience of film sets and behind the scenes explanations of things. It can take about 4 hours to walk through there is a cafe at the half way point, lots of toilets as you go around and two smaller merchandise shops. These shops do have some things not available in the main Massive sovereign shop.We visited around Halloween time, so it was set up with a darker Death-eater theme, and pumpkins in The Great Hall, would love to visit for the winter theme and see what was different, so booking the next trip already 😁.

Suzette H — Google review

Brilliant day out. Spent 6 hours walking around and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you're a Harry Potter fan, you will love it. If you're not a fan, you will still enjoy it as the whole thing is very interesting.I would recommend taking a packed lunch though. The food was nice, but normal burger, fries, etc, all at about £10 each.

Andrew M — Google review

What a great experience. From the efficiency of the queues to the details of the tour, everything was perfect. Staff are very welcoming and helpful. Multiple coffee stops and great breakfast options in the restaurant at the main entrance. You can take as long as you like in certain sections throughout the tour and in others you can skip thought if you please. We visited during the Christmas period and was so so festive! We spent about 2.5h start to finish but you could spend well over 4h if you wanted to. Highly recommend visiting you won't be disappointed

Joshua M — Google review

110% would recommend to a Harry Potter fan. We were there for about 4 hours and I still probably could've spent more time there. There was quite a line but it went fast. It was so amazing to see all the sets and props and learn how they made all the magic come to life for the movies. I freaking out being around all the same sets or props that were used in the movies. The person I went with isn't even a HP fan, but she still had a good time learning about the special effects and seeing all of it. The food line was long, but I feel like you can't go without getting a butterbeer, and they serve it in a plastic "tankard" that you then get to keep. Over all an amazing experience and very worth the time and money.

Charity H — Google review

This is a must see and visit place if you are a fan of the HP films!! We had the audio guide too and I highly recommend it as it gives you so much more information about the sets and areas you are in. The parking is perfect and we only had a short walk to the studio. There wasn’t a queue to get in as we had pre paid tickets and just got them scanned. There is bag check and scanners to ensure people safety. There’s plenty of toilets around and they are all clean. I wont say much about what you actually see so people who have never been can see it all for the first time ! Its honestly amazing and some parts can bring tears to your eyes especially if you are a super fan! All the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and because we went this time of year there was the dark arts on which added that little extra in. There’s so much to see and do there. It took well over 4 hours to complete due to how detailed the audio guides are. Looking forward to visiting again one day! I’ll add a few generic photos in but nothing that will spoil seeing big sets for the first time!

Chloe W — Google review

Amazing incredible place! A must go to if you are a Harry Potter fan! So much to see and learn.The shop is massive, the staff are so kind and helpful, the man (sorry didn't get his name) behind the wand counter at the shop was so so knowledgeable about all the actors and wands.The place was amazing, lots to see, lots of food options, butterbeer ice cream and drink were lovely!We spent around 6 hours there it was amazing!

Elise — Google review

This place is unbelievable! Well and truly breath taking and parts of it are so immersive.If you like/love/or are a Potter head it is a must see attraction! There is so many amazing things from the film to see. So many cool ways to tell you how they made it as well. Just make sure you go and see it and don't forget to take a Harry Potter passport at the beginning and watch out for the stamp machines along the way. Enjoy!

Anneliese ( — Google review

As a die hard fan of the Harry Potter franchise, I was very much looking forward to a visit to the Warner Bros Studio Tour.We arrived for the first slot of the day, and had almost no wait as the queue was handled brilliantly. It turns out we scheduled our visit on the first day of the Dark Arts Halloween special. The Great Hall was decorated with floating pumpkins and really looked fantastic. As well as this, throughout the day, death eaters put on a wonderful display.Each and every aspect of the tour was simply brilliant. Getting in-depth insights into the making of Harry Potter and seeing the sets and props in person was super special.The staff were also fantastic, all of them teeming with knowledge of the franchise and super happy to chat and help where needed.The cafe and picnic areas were great and I have to say the butter beer was very nice, although the rest of our party didn’t agree.The gift shop at the end was very busy, I recommend saving a bit of time to look around and wait in the queue to be served. The shop was enormous and hosted a very large range of merchandise. The serving staff were wonderful and very helpful with our questions.All in all, it was a fantastic day out. With lots of knowledgeable staff, interesting facts and wonderful exhibits straight from the movies, I cannot recommend this tour enough. If you’re a true potter head, you’ll absolutely be right in your element. I will be visiting again.

Sam H — Google review

How can I even rate a place that is beyond dreams!! This place is magical, and no matter what, everyone should visit this place. It's a magical place any Potter heads dream come true. Every scene every set makes you feel like you are in the movie, speechless, spellbound. Even the butter beer and butter ice cream was the best I had. The merchandise was amazing as well. ❤️✨

Ajita V — Google review

If you are a Harry Potter fan then this is a must visit and probably more than once. Second visit and it's excellent. It's pricey but a full day out experience for the whole family. Had the audio guide but didn't really need it if I'm being honest. The queue wasn't long to get in but the one in the shop was out the door when we left. Allow plenty of time. Our fish and chips in the cafe were nice.

Phil W — Google review

A dream come true for a Potterhead. It was amazing to see how they created the magic of the Harry Potter movies. From the design to the special effects to constructing the sets. There is a really fun stamp scavenger hunt that I enjoyed, I imagine it would be great to keep kids interested. 100% would recommend. It's definitely worth a visit.

Cara H — Google review

A must visit if you're a fan of Harry Potter. Goes behind the scene of the making of all the movies. Pretty surreal to be standing on the same set as the fellow actors/actresses. There are food options available and need not worry bout your meals. Plentiful toilets that are clean. Gift shop wasn't too crowded on a Friday evening. But too expensive!Recommend about half a day if you're visiting from London. Also recommend to visit early in the morning as crowds are lesser

Eldridge C — Google review

An absolutely stunning experience. It was amazing to see the sets used in the movies as well as costumes worn by our favourite actors/characters. There's so much to see and even after 4 hours felt like I could have spent more time there. Definitely would recommend getting the basic tickets as there is so much to already see and read even before having the bonus content from the audio and video guide. It was challenging to do both - use the additional audio guide and also do the original activities I fell behind from the rest of my party

Jonah G — Google review

Very impressive! If you want to read the info and take things in properly, it will take far longer than suggested. I'd highly recommend this as a visit for any Potter fans. It is absolutely fascinating. The only reason it isn't 5 star is that for such a long tour, there is only one place to stop and get a drink once you enter the actual tour (half way round). This was after around two hours for us. Being heavily pregnant, I found this a struggle and just wanted a sit down and a drink. When we got halfway, there weren't seats/tables available anyway. Poor weather kept people indoors, which wouldn't have helped. There were benches dotted around but nowhere for a proper stop. You can't eat or drink except in the designated areas. I wouldn't recommend the tour for anyone who may want to take breaks or wants to sit and eat within a 4 hour period. Anyone who is happy to fuel up first and happy on their feet for long stretches will love it!

Leanne E — Google review


(83807)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (59)


(37870)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (60)

Studio Tour Dr, Leavesden, Watford WD25 7LR, United Kingdom

+44 800 640 4550


Whipsnade Zoo

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Outdoor Activities

Nature & Wildlife Areas

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, situated on the scenic Chiltern Hills in Dunstable, Bedfordshire spans over 600 acres and houses a diverse range of more than 2500 animals including lions, tigers, camels, elephants and penguins. The biggest zoo in the UK is owned by the Zoological Society of London and offers tours, adventure play areas and classes to visitors.

Adore this Zoo. My little girl absolutely loves going here. Something new to see every time as you can never see it all in one day.The park is fantastic! So much to do for all ages there. Very well thought out and places. Train rides are fantastic, but are at an extra cost. We have annual passes, which if you are local I would recommend, as you only need to go a few times to have more than made your money.I got my partner the Giraffe experience for his birthday and it was amazing. He loved it so much! A bit pricey, but so worth it.

Louise C — Google review

Nice zoo, we spent a full day on a Sunday.It's massive on extension so be prepare to walk a lot.Some animals are difficult to see, we struggled to see with bears, cheetah died so no cheetah.There are tables for picnic so better to take your own food.Missing some other animals such as snakes, insects, that will be nice to see too

Roberto — Google review

Lovely zoo experience as always. If you can it's worth the walk around to see the native animals and scenery.Zoo staff and volunteers lovely, friendly, and knowledgeable.Well worth many visits.

Matt F — Google review

Fantastic zoo, very spacious with plenty of benches to rest on. Greats views. My daughter also enjoyed the summer activities, making a flower bomb and playing in the Dennis the menace area as well as the carousel (£3 extra). My daughter's favourite was the baby elephant and zebra. Would highly recommend eating in base camp, as it has a large seating area and a good menu.

Rebecca C — Google review

Loved our day here with the kids! Well worth a visit, plenty of animals to see from elephants to lemurs! Really nice play area for the kids, plenty of restaurants to eat and ice cream shops. Overall a lovely day out would definitely go again.

Jaria B — Google review

Good variety of different animals and plenty of open space. The only hindering factor depends on the time of year one visits. Since we went in winter many of the animals were not in their enclosures which negatively impacts value for money as less animals can be seen. Regardless it's definitely ideal for families.

Daniel R — Google review

Our children were fascinated by the animals. We were delighted to see the cheetahs, lions and tigers - it’s not always possible to see the big cats!We took scooters which made the distance of the zoo easier to cover. We also enjoyed the train ride and the beautiful pink blossom!A fabulous day out!

Katie P — Google review

As with everywhere prices are going up and Whipsnade is no exception with an adult ticket now priced around £30.75. This makes their yearly membership much more attractive. As you need to go 3 or 4 times in the year to break even so to speak. Plus three membership covers London zoo as well.The zoo is running Easter extras including a 'egg' hunt which is looking for egg boards with a chance to win a years gold membership. This was useful for my children to encourage them round the entire site!It is a large site and walking shoes are definitely recommended but this means that even when it is busy you have space.It was good to see the lions which are in loan to ZSL and hopefully Whipsnade will manage to get some of their own to replace the ones they lost in due course.The biggest attraction for my children is always the butterfly house and crocodiles but everyone has their own favourites!As with anything if you want to keep your costs down take your own food.A highly recommended day out!

Simon T — Google review

Whipsnade Zoo is a really brilliant place to spend a day, lots to see and do. Highly recommend a visit. I went on the Elephant experience which was superb again highly recommend booking this informative experience especially if you love Elephants like I do. We opted to pay for driving the car around which was great and made getting around so easy especially for people with mobility issues as it is a big place to walk around with so much to see that having the car really helped. The views around the Zoo are beautiful. If you want a fun and interesting day out go to the Zoo. A baby elephant due anytime so that will be lovely to see when baby arrives.

Julie M — Google review

Really is an amazing zoo, be prepared and get your walking shoes on as this place is huge! Indoor children's area is great for the kids and is free but will need to book in advance! Overall amazing day out with the family.

Jp V — Google review

It's a great place to visit in a summer afternoon.We reached around 2pm and most of the school kids were preparing to leave, so we pretty much had the zoo to ourselves. The zoo is very big and well organized, and the map is very helpful in helping us navigate around. Loved the free roaming wallabies. Penguins, tiger and lions are the ones that one must check out!

Xiaobo X — Google review

This is the best zoo I've ever visited. We took 2 young children and they loved it. Be prepared to do a lot of walking - but it is well worth it. So many animals to see, it's a job to fit it all in.All facilities were clean and tidy, as was the whole site. I recommend paying the extra to take your car in - it allows you to drive around the deer park, which was fantastic. The bird show is not to be missed.

Nikki P — Google review

Took my grandkids here for the day. What a great zooJust fantasticWe thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the zoo. SomeAnimals were still fast asleep when first arrived But came out later on.Fully fully recommendWorth the money and the visit

Jill J — Google review

My boyfriend and I spent the day exploring the zoo. We had a great time. We both enjoyed seeing hippos for the first time. We were impressed with the enclosures - especially the rhino one. With many of the enclosures the views were not obstructed by the fencing which made it feel less like a zoo. As we were visiting on a Monday in November the catering facilities were limited. We saved a bit of money buying our tickets in advance.

Rebecca P — Google review

It is a really lovely zoo. It feels more like a safari the animals have lots of places. The view is amazing after or before you visit the bears. It has a nice playground for the children. We really liked the bird show.The food is basic nothing special, The zoo is still under development.We spent a great afternoon there and really enjoyed it.

Judit S — Google review

It's such an amazing zoo! It's the largest UK zoo,featuring over 2,500 animals!I would recommend booking in advance and come early to have enough time to see all animals. There is plenty of free parking right in front of the entrance, but they also offer paid spaces inside. Make sure you wear comfortable footwear as the zoo is quite big and there is lots of walking.They have a few 'animal talks' during the day where you can hear interesting facts about animals. We managed to catch the one about lions and see the animals. I would definitely recommend seeing them as well as elephants, giraffes, rhinos , there so many animals you can see there!There are some additional activities, as well as some benefits if you have membership. There is a lot of fun for kids as well - carousel, petting zoo, as well as a learning hub centre where they organise group visits for schools.You can have a meal at a few restaurants and cafes or bring your own food and use the picnic area. There are plenty of toilets around the zoo as well.I would definitely recommend visiting!

Rosi P — Google review

Oh my gosh I think this is probably the best Zoo I have ever been to. I enjoyed it so much, we went as a family and it was really incredible. The park was laid out with different continents to explore, with loads of ‘walk through’ experiences where you could be in the enclosures with some of the tame animals. There was lots of unique animals that I had never seen before, such as two types of Rhino, Hippos and a butterfly enclosure which was such a great experience. Even on a cold day it was so nice. They had lots of talks around the park which you could get information from. Felt very kid-friendly also, with lots of parks and buggy/wheelchair accessible areas. Still an awesome place for an adult to come also.

Naomi M — Google review

Me and my 7 year old son absolutely love this place! So much so, that we have had a Gold member annual pass for 5 years so far. We visit at least 6/7 times a year. It’s such a huge, beautiful place and the animals are obviously very well cared for.The childrens playpark is huge and there is definitely enough to keep the kids entertained what with the soft play and hands on farm all in the same vicinity.The train takes you on a lovely little guided tour of the zoo for a small fee and you get to see some of the animals which you might not see on foot.We also love the little wallaby’s that are free roaming around the grounds of the zoo. Especially when it’s Joey season :)The animal talks are great to watch, we particularly enjoy the Bird chat as the parrots fly right over your head! Also if you time it right you get to see some of the animals being fed…the chimps are by far the most interesting to see in this event.The butterfly house is a delight, so many beautiful butterflies which literally can land on your shoulder. You can also see them hatching out of cocoons.The only advise I would give is to wear very comfy shoes and bring a packed lunch or snacks as the food is very pricey as you would expect.All in all, a fantastic place to visit!

Kymoiselle W — Google review

Great family day out, lots to explore. You feel like you can freely explore whichever animal you wish to see first there is no set route. You can get quite close to a lot of them. The butterfly and aquarium are brilliant. Lots of refreshments and food options available.

Katie S — Google review

My wife and I took our 2 boys here recently for the day and we loved it. It is set in a beautiful setting as some of the views are outstanding. It is a big zoo with plenty of space, but it still has plenty of animals to see. There are plenty of places for kids to let off steam. We will definitely go back.

Neil F — Google review

The best zoo I've ever been to- I really enjoyed the butterfly area and the petting zoo! There's so much for all the family to do here and the staff were super welcoming.Definitely recommend spending the whole day there since it is a very big place- there is an option to drive around the park which is really handy especially for those with disabilities.And the view from the top of the hill was amazing, the perfect spot to eat ice cream with the penguins.I spent the entire day and I still don't think I saw everything! There is always more to see so I will definitely be revisiting!

Amy W — Google review

Me and my two boys (2&6) LOVE Whipsnade Zoo!!!We have membership, and it's totally worth it as we are there all the time.We love seeing all the different animals and learning lots about them. And having the freedom to run around in the fresh air.Absolutely great day out for all ages!

Chantelle B — Google review

It's definitely worth a visit. Highlight of our trip away (two big kids). Large are but pretty flat and buggy accessible. Able to get quite close to the animals. Parking was plentiful and not far from the entrance. Train around the Africa area reasonably priced.Food is dear for what you get but that is expected in a zoo. Most of the good food is around basecamp with a few pop up stalls in other areas. Would also recommend the information guide. Worth a visit!

Sarah — Google review

Such a great experience, took our grandson for the day. The staff were so friendly and informative. Very clean and the animals seemed well cared for. The butterfly house was an unexpected surprise.Lots of walking at a leisurely pace and the train ride was enjoyable.Several very good play areas for the young ones. A great day out. Parking free opposite the entrance.

Paul B — Google review

This zoo is amazing. There are wallabies just roaming free round the zoo. It is a clean zoo and the animals have amazing enclosures. They have plenty of space. You can get so close to the animals it is incredible. You can easily spend all day there. There are that many animals to see that we didn't manage to see them all. Take a picnic as the food is a little pricey but this does not take away from the zoo itself. The staff were so friendly. Especially in the butterfly House and the Bird display. How close you can get to the giraffes and elephants is incredible. Beautifully looked after. We travelled 2 and a half hours to visit this zoo and it absolutely didn't disappoint. If you have little ones definately take a pushchair. X

Kerrie G — Google review

Recommend a visit in warm weather and not in half term.Visited during half term. The free/exterior car park was closed due to the rainy weather and so we had to queue to enter the site in our cars, which took about 20 mins.Due to half term, there was barely any parking available.The zoo does not appear to be designed for the cold/rainy weather season and lacks paths for pedestrians.There are very few solid paths on the outer enclosures which meant that we had to wade through slushy, muddy grass.The zoo is slacking on services for visitors such as coffee/food kiosks. The cold weather would have been bearable with a hot drink or too, however all of the kiosks were closed.The zoo is great for the animals as all the enclosures are huge and spacious for them.The zoo lacks somewhat for guests, due to limited viewing areas to see the animals and the fact that these are set far back from the paddocks.However it is definitely worth a visit, due to the large variety of animals, including the farm animal area, which I definitely recommend for younger children as they can get close enough to stroke the animals as oppose to the other parts of the zoo.

Kyri S — Google review

Me and my mum had an awesome day out today and we saw animals (whom were all mostly asleep) but we managed to see a ton of animals and it was an awesome experience for the both of us and it was rather enjoyable and a ton of fun.My favourite animals that I loved seeing best were the giraffes, zebras and the flamingos! It was great to actually go up to the viewing platform to see the giraffes 🦒 and was awesome to see the zebras through the glass 🦓It was an amazing day out on the whole and we managed to make a day of it.The cafe, shop, aquarium and butterfly park were wicked, it was awesome 😁

Joanna B — Google review

This is one of our favourite zoo, located of the M1 junction 9 as you drive from London.The place is consist in a wide animal diversity, plenty of space to walk, picnic tables and beautiful view.You can drive your car inside like a safari at extra cost but is really worth it!There is an indoor soft play Lullabazoo which you can only book your slot online!Outdoor playgrounds for children with picnic tables around.A beautiful train ride throughout the zoo for £3/person.Depending on the day and time you visit can be traffic on the approach!Highly recommended!

Bogdan B — Google review

Good variety of different animals and plenty of open green space.The only bad factor is depends on the time of year one visits.Since we Was last Sunday , many of the animals were not in their enclosures which negatively impacts value for money.Regardless it's definitely ideal for families with children’s.

Catalinka — Google review

We have had a fantastic experience in the zoo. We managed to see all the animals and wildlife we loved except the bear were hiding too far away. We were impressed by the warm butterflies dome. The setting was organised and well look after. The toilets were clean. We had a great time on the day, thank you! Highly recommended for family outing.

Leechee K — Google review

Had a lovely day out, very lucky to see pretty much all of the animals! Especially enjoyed the baby rhino and elephants. Not too busy mid-week, and stopped for an afternoon snack at the restaurant that was open. The train was a fun extra and went to a few of the daily talks.

Kayleigh J — Google review

Love this zoo! Such a great variety of animals with good views and natural enclosures. We always see them all too not like some places and the giraffe enclosure is amazing 😍

Ben C — Google review

This is an amazing zoo, so much to see, hours of fun. If you decide to walk around, make sure you have some comfortable footwear as this is a big zoo and well spread out (there is the option of taking your car in). There is plenty of free parking, a zoo shop and a variety of food and drink places. Shelters are also available for those with their own food.A great family day out!

Lynne — Google review

We had a fantastic family day at the zoo! It’s a vast place with wonderfully spacious habitats for the animals, although the diversity of species was somewhat lacking. The train ride didn’t quite hit the mark. While it’s not the top zoo we’ve visited—it certainly has room for improvement—it’s far from the worst. A solid four-star experience.

U T — Google review

Our first visit to Whipsnade.My daughter was very keen to see the Asian elephants. She was not disappointed!Great to see these beautiful animals up close.A shame we couldn't spot the brown bear today.I definitely recommend bringing your own food/drink as the various cafes etc. Were quite busy.The aquarium and butterfly house was lovely. We enjoyed trying to spot the different reptiles and seeing the conservation work going on. Lots of steps done today!

Becky B — Google review

A great day out for all! The zoo is spread over a large area, but they allow cars to enter for a fee which can help if you're visiting with young children.There are a choice of eateries around the zoo and coffee shops for those cooler days.The animals are well looked after in great sized enclosures, with enrichment to maintain their mental stimulation.Members enjoy great discounts on food/drinks and also the many experiences on offer at the zoo (keeper for the day; overnight stays etc).

James F — Google review


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Whipsnade, Dunstable, LU6 2LF, United Kingdom

+44 344 225 1826

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Wicksteed Park

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Amusem*nt park

Water & Amusem*nt Parks


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Wicksteed Park is a family-friendly amusem*nt park with around 30 rides, large playgrounds, lakeside walks and a narrow-gauge railway. The park is also home to 147 acres of parkland, a water meadow and an arboretum. The amusem*nt park is amazing and definitely worth going to if you're in the area!

Amazing time with the family, both my little ones loved it. I definitely recommend getting wrist bands as works out cheaper and can go on the rides multiple times. Lovely walk around see all the animals. Even better now they have a little farm area to look around. If your there over 3 hours car parking is £6 but worth it as you don't get bored. Even take a picnic makes your day cheaper.

Daniella B — Google review

A great place for a day out with children. The staffs are quite friendly, and my son had a good time there. I recommend to buy a wristband if you plan more than 8 rides. The parking is not free, 6 pounds per day.

Xiaodong C — Google review

First time visiting this park and wasn’t disappointed. Such a lovely place. Couldn’t decide to either buy wristbands or tokens. Family of four.Two adults. 6 year old and nearly 2 year old 0.8m tall. Wristbands were the cheaper option in the end. Staff friendly and happy. Food was really tasty. We ate in the American diner. We couldn’t do the whole park we got there at midday so we ran out of time. We will come back and come earlier in the day.

Collette S — Google review

We stayed in our touring caravan here for a couple of nights,no electric hook up but you can choose your pitch. Lovely shower and toilet block(male block and female block). And you are a 5 min walk to the theme park. Beautiful setting.

Denty D — Google review

Have been coming to Wicksteed Park all my life, so I love bringing my children along. Brilliant day out with £1 tickets for rides (summer holiday special) but such a shame about the wait for the log flume (1½-2hrs!). We love the open space and lots of places to sit for a picnic. We would love to see more rides or attractions at the lower end of the park, near the old log flume and boating lake.

Hayley W — Google review

We come back here again and again, and despite our children getting older, it's always a lovely family day out. It's a beautiful location, even for just a picnic and a walk if you're not doing the rides. And it has kept its charm of bygone decades. It never feels uncomfortably busy, even on a warm sunny day, and you'll never have to queue too long for rides (with the exception of the big roller coaster). Ride staff very friendly and enthusiastic, most likely locals who have grown up with a love of the park, and it shows. Well done Wicksteed, another memorable day out for us this year!

A H — Google review

Comprehensive free play area. Could maybe do with a little more for the younger ones, though our 3 year old had a good go at things! Also enjoyed the paid rides. Not impressed with the sandwiches or cleanliness of tables in cafe. Coffee good and staff friendly. Car park and paths good. We thought it a bit odd that there was a washbasin in the disabled loo but no drier!

Gill W — Google review

Wicksteed Park is lots of fun every time we go and we even have a parking permit as we are locals. It is great to go walkies with your dog around the whole Park the Lake included. Nature on your door step. Now that the season started I am looking forward to the Ice cream Parlour to open again. One of this years new features are the Barn with lots of different kind of animals to see. At the moment they have 8 very cheeky goat kids. And I had the pleasure to help out with bottle feeding them. It was fantastic. My daughter does her work experience there as well as having a seasonal job now. Very friendly environment. Can definitely recommend a visit.

Sabine M — Google review

I've been visiting Wicksteed for thirty odd years and never had a bad visit. It's great value, attentive staff and lovely setting always make for a great day out. It looks like the park could do with a little investment and the lake / water / boating corner especially looks tired and a lot of the old attractions have gone. I'm crossing my fingers for this place and I'll keep visiting regardless.

Hywel L — Google review

I remember going here when I was young in the 1960s! This time took our grandchildren, 2 and 5. Overall a great day out, plenty to do for at least the 5 year old and sufficient for 2 year old. Faster rides though not suitable (not a criticism just letting people know). Wide open spaces, old fashioned park rides, fun fair rides etc. Great place to take a picnic and a ball as you pay for the rides you go on. For the age mix of our party we didn't need to buy the wrist bands: they cost £22 and we didn't go on 27 rides. They recommend individual tickets for the very young, but I'd do the same for all of us next time. We were left with a little sour taste in that the indoor play area is extra, not covered by wrist band or tickets. Only found out after making the promise to the GKids. We'd definitely go again and mix the attractions with family picnic, own ball games etc.

Tim B — Google review

We visited the park with my 5 year old son as it had been recommended by my father who visited as a child. We had an incredible day from start to finish. Started our day in the top park of the park going on the swings, drop tower, clown coaster, tea cups and the huge indoor slides. All operated quickly but the rides had very short cycles. However if there was no large queue, which there wasn't all day, the operators allowed you to ride again! Little one also loved the bird house with the talking parrots. We then moved to the lower section of the park and rode the log flume, ladybird coaster and the flying ride. All very good with the log flume getting you wetter than i thought it would! We then had some lunch which was very resonably priced and enjoyable as well! We then went to what was the highlight of the day for me, the vintage rides. The cars were okay but the original 30s water shoot is brilliant. Not many of these left either and you can tell its well looked after. We finished on the train for a lovely ride round the entire park. Overall we had a fantastic day and will certainly be back!

XStark1ll3rX — Google review

It was extremely quiet with absolutely no queues on a very warm and sunny day. Our grandson really enjoyed all the toddler sized rides available. The staff were friendly and helpful. The park land is very impressive. Our only complaint is the very poor signage. As first-time visitors, we had to ask staff several times where places were we wished to get to. But they were always most helpful.

Malcolm A — Google review

Such a wonderful experience with all the rides! Not enough time to get to all the activities in the day, but well worth trying.If your child is under a metre then I wouldn't suggest buying a wrist band as there are very few rides they can go on. In fact there is only 1 ride that they can ride on alone and then 4 rides that a grown up would need to join you (there may be more, but that's what I experienced with my 2.5 year old). The staff were very helpful and friendly. The toilets were clean and well maintained. The parks are also well maintained and beautiful - I wish I'd taken more photos!If you go now (May) there are little goslings and lambs to see too. And obviously all the spring flowers, trees are all green,so it's a very pleasant place to picnic.

Tanya B — Google review

Excellent Christmas show, first rate entertainment. Great two course Christmas lunch, friendly service, good value for money.We have missed a few years due to COVID but hope to return again soon.

Julia P — Google review

Well, we did not avail any room facilities. Rides, theme parks are great. Prices reasonable. Great family time out. Has a separate barbecue area as well. Loads of open space.

Asim M — Google review

Just before the summer holidays my wife, son and myself had a day off together which is rare because of our work hours. We decided we could just about afford a day out somewhere and thought we'd try Wicksteed park. I checked the website to make sure it was open because it wasn't a typical high peak time of the year. The website showed that it was fully open and all the rides would be open from April to September.So off we went the next day quite excited because I hadn't been since the 80s and was hoping it was a lot better than I remembered. All I could remember was the train and the pirate ship and my siblings pretending to enjoy it more than we did. But when we turned up the car park was virtually empty and after waiting half an hour we found out everything was closed. We got back in the car without paying for parking, thinking that we'd only been a short while and if they fined us I'd just explain that their website has misled led us and we obviously hadn't driven all the way from Cambridge to sit around for nothing.Well we did get a £30 fine presented wonderfully and neatly with two pictures of our car showing how we had been watched. I thought, no problem, I'll appeal and explain that the website had displayed the opening times incorrectly and so we had parked on the belief we'd be enjoying the park. They couldn't care less. The appeal was denied on the terms that signs were clearly displayed around the car park. No humanity at all, just a case of, you left without paying so now pay the fine or it goes up to £60.I thought that was a pretty unfair decision so I wrote to the park via their friendly looking website. They are not friendly at all and neither do they seem to have any understanding of business and public relations. In true mafia style they explained that the car park was run by a management company and they could do nothing about their decision. The thing is, they could have done something to sweeten public relations but they chose not to. There was no reply in regards to the misleading information on their website which started the trouble. As a result we will never go back, we will never recommend it and when people have asked about our experience there, I've told them about the underlying sense of criminality and not to bother taking your kids. They don't seem to want us there, so people of Kettering you can keep it to yourselves, we'll put our money towards more worthy causes.

P F — Google review

Great value for a day out. Even better the tickets were a £1 per ticket instead of £3 until end of August. I purchased a wristband for my 2 girls and 3 of there friends as better value for me. Took lunch and drinks with us as very expensive on site to buy food and drinks which is why I marked as 4 not 5.

Marie P — Google review

Can't comment about the rooms we didn't use one. The service at the park was fine All the staff were pleasant and helpful. Spent two nights in the camping venue. A tad expensive at £60 but the facilities were good including showers and toilets. A very good weekend with my granddaughter she loved it. 😁😁😁

Bob H — Google review

A great day out. So much to see and do that you need more than one day to get round. The rides were very reasonably priced at £1 each. Good selection of ice creams but they were a bit expensive. Plenty of baby change facilities and loos, spotlessly clean. Will definitely visit again. Can recommend

Beebee ( — Google review

Lots of car parking space, make sure you have paid on exit the machine is easy to use taking cash and card , it's expensive on the rides especially during colder months as some of the rides are not available and you have to pay the same ,please ensure you know the height limits as 1 meter can by an inch mean the difference of £25.00 . Bands cannot be swapped and best practice is to arrive early with a picnic even though food and drink is available,the staff are friendly and helpful there is a jobsworth at the top of the park that runs a log thing on a track that says I will call a supervisor but I'm sure you will find that out , overall,arrive early and enjoy make the most of it ,it's a good day to enjoy arriving early gives good value.

Beano — Google review

Pretty nice park which you can attend for free to enjoy the grounds. You have to pay for parking and tokens to go on the rides, there are pretty much rides for all ages of children. I don't think older teenagers would overly appreciate it however I thought it was great for babies all the way up to like 13/14 years old. The park is well maintained, clean and doesn't look tacky at all. There is also a large field which would be great for picnics.

GREAZE — Google review

I loved wicksteed park growing up and i still do i love the flower gardens and water features the rides are amazing too this part deserves appreciation for the amount of hard work the volunteers put into making it a great place for all the family, id love to see this park restored and invested in because it benefits so many people i will visit with my dog anytime its lovely

Mtb B — Google review

Took us 2hrs from London to get here ans it wasn't bad. Big park with enough space for all. My son totally loved it especially the swings and play area.

BdvineBeauty — Google review

I'm most disappointed with the ability to pay for the car park today. The machine wouldn't accept any form of card payment. Tried inserting the card and paying via touch pad method nothing worked. Had to pay it online where it was charging extra for doing so. Not my fault they can't accept payment on the pay machine, it shouldn't cost extra to pay online.

Evaldas O — Google review

Nice walk around and plenty of benches to sit on. Lovely free park for the kids and coffee/ice-cream/snacks available. Great rides for the younger ones (under 12's) though at £3 a ride or £20 per wristband it could get expensive. Also have to pay for parking. All in all not a bad place to visit.

Katie R — Google review

I love a good visit to Wicksteed Park any time of year, its so beautiful to walk around, I like finding a quite spot to do some reading in nicer weather, I love photography and being there taking photos, lovely fireworks display this year. Would love to join the team there for fire performance entertainment.

Shane H — Google review

This was quite an experience - we all agreed that it felt like we were stepping back in time. I love amusem*nt parks but am mostly used to more modern ones. This one had real charm to it, keeping much of (what I presume is) the original décor, design and rides as is and obviously spending more money on maintaining what people clearly loved over upgrading to flashier, more modern attractions. I thought it was wonderful - the different areas, the rides and attractions that all of the children adored, the variety of what was on offer - it was great value for money.

Eva S — Google review

Wickstead park is a classic old school family location. With some great attractions and open spaces.I have been going here since I was a boy.It's a fantastic day out. The food options at the park are okay and not overly expensive. The cost of drinks is okay too.The toilet facilities are Disgusting however.It's worth a visit and making sure you have a wristband for the day to get on everything without any issues.

Grant O — Google review

The payments machine was not working and i've tried to install the app and pay online, but i had the same issues. Today i just received a claim form from the TOTAL PARKING SOLUTION threatening me with a CCJ, claiming £221 for the parking. I'll take them to the court and never visit that park. They run a parking scam business, and should be ashamed.

Constantin B — Google review

Never stayed there, but the grounds are a great pleasure to go around. It has a train ride and a small theme park. Would recommend visiting.

Sooty — Google review

We've attended a Rock and Roll weekend. Which was great, live bands and lots of dancing.We didn't need the hotel, so I can't comment on that.It is a nice place, nice grounds, fairly busy.Unfortunately, the local eating place adjacent to the pavilion, Carlo's courtyard, wasn't that great, the hotdogs and the pizza were quite bland, unlike the price which was pretty spicy.

Ionut R — Google review

I looked at some information, it said it was openBuy it was not fully open.Like an Easter egg box, shiny and pretty, but no chocolate. Vary poor is this your best

Tim M — Google review

I have been going to wickstead park since I was tiny. The land is beautiful and the park looks great fun. The old playground equipment is there to the rocking horses. The rides are great there were several that weren't open which was a disappointment ie the roller coaster the big wheel. The others were great queues were small. Went on the classic train which hasn't lost its spark. The animal area was brilliant we loved it there. The lady in there today showed us the tortoises and took them out. We got to stroke them and get up close. The highlight of our trip. The food was great we bought hot food there which was tasty and quite reasonable. The staff were all friendly in the cafes on the rides. One particular lady at the Old vintage car ride was so lovely and friendly especially to the little ones. The dodgems were great fun. We had a fabulous day. We did order tickets in advance which saved us lots. Plenty of parking.

Sarah S — Google review


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Bletchley Park

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Bletchley Park was the site of World War Two code-breaking, and today it's an important heritage attraction with a good museum.

A great exhibition of life behind the scenes of the propaganda machines of the world.Regardless of your thoughts on a war, this is a great story of humans solving problems, interactive, informative and worth a days ramble around the site.We'd just like to thank everyone for an outstanding day, my daughter bought a Virgin Experience ticket for myself (I have been trying to get here for the last many years), we popped in at 12:00, bought a guide book (which turned out to be back to front, I liked that more, followed the form of Bletchley), we then left at 17:10 (apologies), our guide was amazing, informative, humorous and got the group working, 14:00 tour, 24/03/21.We were so pleased that Bletchley Park staff/volunteers all seem to enjoy their work and it is noticeable.Thanks again for a great visit.

Leon H — Google review

It was my first time at Bletchley. The history was fascinating. The tour guide option is worthwhile as it is a confusing array of buildings although a map is provided. There were lots of interactive displays and lots of personal lived experiences narrated. I was surprised at how well maintained the house is with lots of arts and crafts designed woodwork, ceilings and plasterwork. The cafe was pleasant and efficient too. Well worth a visit.

Maria C — Google review

Absolutely amazing day. Very very interesting place, all the staff and volunteers were great, filled with loads of passion and knowledge and willing to share all of it. 5hrs it took to go round and I will be visiting again to learn much more. I thank all the staff and volunteers for keeping this history and memories alive from the gate on the way in, through buying the tickets, all around the the park, the restaurant (hut 4) the shop and on the way out. I will remember today forever.

Steve L — Google review

A really fascinating place to visit, more of a focus around the Enigma machine of course. We found that unlike other war museums there is less here about uniforms, weapons, medals etc which is a nice difference.We visited on one of the hottest days in summer, so some rooms/buildings were incredibly hot. It goes to show the kinds of conditions they would have been working in at a time of war too, humbling.I also particularly liked the art exhibition focusing on data. There were a few that you could contribute to.Lots of green spaces, so great for a picnic if you bring your own lunch or snacks.

Acacia — Google review

An excellent day out. Hard to believe we were there from opening time (10am) until closing time (4pm). Worth signing up for the free walking guided tour (outside). The headsets cover much of the same. Walking tour lasts for about an hour. Lunch in hut 4 - pretty good selection. A lot to see and your tickets are valid for a year to return anytime. Free on site parking or train station a couple of hundred metres away.

Chris — Google review

The tour guide gave us a very interesting view of the place and the story, which is always welcome. The family audio guide for children is welcome but not enough to keep them interested, despite the embedded games. Maybe some scoring board system or progress bar would have helped -"getting hired as a secret agent" thing. The interactive screens scattered in the huts do a far better job at keping them interested.

Kyr B — Google review

Visited with my lady as a birthday gift from Virgin Experience days. She had bought us entry to the museum and an afternoon tea for 2.Entry was seemless with our QR code tickets. We duly picked up a map & audio guides.Like most museums, the audio guide is a touch screen affair offering videos & explanations to the exhibits and the history behind them.We also took advantage of the free walking tour offered at 1300 with our guide Stuart. A tour of approximately 1 hour taking place outside the huts & mansion the tour populates the museum with the human history of code breaking during the war. An engaging & interesting tour and I would certainly suggest you take good use of.We didnt managed to visit everything the museum, mansion & huts had to offer on our visit. The richness of infomation & the manner of exhibition presentation will certainly fill a day's visit.The afternoon tea for 2 was an enjoyable side piece to our visit. I had not experienced such a dining experience before but we both very much enjoyed it. Fancy chinaware, 1940s music on a stereo and top tier food made for fine eating.An enjoyable museum, albeit not with many 'interactive' elements but still definitely worth a visit.

Daniel W — Google review

Wow what a historic place! 😲 Far bigger than I thought it would be. Spent six & a half hours walking around the grounds and exhibits. Still didn't get to all of it! Staff were great a very knowledgeable. Great place to visit if you like WW2 history 😀

IAN C — Google review

Bletchley Park was the UK biggest secret during WWII. It still remains one of the best secrets as a place to visit.If you thought the movies were good you really need to visit Bletchley and see how really amazing the truth actually is. It is totally staggering what they did in those small huts.But what is great about Bletchley in 2022 is that they have restored the site, and kept the 1940’s feel of the whole site. Everything from the huts to the cafes and toilets are in theme. There are lots of video, interactive and information to make it a great visit.As other people have said keep the tickets, they are valid for a year. It may take 2 or 3 visits if you want to read everything.One of the best sites in the UK to visit, even my partner who hates “war stuff” loved it.

Ian F — Google review

Attracting visitors from all around the world, Bletchley Park has something for everyone, from absolute novices who don't know anything about WW2 to certified expert military historians. You can have the self guided tour with headphones and commentary in different languages, or pay extra for a human guided tour, which is probably going to be the best experience. There are original enigma machines, along with replicas of various other code breaking devices. The site isn't too big, so you can walk it all. There are lifts / elevators next to most staircases and access ramps everywhere, too, so older visitors are looked after. There is an impressively sized gift shop, with almost everything you can think of, including Bletchley Park gin, beer, puzzles, t shirts, etc... there are a few cafes, indoor and outdoor seating and picnic tables. The short movie clips they play in the cinema room are very informative and well put together, and the original huts with 1940s furniture are particularly impressive. There's plenty of parking and lots of staff on hand to help.

Paul G — Google review

Lovely historical building, absolutely a must visit for anyone with an interest in the Enigma machine, and the first ever built Alan Touring world computer. This is a fascinating place that transcends history with the great display of artifacts used during WW2. Highly educational, and a great day out for anyone. Open Monday to Sunday, from 09:30 am to 17:30 pm. Paid parking available, wheelchair access, and friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Giulio M — Google review

Good day out with friends and family. If you get there when it opens and leave when it closes there is loads of history on codebreakers and enigma to see. There is a cafe, pond and all the machines that they used. Some of the machines are interactive with lots of touchscreen tablets so good for young children. (Under 12s go free).

James C — Google review

Visited on a Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it.Arrived as it opened at 9.30am and no queues, was recommended to take the included 1hr tour of the grounds with a guide (book at the information desk) and that was really informative.Cafe and restaurant on site, food was very tasty with reasonable prices (London influenced?) and in the end we spent over 6 hours there. Believe we saw most of not everything but you could definitely spend longer there.Great thing with the tickets is that within the next 12 months you can return again as many times as you want, so excellent value.

Ian S — Google review

If the allied code breaking exploits during WW2 is of interest then this is the place. Lots of information about code breaking with interactive exhibits sprinkled in. Options of going along the guided talks or going solo. If you chose the latter, don't forget to pick up one of audio description packs (you can bring your own headphones if you wish). A great day out for the whole family.

Ifeanyi N — Google review

It’s the enthusiastic volunteers that add sparkle to an already first class British attraction.You will need a full day and a return visit to appreciate the breadth of information.A surprising part of the experience, the Benungo cafes. Their coffee is lovely.

David C — Google review

Overall, it isn't as good as it used to be, because Colossus is no longer included as an exhibit and they didn't make this clear at all. Also, the Winston Churchill room no longer exists.They have improved what they do have, including a very good video when you walk in and a cinema area with another good video.£7.99 for the bath ducks in the gift shop is a rip off, but other items in the shop were valued okay.The children's playground needs some more items. It would also be good to have learning material in the museum for young children.

Paul R — Google review

I had a really great experience. The site was well kept, lots of good modern exhibits, guided tours by volunteers and generally a lot of WW2 history. There is a play park and eating areas too. The tickets are valid for a year allowing for return visits. Well worth a visit.

Stuart N — Google review

A very immersive experience. So much information about very dedicated people with pictures around the buildings making it more personal . A lot to see and interact with . There are facilities to eat and sit down. Benches outside around the lake are a welcome break from the huts. One can only imagine what an 8 hour shift was like ! A lovely day out 😊

Anne S — Google review

Visited on their 1940s weekend, it was really nice to see and hear all the different period clothing and gear. Bletchley Park as a museum was informative and interesting but not my cup of tea. Felt it was like reading an uninspiring textbook, very knowledgeable but rather tedious which, is why I suspect the ques for the few interactive exhibits were long.

Joseph P — Google review

Very interesting place of historical significance. If you already know the history there isn't that much more to learn, and there is a lot of repetition. It's still great to see it all in person. Do follow the suggested order on the map, it really helpful and goes in a good order to understand the timelines.Sadly, It's a bit on the expensive side and the food is very pricey so maybe bring a picnic and sit by the pond, it's a very charming spot.I think very young children might not enjoy it but slightly older or teens may find it diverting enough if they like museum. There are lots of interactive displays dotted around. We spent about 2 hours here, so wear comfy shoes.

Rx F — Google review

We had a great day at Bletchley Park! Even the security were happy and informative. All the staff were really helpful and polite.We went on a tour which was 1 hour and it went so quickly, his name was John. An hour wasn't long enough tp talk about all the amazing things that happened there.The exhibits were interesting, some were interactive. I liked the fact it told you how long until the next showing of a clip or movie. The D Day movie was great.Pros: great day out, good shop, informative tour guide, good facilities.Cons: expensive food (no peas, as they run out!), I'd like to see more of the mansion set up to how it would have been,Overall a great day out and you get visit as many times as you like for 12 months after your visit which does include some events.

Sam S — Google review

So much history so many unsung heroes and so little time. I was a bit time poor today but really wanted to visit this bastion of WW2 secret war winning legend. I got a taxi to the Park from Milton Keynes Central station with a quick stop at the hotel on the way. Driver agreed to pick me up there 3hours later and I was not disappointed. It is only a short walk from Bletchley station however and not much more from Bletchley Town Centre. This venue is very wheelchair friendly and is packed with information. The staff are incredible and go out of their way to make the visit special. As usual I spent too much in the gift shop but just couldn't resist as the items for sale are very relevant and not the usual fare. A gentle stroll around the grounds takes you through the actual buildings where democracy was saved by dedicated people who worked tirelessly to glean the intentions of the Nazis and give the allies the upper hand from early on. Without these heroes the world might be a different place today. The grounds are kept in immaculate condition and there is even a play area for the children, however on my visit many of the kids were enthralled by the interactive exhibits. A pair of older children (early twenty somethings) were having a great time trying on some of the authentic 40s apparel supplied for the purpose. Photography without flashes is welcome and the cake and tea I had in hut 4 was superb. There are guided and self media assisted tours available but I chose to go it alone as I'm familiar with the history. I would recommend this as a must see activity.

Jesse C — Google review

History at its best. We didn't realise how big the site was and how much information was available regarding the very important,if not crucial, work that was carried out leading up to and very much during the 2nd world war. You could easily spend two days here and still find things to read and discover. There are interactive code breaking opportunities for both children and adults, just a bit of fun for us but could well have saved lives during the war, well worth a go!!! Food was also available from a couple of sites and plenty of space for picnics if the weather is nice particularly around the lake in front of the house. Tours are available but get in early to book as they fill up quickly, if you miss those though, don't worry as a full audio guide is available and is very well put together and informative. Good disabled access too. Have a great time code breaking!!!!

shaun — Google review

The history of the site is presented in really interesting ways with quite a few interactive options along the way. The site is huge & fairly sure we missed bits 🤦 there was also work going on up at the house so it was covered in scaffolding so I'm really glad that the tickets are valid for 12 months so we'll be able to go back 📷😎

Claire D — Google review

Loved our visit which has been known a must visit for ages. We arrived @11am & left 4 hours later not having seen all the exhibits. Some will br more useful than others data capturing is not my thing but loved being in yhr place where history was being made. We tried out hut 4 cafe for lunch..very tasty & also the free guided tour. It would be helpful to explain the guided tour is just outdoors not around the exhibitions & and for us it was a bit long winded & too detailed. Looking fwd to the new exhibitions they are planning and will definitely return. Highly recommended for junior school kids & upwards.

Trish M — Google review

Excellent experience. Very informative and well preserved and documented. You need a full day or two to get through it all thoroughly. My ticket provides a second visit, so will have to go back to finish. A self listening tour is provided.

Liesl K — Google review

Excellent museum - held my kids attention for 3 hours (11 and 13) which is no mean feat. The 13 year old asked to visit after learning about Alan Turing at school. The exhibits are structured in a very accessible way and there is a nice balance between human stories and the more technical story of the code breaking. Would highly recommend, book in advance, allow for 3-4 hours - there is a lot to see.

Chris G — Google review

We’ve been wanting to head out to Bletchley Park for a while and so glad we finally did! What an amazing place. The code breakers did such amazing work and the curators of this museum have done an amazing job capturing this part of history. The grounds are also beautiful, even on a rainy day!

Diane B — Google review

Fabulous place to visit, lots of history.My wife took me there as a birthday present.We had a lovely talk with Cara, the engagement officer.

Keith F — Google review

Prepare to stay all day. We arrived for our timed entry at 11pm, took a tour, and then started on the exhibits. So fascinating, didn't even notice we'd missed lunch, and then it was closing time and we hadn't got to see it all.Will definitely be taking advantage of the buy once visit many times in year ticket.

Paolo ( — Google review

Before traveling to London, friends of ours urged us to visit Bletchley Park where Britain’s most brilliant code breakers played a very critical role in helping to speed up the end of WW2 by one to two years by intercepting German transmissions that were being sent by secret coded messages. The guides who led the tours were well informed and touring the grounds was absolutely fascinating! We took a train to Bletchley Park and the trip from London took about an hour but it was the highlight of our vacation and well worth the excursion.

Arthur G — Google review

Went on a school trip, Amazing visit. The mansion and huts really make you feel like you were one of the code breakers. The vehicles were very interesting, you had some which were used during working hours, then you had one caravan used in the 2000's. Would visit again.

Ashton H — Google review

Very interesting. History of the second world war code breakers. Phenomenal people. The site is very well kept and clean and tidy. It does somewhat lack in exhibits and furniture. Lots of empty rooms with story boards

Grosvenor L — Google review

Brilliant, educational fascinating glimpse into the work that helped end WWII two years early. Well laid out with audio and visual aids. Suitable for wheelchair access but there is quite a large area to cover if you want to see it all. Small but adequate cafe and interesting gift shop

David H — Google review

Lots to see and learn on this sprawling estate. The guides are very informative, although you do have the option of picking up your own "listening guide" if you're in a smaller group.You can easily spend the whole day here and still not cover most things. I was so engrossed in learning about this place, I completely forgot to stop for lunch - don't make that mistake, as there's a wonderful café here

Shiraz E — Google review


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(8231)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (77)

The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Sherwood Dr, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK3 6EB, United Kingdom

+44 1908 640404



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Indoor snowcenter

Outdoor Activities

Conference center

Leisure centre

MK Snozone is an indoor ski slope complex offering ski and snowboard lessons, group parties and kids' programmes. The staff are always friendly and communicative, ensuring that every lesson goes smoothly. In addition, instructor Matt is fantastic - patient, calm and attentive during the lessons, he helped son reach a new level up. Additionally, Josh - who looks after the children's programmes - was also great with son.

Excellent real snow slope, had an absolutely amazing time on the snow slopes with family and friends, very family friendly atmosphere, total blast, my kids loved it too. Highly recommend this activity, you can't beat real snow slopes, however this gets you as close to the real snow experience as possible without leaving the country. The facility as a whole is fabulous, lots to do.Our host James was great, really got involved, and made our time there safe and awesome for us all.

D T — Google review

Took my boy sledding the other day and he loved it. It is like disappearing into another world, a pretty cold one, but great fun. A bit more comfort in the seated area would be great. More activities for the kids, like an arcade or a play area beyond the hamster-sized soft play would be great. They definitely have the space! Best to shop around to get kitted out, as it can get pricey!

S8Creative L — Google review

I always love this place - great value and is always a fun time! Ski and boot rental is always efficient, and the staff are always ready to help. Only one small issue was that the lift kept stopping from all the beginners, which caused a long queue, however it was to be expected. Halfway through they opened up the second lift, which resolved the problem brilliantly and had a great last hour! I really recommend it for beginners or people who need to practice before hitting the slopes! Thanks for a great day out :)

Lucy O — Google review

Excellent support and communication throughout lessons with the friendly trainers. Most recently, instructor Matt who helped our son attain a new level up. Matt was so patient, calm and attentive during lesson. It was wonderful to see by the end of the session how far our son had progressed. As a parent that’s always really lovely to see. Shout out also to Josh for keeping an eye out for our boy 😊 he’s mentioned you a few times 😊 

We drive over an hour for these lessons so it’s satisfying to feel that the time, effort and cost is justified! Thnx guys for consistently adding to our positive experiences at MK Snozone

RAF F — Google review

Real snow and decet size, you can have fun there, and it's also a great place for kids to learn. They have classes for children at different levels, book online. The only issue with classes is you should book in advance, you may have to wait a few weeks for a particular class. The waiting area is big and there is a cafe. You can also rent all the gear on the spot.

Pawel M — Google review

Great place! Our first time skiing ⛷️ and it was great, we booked a private ski tour for beginners and can't recommend it enough, well worth the drive down from London, we will be returning to do the other levels! Thank you to our instructor, Tom, for making our experience fantastic!

Laura R — Google review

We really enjoyed our visit to snozone, we went on a weekend and it wasn’t too busy. The slope was wide and spacious so you have lots of room if you’re learning or perfecting your technique.The snow felt quite sticky under the ski’s and there were a few random icy patches on the slope which can’t always be avoided but a little extra caution needed to be taken for beginners.

Fiona W — Google review

Good learner experience for my 11 year old. Snowboarding levels 1-4 being taught by instructor Archie. It’s a shame the teaching earlier is almost out of view for parents that attend to watch from the cafe. Facilities are great, equipment in good condition and friendly staff. I’d of preferred if the groups were maybe 4 or 5 people instead of 6 for more time to practice but it is what it is. We shall return for sure 🏂

Kevin J — Google review

Although it is not very crowded, it is very good that there is a real snow, the presence of such a place is very successful, the washbasin and dressing rooms were very clean and hygienic. The only problem was a young girl named Stephany if I remember the name of the staff. they were interested, other than that, everything was very good and successful, I can say that the price is average, but it would be nice if there was a discount😍

Mina ? — Google review

We took our Geand daughter here for her Birthday to do sledging. We all loved it. It was the first time she had been, but we had been a few times in the past. You get 45 minutes sledging time. It's good fun. Take a spare set of clothes though, or waterproofs.

Angela S — Google review

Took the boys for a two hour session on the Snow and they had a great time! Lots of space to improve their skiing.Special shout out to Tony on the button lift, what a helpful, friendly chap- he made our day. Boys perfected the button lift so quickly thanks to his patience and help. Thanks Tony .

Emma P — Google review

I did a level 1 & 2 lesson which lasted 3 hours. The instructor was very knowledgeable and encouraging.As the lesson went on he differentiated the class so that everyone was improving on what they had achieved so far. I was happily surprised at how much I developed in the time and came away with a card listing all the skills I had gained and what lesson level to try next to move forward.All equipment was included in the price. I just needed to wear long trousers and sleeves (I wore a thin layer plus waterproof trousers and jacket so as not to get too hot when exercising).

Meryl C — Google review

We have had 3 family lessons at Snozone Milton Keynes now and every instructor we have had has been great!! Super patient with both children (who are much better than me 🤪) and engaging. We all really enjoyed it and feel much more confident on the snow.

BeFit C — Google review

Brilliant large establishment for all the snow experience. Suitable for kids to adults with any experience in skiing and snow boarding. Ample parking. Very friendly staff. You get boots,helmets and gloves if you don't have your own. Great safe place to bring kids over 4 years +.

SDS — Google review

Very good a great place to get you started if you want to learn this is the place to go to. They were very accommodating we had to move our session and as it was not busy they did change it. Remember to bring gloves!!! Otherwise you have to buy some there. There is plenty of car park as the place is inside a shopping centre.

Miguel S — Google review

Well managed slope to learn skiing in the UK. The rental counter and restaurant services are nice but quite slow, it took half an hour for my sandwich. Better go early enough to get the equipment, especially if you wanna grab something to eat there as well

C C — Google review

We came for our first snowboarding lesson and had a fantastic time! Tony, our instructor, was brilliant! Very knowledgeable and encouraging. Excellent value, great facilities and conditions, can’t wait to go back for our second lesson which we booked straight away!

Craig T — Google review

Not skied in 27 years so needed to test muscle memorySlope is obviously not huge, and the bottom definitely flattens out a lot. Snow is a little sticky, But the skiing is worth it. Had an exceptional time skied without being rushed for 4 hours. Highly recommend it if you prepping to go away or (as my daughter did) taking lessons. She did the 8 hour plough to parallel course and I was really impressed. Instructor gradually built the technique explaining fully. End result my daughter was skiing really well ready for our ski tripFood is a little meh in the cafe. But everyone’s we met was super helpful and nicePrice wise think it was great value. My session was £45 all in (with skis, boots and helmet). Daughter was £200 and included all equipment, lunch and instruction! Bargain !

Stuart L — Google review

Snozone provides brilliant courses, yet there is very little snow on the drag lift slope, the friction of the floor is huge, have to be careful using the lift. Though it's understandable because the slopes are used nonstop.. if they can spend some time every few hours to maintain the slope it would be nice!

Ming Y — Google review

Thought I'd try the Milton Keynes slope after visiting the Snow Dome at Tamworth many times, the size of the slopes is larger, longer and good to have button lifts over a escalator. I did feel the snow didn't quite flow as well here and mainly felt more sticky especially the lower third down you went. Possibly the chemicals used or down to the hired ski's, although saying that a friend was on his own board and made the same comment of how 'sticky' it felt.

Paul S — Google review


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602 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 3XS, United Kingdom

+44 333 003 0520


National Trust - Hughenden

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (80)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (81)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (82)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (83)

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Sights & Landmarks

National Trust-owned Hughenden is a lovely country house that was home to the former Prime Minister between 1848 and 1881. The gardens were designed by Mrs. Disraeli, who did a cracking job. There isnt much room in the garden, but thats nice as it offers a bit of peace without being overwhelming or feeling like you are missing anything. Lovely place to visit, especially if you're interested in British history!

The car park is about a third of a mile from the house but the walk is downhill through open woodland so is a pleasant stroll. Thankfully there is a lift on a golf buggy available if needed for the return journey.The house itself is quite modest but the story of Disraeli's life and his friendship with Queen Victoria is excellently displayed. The guides too are very impressive and helpful.Gifts from Queen Victoria fill the rooms which are displayed as Disraeli would have had them.During the second world war the house was used for preparing maps primarily for the RAF and there is a very interesting section explaining this.Nearby the house is a tea room and well stocked shop. Plants are also for sale.A really interesting house, well worth the visit. Allow about 90 minutes to see the house.The gardens are also well tended and beautiful. Certainly worth exploring.

Jocelyn T — Google review

Very interesting visit, excellent volunteers full of informative snippets. Loved the World War 2 story only uncovered by a chance overheard remark in 2004. Particularly liked the availability of deck chairs on the lawn for visitors to rest a while. Lovely to see so many volunteers tending the beautiful gardens.

Yvonne M — Google review

Lovely visit, great courtyard for refreshments and gift shop, nice walks around the estate. House is wonderful, character features and WW 2 history. Walled garden is nice to walk around. Easy for parking and plenty of spaces. Lovely views and the walk down to the church and back.

Jonathan F — Google review

What a stunning house with beautiful interior and exterior detailing. Amazing artwork and furniture pieces along with very interesting history. The gardens were full of apple trees, plumbs and quince, everything very well looked after with knowledgeable volunteers on hand to have a conversation. One drawback was that we visited after some heavy rain and the walking routes were steep and slippery from mud making them inaccessible and dangerous. Cafe was lovely with delicious coffee and cakes - the berry flapjack was especially yummy! The church is also worth a visit where Disraeli and his wife are buried.

Iza Z — Google review

What a lovely place for a family day trip. Beautiful grounds. A fantastic historic home to look around. You will learn many things about Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli and the house's secret use during the second world war. The staff are so helpful and knowledgeable. A lovely time all round. I autumn bring a bag for all the windfall apples from the trees.

Krish K — Google review

Huge grounds with long or short walks. Impressive house and architecture beautifully decorated and furnished. Only disappointment was lack of decorative formal garden, although neat and tidy lacked the Wow factor. Good cafe on ground floor.

Warren H — Google review

The museum is informative. The garden is pretty. The cafe is good too and declares calories info. I particularly like this. Although by law, all cafe and restaurant in England must do so, I know a lot of them haven't.

Jenny C — Google review

Stunning place with nature all around. Ample parking space which is a bit further up from the manor but the walk is a very relaxing through the woods. Very helpful and friendly staff. Was able to get a free wheel chair from the shop for my mum. Cafe has lovely vegetarian option, and every dish is so delicious. The manor itself is so well maintained and gorgeous. Lovely place for a day out.

Sachin P — Google review

wonderful place. A clean environment, an excellent park for walking and relaxing. The gardens are well maintained, there are places to sit and rest. The house is clean and well maintained. The volunteers are kind. The organization is excellent. There is a large parking lot. Also blue badge parking. The cafe is good, but the food and drinks are a bit expensive. There are tables outside and inside. Relatively close to London.

Tscetomira P — Google review

NT which includes parking. Lovely property with gardens & rolling fields. Lovely red kites flying close enough to see their feathers. House is lovely & story of Disraeli really interesting. They have talks, good to hear about the history of the man himself & his life. You can visit the grave of Disraeli, his wife & another lady, that's a story in itself!.

Cat P — Google review

Nice experience but the house was not quite as impressive as I was expecting. Lovely grounds, great cafe and shop. Volunteers very friendly and knowledgeable. Worth a visit but personally I wouldn’t rush back for a while.

Will H — Google review

It's a beautiful property, with scenic walks. But the approach road is very narrow, so you should have good driving skills. Lastly, very interesting associations with World War 2, were surprising.

Gaurav K — Google review

Really nice place, small gardens and house to walk around, then it’s pretty much open to everyone if your walking through the parkland and woods, breathtaking views of the parkland, and love small river for the dogs and kids to play in. The road leading up to the house has a lot of pot holes so take care driving up the hill.

Ioan D — Google review

Lovely place to visit. House well worth a visit and staff very informative regarding the History . Lovely little coffee and gift shop. However, just be aware that several areas can be quite step in places , especially if you visit the church at the bottom of the hill.

Vivien B — Google review

Homely rather than stately is how I would describe Hughenden, though the main rooms are Victorian dark; dark walls, dark furniture, dark fabrics, so even on a hot, sunny day it seemed cold. Some rooms house an exhibition of it's war-time use as a base for mapping enemy targets.The gardens are pretty rather than impressive but with the bonus of red kites circling overhead looking for picnic left overs.If it wasn't for the Disraeli link this would be a fairly ordinary manor house badly gothicised in the Victorian fashion.Watch out for the steep, uneven drive up to the car park that will test your springs and exhaust mountings.

Herm D — Google review

Not only is this a great stately home, but it also gives a good history lesson about the famous British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. There are many artifacts related to the great man's life. Particularly interesting is the video about his relationship with Queen Victoria. Around the mansion is a lovely garden, and nearby is the church where Disraeli is buried.

T H — Google review

We had a lovely visit to Hughenden today whilst staying in the area. It was easy to find with plenty of parking.It was a short walk through a wooded area and past a pretty orchard to where there is a cobbled courtyard with modern toilets and two cafe outlets.There is indoor seating but also plenty of outdoor tables with parasols which was perfect given the warm weather.We had a curried cauliflower pasty which was delicious and the coffee and tea was good too!The house was just a short walk away and houses some beautiful sculpture and paintings as well as a fascinating exhibition on the role of the property as a secret map-drawing base during the Second World War.The grounds are beautiful and with lots of mature trees so some nice walking with good views :)

Diane W — Google review

Another lovely NT property with varied history and beautiful grounds. Enjoyed my summer time visit and could have spent hours in the walled garden soaking up the sun and admiring the orchard. Gardeners and groundskeepers do a fantastic job.

Amy C — Google review

Very nice house and gardens. Interesting exhibitions about Disraeli, and about the use of the house by the RAF for mapmaking during WWII.We visited on Good Friday and it was very busy, I think because there was a children's Easter event. The car park was really overfull with people parking on verges. Despite that, we had no problem looking around the house and we were able to get lunch in the café.

Kay T — Google review

Another amazing National Trust Venue. I was blown away by the association with World War 2. It really put into perspective how scary war times must have been for all involved. It's a beautiful maintained house. And the grounds are gorgeous. A fun day for old and young.

Katherine P — Google review

Second time here, a lovely house steeped in history! It wasn't until 2004 that it was revealed that part of the house was used during the second world war to defeat the Nazis. Go see, go and learn the history and also enjoy the grounds for superb walks.

Gary D — Google review

Lovely house with an even lovelier gardens. Not much to see but was still a nice place to visit. Cafe was nice but the staff working there were rude and didn’t acknowledge us for about five minutes

Caroline B — Google review

Another beautiful National Trust's site near London, therefore I was afraid it will be full of strange visitors and not well maintained. Area around wasn't most beautiful, but maybe because of lack of plants and flowers in winter. Facade needs some work as well, but inside our experience was satisfying and older Britons, as a volunteers, were very helpful and knowledgeable. Building has a very interesting history, especially the part connected to the second world war. I'm not going to write to many details and leave sightseeing as a surprise for you, but there were few very interesting rooms, amazing old maps, furniture, and even activities for kids. I really enjoyed external library with many interesting books. I spend around 20 minutes just with thick book about world wines! :) Thanks for you work 🙏

Marek K — Google review

Interesting place. Disraeli's house and history as well as being used in WW2 for map making for bomber command. Two very informative talks and very nice gardens and views.

Richard W — Google review

A very beautiful and well preserved Victorian mansion with hidden past, that served as the country house of the Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield from 1848 to 1881. It is now owned by the National Trust.Very helpful guides who can answer any questions about the history of the house and their late residents.The house is located in a very peaceful Chiltern valley with picturesque views of woods and hills. Lots of benches around where you can sit and enjoy the chirping birds.The 1,500 acres of parkland surrounding the red brick Victorian mansion of Hughenden Manor is great for a short walk in lovely surroundings.There are 4 different types of walk you can choose there: the hilly, flat, forest and the park.10 different hiking loops around Hughenden!So even a spoilt one will enjoy it!A cafe with food and drink is available.There are also the gift shop and a toilet facilities too.The car park is a decent size.Don't forget to visit the Grade II listed St Michael and All Angels' Anglican Church in which churchyard Benjamin Disraeli was buried. The church is located not far from the Benjamin Disraeli mension. The car park is right outside of the church.

Irina S — Google review

Great value as we had lottery tickets and got in cheap, can be pricey if you pay going rate. Car park is up a hill so if mobility an issue they have a golf buggy. Has inspired me to get a book on Disraeli to learn more, and after that may get book on Gladstone

Phil E — Google review

Really beautiful National Trust property. The grounds are well kept and the Twelve Days of Christmas displays were really lovely. The house is well worth a visit too - very interesting exhibitions on its war time use and Disraeli.

Sophie V — Google review


(3616)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (84)


(1441)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (85)

Hughenden Manor, High Wycombe, HP14 4LA, United Kingdom

+44 1494 755573


Royal & Derngate

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Performing arts theater

Concerts & Shows


The Royal & Derngate is a top-notch performing arts center located in the heart of Northampton. It boasts two high-quality theatres that host both in-house dramas and touring classical music troupes. The entrance is welcoming, and the bar offers excellent service to guests. The theatres provide unobstructed views of the stage from every seat, with ample space for comfortable sitting. The venue is always heated adequately, ensuring comfort during colder weather conditions.

We loved it 💕☺️The entry tickets for the ballet show tonight were at a reasonable price (£18/pers).However, as a parent of a child that performs on the stage, I was expecting a discount (as I had to pay for all the family including our 3y old).Anyways, we'll definitely come back. Smart dress code is recommended ✅

Ionela C — Google review

Excellent show (Waitress)The overall impression of the theatre was positive. Feels a little dated/worn-out in places and the seats are quite basic ( became uncomfortable after an hour or so).The staff were friendly and professional, the toilets were clean and COVID guide lines implemented.

Mark H — Google review

Sally assistance hound and I attended the Royal & Derngate theatre to see 2:22 A Ghost Story for the Wednesday afternoon screening and what a wonderfully entertaining and fabulous experience it was too! Sally and I were extremely well looked after by the "ushers in orange ties" who are specifically there to help folk with special needs. It was a wonderful play. There were about 600 people present in a 1000 seat theatre. Worth the effort and cost in my opinion. Well performed. Well written plot and dialogue. I loved it! Note well that if you're affected by bright flashing lights and exceptionally loud noises this play may not be for you!

David M — Google review

A theatre of the highest quality with a warm entrance at the door and 100% service behind the bar. The theatres themselves offer good views of the stage for every show and the seats have plenty of space for your sitting comfort. It is always heated well so in colder weather there is never anything to worry about and with it being in the heart of Northampton it is always easy to go elsewhere once you are done at Royal and Derngate.

Mark O — Google review

There are two theatres on this site. The original theatre is beautiful, the modern theatre is functional but definitely lacks the gold gilt and red velvet visu impact of the older theatre. Both are comfortable but there are stairs all over the place because the modern Derngate has been built on a slope. There are lifts for those with mobility challenges, but I admit that I struggle and I am not even in a wheelchair. I only found out that there is a disabled toilet on the Derngate main floor this week. I have been going to shows here for 20 years! The acoustics in both spaces are great. Your experience will vary according to what you have chosen to see. There is a multi-storey carpark down the (steep) hill. It is tight for modern cars. The queues to pay and then to exit can be long after a performance, so be prepared to wait. There is a closer small car park but I have never worked out how to get into it!

Kate — Google review

Excellent show last night:Lost in music.Most of the audience having a boogie.Bar staff upstairs at the interval were very speedy.

Avril S — Google review

Love this venue. Parts of the building were closed off for safety measures, but still a lovely atmosphere.Clean and friendly vibe.We saw SIX on this occasion.Terrific show, great costumes, lovely 'feel good' punchy, songs. Funny, girl power view of history. (A bit 'Horrible Histories' for women)Wonderful cast.Good service for drinks, multiple bars open.

Caroline B — Google review

Had a great time at The Derngate to watch Alan Carr. Unfortunately you weren't able to reserve drinks for the interval but staff were quick and friendly.

Susie B — Google review

Nice restored small victorian theatre once home to errol flynn,good view of the stage.trouble that some people think going to the theatre is an opportunity to rustle sweetbags and snack throughout a performance. Disrespectful to others and cast alike

John B — Google review

As a wheelchair user and the first time going to the theatre in a wheelchair. It was fantastic. The staff could not do enough to help, in fact they went above and beyond. Went to see jersey boys, really good. Great view and as I am 6ft 7inches tall there was plenty of space and leg room even in a wheelchair. It's worth noting the theatre here have their own access scheme here for wheelchair users. The foyer and bar areas are lovely and spacious and modern . Top marks to the lady who came to check on us throughout the evening. You were fantastic. Will be going back here to the derngate again.

Gareth G — Google review

Went to see Murder in the Dark on Saturday 21st October. The play was absolutely brilliant & well worth the money, with all parts being played extremely well.Staff on the night were friendly, cheerful and very helpful.All round, an excellent evening. Thank you Royal & Derngate!

Caryll C — Google review

Brilliant show. Well organised with different doors for entry so you didn't have to queue. However our door was C so we had to walk a way to get there and didn't know this until we got an email the day before and as we hadn't been before to door C we didn't know how far it was. Would not be great for more senior people who aren't 100% steady on their feet.

Sarah S — Google review

Fabulous family show.Went to the SEN showing , didn't notice anything different really.Cast introduction of their characters was excellent at the beginning of the panto.Great production.

Creena J — Google review

Interesting layout for a theatre this size. Very poor ventilation, so air becomes very stale quite quickly. The ability to exit at the end of the performance is hampered by all leaving on one side without adequate exit points.

Iain F — Google review

A lovely theatre, with a wide variety of shows. Because of the issues with the concrete, parts of the venue are closed, which makes it a slightly less pleasant visit as you go in the back way to some areas. Enjoyed Snow White (panto) and Six (musical) recently. The temporary toilets near the entrance to the Filmhouse are tiny, so use toilets inside the theatre if you are able.

Sarah D — Google review

Came to watch the elo show, it's been ages since we've been and we had such a fun night! Clean loos and pleasant staff made this a good night.

Cheryl R — Google review

Our visit was to see Elio Pace and his band Billy Joel Songbook. We had seats in the stalls where it started to tier. The view and sound was great.The age of the venue shows, as my seat had a large colour matching patch to cover a worn area on the front edge.There were plenty of venue staff to serve you quickly at the interval. The queue and wait for the ladies was reasonable, as there were an adequate number of them.The only negative experience of the night was having a bunch of keys jangled in front of us by a member of venue staff. Presume this was her way to encourage us to leave at the end of the night, whilst we chatted in the bar area with some of the band members and fans.

Julie N — Google review

Very good show, it's a bit crowded with the restrictions in place at the moment.Parking though is becoming a joke and is off putting at the end of an enjoyable evening

Poems R — Google review

The first show since reopening (having been closed because of RAAC). Obviously there are some difficulties caused by the main entrance still being a construction site. But largely, this was handled very well by the staff. Some improvements could be made to the logistics to the temporary arrangements, but on the whole things ran smoothly.The show was great and the facilities are good.

Tim D — Google review

Show was really good, entrance is really nice, bars are large.Downside is the terrible old seats that are very uncomfortable.Stage is a little small but workable

Harry — Google review


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(1122)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (87)

19-21 Guildhall Rd, Northampton, NN1 1DP, United Kingdom

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Waddesdon Manor

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (95)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (96)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (97)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (98)

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Manor house

Sights & Landmarks

The manor house Waddesdon Manor is a famous English estate built between 1874 and 1885 for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. The property is now managed by the Rothschild Foundation on behalf of the National Trust, and houses some of the world's most priceless artworks as well as a famous wine cellar. The lavish home is popular with visitors for its elaborate architecture, stunning gardens, and opulent lifestyle.

The house is really grand from the outside and inside. If possible make sure you can view the inside of the house. The guides inside will give you a detailed insight to the history and all the collections within the house. The gardens are beautiful to view too. There's an aviary and stables up can visit within the gardens. I would highly recommend booking the shuttle bus to get your trip started sooner as its a long walk in.

Kalpana V — Google review

Absolutely loved this Manor House. Huge. So much to see both inside and out in the extensive gardens. All the guides are well informed and friendly, it took us almost 2 hours just to look round the house there's so much to see. Booking is recommended. The opulence of this wealthy family is stunning, indeed, Waddesdon is really a collectors house, and the family continue to add to their collection. The gardens are beautiful. There is a wonderful aviary, and a talk about it, and it's birds every day. The tea rooms great. This is an absolute dream of a place to visit. No height barriers, huge carpark. Very advisable to book/pay for the bus up to the house, it's quite a steep walk, and after 3 or 4 hours looking round it's a long walk back !!

Polly W — Google review

Lovely day exploring the grounds, the beautiful and impressive house with Christmas themes... And the festive fair.Great food on offer from many styles of cuisine.Clean and accessible loosWe had premium parking which was a bonus to drop off shopping half way through the day.

Simon L — Google review

I visited on a coach trip, as getting there by public transport is difficult. We were escorted up to a dropping off point near the Manor, and it was then just a short walk. We were a little early for our designated time slot, so I explored a little.The beginning of the self-guided tour was crowded to begin with, but I lingered to allow people to get ahead of me. I found it very interesting, & the staff were very helpful & informative. I did get quite tired, especially as there weren't many places where you could sit.I then found myself a snack lunch, followed by a visit to the shop.Before leaving I had time to explore some of the extensive & tranquil grounds, including the splendid aviary. I was glad to see that dandelions had been allowed to grow and were attracting bees.All in all, a very good visit.

Wendy E — Google review

Lovely grounds! Gorgeous aviaries. Would love to visit when the manor house reopens. Fabulous for meetings. They took excellent care of us, the lunch consisted of fresh tasty sandwiches, crisps, and brownies. Great coffee. Will be back next year!

Cheri C — Google review

Fantastic place. Great place to visit especially if want to see how the richer people in society lives.You could comfortably spend days there. Each area was opulent with the various wall coverings, carpets, parquet floors etc..The works of art adorning the walls are great from English and Dutch painters.I am adding a few photos to speak a thousand words. The cellars, wines, jewellery.The stables were great for food.You're able to take as many photos as you like but without a flash 📸 😉.A National trust car is a must as you will certainly want to visit more than once.

Dwight S — Google review

The building and the collection is exceptional. We spent 3 hours just walking around in the palace to see everything.It is much bigger than you thought at first look. Only the garden was a bit disappointing as the rose garden was abandoned, some plants were dead and the flowerbeds were cheaply planted.The park is huge and lovely. It could be more pleasant if the garden could get back to the deserved glory.

B?la V — Google review

Most amazing place!! It's well worth a visit and the grounds are beautiful. Very well organised with large car park and visitor reception on arrival. Bus shuttle is worth paying for as you can ride it all day, as we did, to go to get out picnic. Would highly recommend and will be making the trip again soon.

Helen W — Google review

Very good National Trust property.Lots to see in the manor. Gardens and grounds to walk around.At the moment there is an art installation The Wedding Cake well worth paying to see it.The only downside of the day was good. Or lack of couldn't get much to eat at lunchtime in both the lunch places

Chris M — Google review

If you are a national trust member then it's definitely a must visit place. A huge garden and equally large manor with plenty of art work to admire. We spent a whole day and will be visiting there again. Maybe a little pricey if you are not a national trust member but still worthwhile a visit. Highly recommended. Very friendly and helpful staff too.

Kazuki E — Google review

I was there for the winter light festival. Walking around the outside lights was awesome and well planned. Access was via the tarmac paths which were generally good but sometimes rough and in need of repair.The private seller stalls were good offering some good wares, though pricey.The main Hall had been adapted to reflect winter stories and themes. 🥰Disability access to the main hall was poor due to the number of folk attending. The lift was an "antique" and restricted throughput with ques to access different floor levels.The public access toilets were under the building down a steep curved ramp with no steps. But clean.Access to the main house is by a transfer bus from the car park. For this event the buses were wheelchair accessible.There were some EV charging points but I wasn't aware of these until leaving. Looks like you needed to have your own cable.

Christopher H — Google review

Wonderfully to go to the Christmas market and show. Made me wish I was a little girl again. It truly evoked a magical Christmas experience. I really appreciated all the art and I am so glad that everything the buildings and gardens and the the precious rooms and the treasures seen in them are being preserved. I will return for a tour when the Christmas exhibit is over.

Liesl K — Google review

Got to be seen to be believed! Allow lots of time to explore the house, there is so much to see. The guides are so friendly and a fountain of knowledge so do ask them. Due to time constraints , we were only able to spend time at the house but will definitely be back. The shuttle bus is a very pleasant ride & runs frequently. Stables cafe has a decent range of food and drinks & nice to sit outside too but indoor seating is available.

Dee A — Google review

Amazing place to visit on a day trip. Got the coach up from parking spaces as brought new puppy along with us. Walked around Christmas market stalls and ate our lunch. Great day out. Would definitely recommend!!

Zane W — Google review

Fantastic place. The house is a must. A display of the wealth of the Rothchilds family but if you look beyond the opulence there is some fascinating exhibits. You will need up to 2 hours for the house. The gardens are lovely and very manageable but with some hilly parts. Book the house in advance and if your budget can stretch to it use the premium parking adjacent to the house. Worth the National Trust membership.

Ian K — Google review

My kids loved visiting this place, it starts with a bus ride so it is a winner from the start. Has a lovely rose garden, and an aviary also has a huge playground with a big slide. The house is very interesting too with beautiful chandeliers.

Tinali G — Google review

Fun for all of the family, or those seeking adventure!Waddesdon Manor plays host to a plethora of sights, from adventure playgrounds; to aviaries filled with exotic birds.This family friendly National Trust location has parking on site, with a shuttle bus service up to the Manor for just £2.50 per person or the option to trek it yourself at your own leisure.The Manor doors are open to the public, offering a glimpse into its past with iconic paintings, tapestries and furniture.A National Trust to tick off for sure with accessibility for all!AT.

Adam T — Google review

I love everything about this location, the gardens lovely with the fountain and flowers, the house is absolutely lovely with all the old fashioned stuff/rooms, and the current art exhibition that is on at the gallery! I couldn't miss that! Absolutely amazing 🥰

Joanna F — Google review

Lovely day out. The building is beautiful inside and out. The gardens are stunning, and it was lovely to see the aviary with the different birds. Food was reasonably priced. (Sandwich was £4.95) There is a restaurant and two outside cafes. One by the shop and the other at the stables. Lots of wasps around! It's definitely worth a visit. The building itself is not that old, but the collections inside have some interesting stories.

Jennie D — Google review

wonderful place. excellently organized. There is a large parking lot which is far from the house - but there is a private bus transport - which is absolutely available to go faster. All the staff are absolutely friendly. The ticket price is affordable and worth it. An unforgettable experience, especially if you are lucky enough to have good weather to enjoy the gardens and park. Have a picnic and a walk. There is a cafe with sandwiches and hot and cold drinks. Normal for such a place prices. I recommend Absolutely. I would visit again in better weather. only I didn't see an EV charger. It would be nice to have one./but I haven't asked the staff/.

Tscetomira P — Google review

Went for the Christmas light display and to see the house decorated for Christmas. Tickets bought in advance. It was absolutely beautiful, lovely walk around the grounds, Christmas market on site, spent about 4-5 hours here. When booking I paid £30 for Premium parking, I thought I had to pay to be able to park but there is actually a huge free car park onsite, which we parked in. Had to then go back down to move the car. No signs to tell us this, only found out when our tickets were scanned. I wouldn't have paid the parking but when booking it looked like I had to. Overall a beautiful place, loved our day there.

Clare G — Google review

Stunning property inside and out. Went for the Christmas illuminate and craft fayre was a good selection of stalls. Inside was decorated beautifully with a children's book theme but the star of the show was after dark when the property is lit up.

City G — Google review

This amazing neo-renaissance manor was donated to the National Trust by the Rothschild family and is an incredible example of French architecture literally from France. Art lovers will love what is in store inside and, as with all National Trust properties, the knowledgeable stewards are always keen to keep you informed. There are two cafés and one restaurant on the estate as well as a kids' playground. Parking is plentiful and you have a choice of a 15 minute walk (with quite a climb on the way up) or if that is too much for you, regular shuttle buses are provided for a small fee. Highly recommended. I will be visiting again!

Matt S — Google review

Gorgeous place to go! There's a shuttle if you need it and lots of parking. The grounds are absolutely beautiful you can explore for hours and find lovely sculptures on your adventure and a brilliant play park with everything the kids need to be kept smiling! There is a lovely cafe and shop and usually something on in the shedIt was Easter when we went so there was lots of Egg-cellent games and activities, all free, except face painting which was a fiver. The house is stunning and filled with treasures and art and decorated beautifully, very impressive. Its absolutely lovely here, you must visit!

Clare T — Google review

An amazing Manor House, beautifully built with fine detail on the outside,not unlike a German Fairy Palace, telling a fantastic story of its history and People.What a fantastic, unique experience.

Thomas O — Google review

Definitely worth a visit. Lovely grounds as well, the restaurants are the best though. But a great day out in a splendid national trust location.

Mike H — Google review

Beautiful house & gardens. Well worth visiting. Shuttle bus available for those not want to walk from car park to the manor. We enjoyed the walk, it's not far but slightly steep towards the approach to the manor. Long queues for coffee. We found the cafe at the stables had a much shorter queue. Stunning views.

Maureen V — Google review

It's very remote, but so incredibly pretty. It almost seems like something out of France. It is possible to get here by bus, but I wouldn't recommend it as the journey is far from easy. If you are a K3G fan, this is really a must-visit place. I would advise in the summer when the manor is fully open. It's got a really good shop, too, worth checking out the wines. Keep an eye out in Waddesdon town/village as well, it's got amazing architecture.

Yogen M — Google review

Stunningly beautiful architecture & vast grounds to see. The car park is a distance away but thankfully they do run a shuttle bus to drop you closer to the manor house. A lovely day out

Claire D — Google review

Beautiful house and gardens owned by the Rothschild family, ergo all cafes and the shop are extortionately priced as it seems the Rothschild family don’t quite have enough money already. That being said, still worth the visit and to learn the history of the place.

Ollie C — Google review

Amazing place! Well worth a visit. Grounds are immaculate, food in the cafe was really good and the wine tour…! Can’t praise the young man who took the tour enough. He was very knowledgeable and you could tell he clearly enjoyed his job! The two ladies who were with him deserve praise as well. Very friendly indeed. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Su A — Google review

Attended for the second year in a row for the Christmas event and we weren’t disappointed.The house looked incredible inside, such attention to detail and the volunteers were so friendly and helpful.The light trail was lovely as ever (and our 2yo loved it too!) and the Christmas markets were great.The only slight issue is getting the bus back from the stables was almost impossible as it was always full from the Manor but it wasn’t a problem as we just walked back to the car park (15min walk downhill) - the staff were really reassuring that we would get on a bus though but we had to get back.

Caitlin A — Google review

If I could give it 6 stars, I would do so without hesitation. We loved every minute of our visit. We came early but only managed to see part of the collection as there was so much to see and admire that time ran out much too fast. Beautiful grounds, lovely café and transport option from the parking to the manor for a decent price. We will definitely come again.

Claire J — Google review

Waddesdon Manor is stunning and includes an extensive collection of artifacts throughout its Victorian rooms. I particularly enjoyed the smoking room with its leather ceiling, the morning room with beautiful paintings and desks and the impressive dining room. The house also includes an amazing collection of artwork including pieces from Gainsborough and Joshua Reynolds.The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, providing informative insights throughout my visit. The information booklet was also comprehensive and worth the price.I used the Waddesdon Manor app during my visit, but it definitely needs some improvement and the WiFi wasn't very good on the day. The pause, play and rewind buttons didn't work well, and the overall design could be simplified. Additionally, it would be good to get more information about individual artifacts directly on the app.Beyond the house, the grounds included highlights like the bird collection, where I could actually see the birds, and the beautiful parterre. However, I felt the Tay Bridge was over emphasised on the map and I was disappointed not to access the "wedding cake" without paying more.The bus system was excellent (definitely worth buying at entry) as it offered a frequent service.As for food, the sausage roll and beef pastrami roll were delicious. I do wish there was a separate ice cream queue to reduce the wait time for those only wanting food and drink.Overall, Waddesdon Manor was enjoyable and good value for money. If you're a fan of history, art, and beautiful architecture, it's well worth a visit.

Ernest P — Google review

Great national trust property to visit, lovely walks around the house but can be steep in places. The house is very interesting with some fantastic articles on display. Quite a walk from the car park to the house but there is a mini bus available for a small charge.

Shaun P — Google review


(7898)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (99)


(3556)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (100)

Waddesdon, Aylesbury, HP18 0JH, United Kingdom

+44 1296 820414


Basildon Park

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (101)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (102)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (103)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (104)

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Sights & Landmarks

A beautiful and well-maintained parkland with a stately home is a must-visit tourist attraction in Basildon. With multiple films and TV series having been filmed here, it's no wonder the house is so impressive. The grounds are perfect for picnics, and it's easy to see why this destination has been loved by locals and tourists for years.

Bit of a queue to get into car park due overflow field too wet to use. No problem though. Beautiful light draped trees leading to house. Stunning house with plenty of rooms open, many with great Christmas decorations. Busy but pleasant cafe, no problem getting a table. Many paths around the parkland. Well recommended.

AS — Google review

This is such a beautiful National Trust house. It's stunning inside and the views are also magnificent.If you watch any of the films that filmed at the house, you will even enjoy it more.And all volunteering staff was amazing, so patient and friendly. I highly recommend this venue!Don't miss the shell room. It's breathtaking!Parking can be tricky on nice day but worth the wait!

Laura F — Google review

A beautiful, stately home with awesome grounds that provide ample grounds for spending an entire day, especially when the weather is nice. There are so many choices of picnic spots, each with a unique view. The cafeteria serves decent food at a modest price. Access to the main house may be a little difficult for those in wheelchairs although the trust may have made provisions that I didn't notice.Children of all ages will have a great time here as it's perfect for a family day out.

Fola — Google review

A lovely national trust house, the guides in the house were very knowledgeable and friendly. We had a 3 mile walk around the grounds and through the woods. Lunch in the cafe and a meander in the formal gardens. A great day out.

Angela F — Google review

So grateful for our National Trust memberships. Another lovely place to visit and once again fantastic volunteers on hand with founts of knowledge. The grounds are impeccably kept and there are 4 walks ranging from 20 mins to 2 hours through fields and woodland. Also don't be put off by the fairly plain exterior, inside the house is stunning. We loved it.

Wayne A — Google review

It's a lovely country estate. Ideal for dog walkers, families or for anyone who just want to go for a nice woodland walk or look around in the house which appeared on many movies including Downtown Abbey.The Christmas decoration in the house is also very lovely during the festive season. Weekends can be busy at the car park. The earlier you could go is the best. (AM)

Anita C — Google review

Stunning building and gardens. Several major movies have been filmed here and well deserved. Interior rooms are beautifully decorated and the enthusiastic staff are more than happy to help and answer questions.

David H — Google review

A beautiful park and palace with incredibly helpful guides in every room, where you can get a huge amount of knowledge about what happened in the palace and when. The beautifully preserved rooms and conservation of historical artifacts, along with Lady Charlotte's breathtaking shell collection, are simply stunning. It's amazing how easy it once was to acquire and transport such shells without any problem. Wonderful views and delightful green landscapes offer the opportunity for endless walks with your dog. On-site facilities include toilets, a café, and a souvenir shop. It's a welcoming place with lots of interesting information and beautiful decorations.

Inez B — Google review

Recently visited this hidden gem with friends - honestly, we wanted to have a picnic somewhere nice, halfway between the two houses and Basildon Park popped up on the map 🗺Realised, when we arrived at the house, that multiple films and TV series have been filmed here 🎥The house is magnificent, the grounds are beautiful and if you are as lucky as we were; it’s the perfect spot for a picnic - would definitely visit again.I’ve given a 4* rating, only because I felt £15.00 per person is quite steep - although I’m hoping we can visit the national parks regularly, so we may invest in a couple of memberships.

Savannah B — Google review

Taking the exit from the M4, I followed a couple of signs to the car park entrance, as maps takes you to another entrance. Fortunately I found a spot in the overflow car park as the main car park was busy.The ticket office, shop and toilets are located at the start. Before you take a brief uphill walk to the tea room and main house. Lots of space in the tea room with indoor and outdoor seating. There is also an interesting murial painted around the inside seating area.Inside the house there is a room with extravagant wall paper depicting scenes from India.There is a small garden at the rear of the house with a wide variety of plants.I took the long boundary walk which lasted approximately 55minutes at a fairly moderate pace. You pass through a cow field at the start and some children's play areas towards the end. Lots of open space and places to walk/explore. Didn't feel particularly busy at any point.

Gavin W — Google review

Beautiful house and grounds with some nice walks. The house has been carefully and tastefully restored after falling into disrepair. Excellent staff and volunteers with great knowledge. Very nice cafe/restaurant area also with courtyard seating. Would recommend.

Malcolm T — Google review

NT property that has been used in the filming of Downton Abbey. Beautiful extensive grounds many peaceful walks.stunning scenery. Lovely coffee shop next to a pretty rose garden

JanB — Google review

Well maintained grounds and very friendly staff. The staff in the house were VERY chatty, I don’t mind usually but it took much too long to actually get to look around because they were talking for so long. Lots to see and do, and the Tea Room is lovely, a nice value for an afternoon tea and scone. Overall a great day out.

Marissa C — Google review

Lovely place to visit especially during Spring!Staff were very knowledgeable in all the rooms in the house and we enjoyed a cheese scone and cake in the tea room at the end.We had a nice walk around the garden and will return at some point to do the full grounds as we are National Trust Members!

Abbie T — Google review

Magnificent country Manor, with some great art.Great place to walk in the gardens, around the estate, or have a picnic on the lawn. Lots of seats around where you can just sit and take in the amazing views. The tea rooms, with their tropical decor, are large with plenty of seating, and a separate dog friendly area. Staff are all friendly and helpful.

David S — Google review

Excellent day out. Unfortunately it was raining when we visited but did little to taint the overall experience of the day. The volunteer guides dotted around the house were knowledgeable and very friendly. The cafe was very good too. We will visit again soon - this time when the sun is out!

Ed C — Google review

Wonderful day out. Great easy walks in the grounds. T room is a bit busy but the house is beautiful and the grounds are wonderful. Away from the main area on the long walk we had the place to ourselves.

John ( — Google review

Utterly charming. We visited at my wife’s insistence even though it was more than an hour away. We have a rescue Beagle with damaged paws who needs soft flat grassland to walk on. From the moment we arrived we were charmed with the lovely atmosphere. Wonderful car park lady attendant, very helpful young well spoken lady on ticketing and friendly staff at the coffee shop and gift shops. A short walk from the car park up to the house with excellent far reaching views across the Thames valley. Well worth going out of your way for. Recommended.

Will H — Google review

Beautiful grounds and a lovely house. The room decorated with sea shells is especially worth having a look. The cafe is good.

Diane M — Google review

Another NT house , lots to see and discuss. Large parklands to explore and neat well prepared lawns side and rear. Large 2 roomed cafe , 1 of which interestingly decorated in Thai style. Think there's also a lake at bottom of hill but rain prevented exploration.

Warren H — Google review

Good food, lots of history from the past. Elegant mansion and garden. Wide space for outdoor walk and dog-friendly

Fil-Italian U — Google review

Basildon Park is an incredible sight to see. As you enter the car park you are greeted by the friendly staff who explain the site and how to get to the house. There are sufficient amenities, toilets, a small shop prior to going to the house and some outside seating. You walk to the house through the quiet and tranquil woodlands, and as you walk round to the left you are greeted by the enormous house. The house is kept in excellent condition. You walk up some stairs for the entrance, where you're greeted by some knowledgeable staff. You are guided through the different rooms and each room has a guide to give you interesting little tid bits of information. The tea room has an array of sandwiches and hot food. We had jacket potatoes with cheese and beans, which were both really tasty and the coleslaw was incredible. We then went round back to enjoy the gardens and nature and it really does just make you feel calm and relaxed. The full experience for us took around 2 hours 30minutes. It could take longer or it could be shorter. Adult entry is £16 if you're not a National trust member. The Jacket potatoes were £7-9. A bottle of water was £3.30. The sausage roll was £4.70. There is a kids option of £5 for 5 items. So if you are a big family and eating there you may find a big bill. I highly recommend visiting especially when flowers are in full bloom.

Trish C — Google review

Massive 400 acres estate with a beautifully restored house and well maintained garden. Lots of walking trail. They have tables and benches where you can enjoy a family picnic. There is also a children's playground. If the main car park is full, they have an overflow car park. They have a nice cafe with painted walls. Staff were all lovely and pleasant. When you have time, chat with them and listen to the amazing stories. The room with the silk wall is quite interesting. I initially thought it was wallpaper.

Shame N — Google review

We had a wonderful visit to Basildon Park. It’s a beautiful house with vast grounds to explore including short grass, easy access areas and trickier wooden terrain. There is a golf cart transport service if you find the slope up through the beautifully lit wooded path tricky to navigate beyond the free car park that has ample spaces. Staff were very friendly and accommodating. There is a cafe and shop on site and pleasant toilet facilities and lots of options for walks. Well worth a visit.

Beth P — Google review


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Lower Basildon, Reading, RG8 9NR, United Kingdom

+44 1491 672382


Pitt Rivers Museum

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (107)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (108)

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Specialty Museums

The Pitt Rivers Museum is a Victorian Gothic-style building located in Oxford, England. This museum is dedicated to the collection of artifacts from all over the world, most notably from archaeology and anthropology. Some of the most interesting items on display include shrunken heads, masks from all over the world, toys from different countries, and clothing worn by royalty. This museum is best for older children who are curious about history and appreciate quirky architecture.


(3949)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (112)

Parks Rd, Oxford, OX1 3PW, UK


Ashmolean Museum

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (113)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (114)

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Archaeological museum

The Ashmolean Museum is a world-renowned museum in Oxford, England, which houses collections from all over the world. The museum has an extensive range of exhibits, including art from ancient Greece and Rome, paintings by famous British artists such as Turner and Canaletto, and archaeological objects from all over the world. The lunchtime set menu often features dishes themed with current exhibitions for a good value meal.

We travelled up to Oxford specifically for this museum. My Husband has an interest in Japan and it's history and my daughter is currently learning about Egyptians in school.We booked online, entry is free, and added on the family adventure for 4 (as well as donating which I hope everyone does to help such a wonderful museum).The adventure tablets and headphones where superb, I'm so glad we added it on. The games where extremely child friendly, we was able to play games together at certain spots and individually whilst learning about certain pieces. My only slight gripe with this was, there was a section of find the paintings, one of the paintings we was searching for had actually been removed from the room, so we spent 10 minutes wandering before a kind member of the team there helped us. The order of the games was a bit odd, first going up to floor 3, then 2 back to 3 then 2 then 1. It didn't suit us personally, so we just started at the top and worked our way down and then when we got to certain parts included in the adventure we clicked on them. This was we was seeing everything instead of just actively looking at the tablet parts.We was here a good 3 hours and could of spent longer but my youngest was getting tired. We had a pushchair and found the lifts quite small as a family group. The blue lift goes to certain floors then a pink lift for another. Easy to get to grips of and find when you've got your bearings.The shop was fab, bit small with a pushchair and when busy I imagine. My daughter had some books and I had the gin (which was beautiful tasting!).We're looking forward to visiting again.

Lauren T — Google review

I absolutely love this museum. Spotlessly clean, spacious and so many interesting exhibits. Free admission but a donation is welcome. Shows arts and cultures from all over the world with some amazing pieces to admire. Clean well maintained toilets. Did not visit the cafe or gift shop so cannot comment.

Finding B — Google review

Fascinating place with many exciting displays. One could lose track of time viewing the countless exhibits. If a guided tour is an option then highly recommended.Allow plenty of time to wander and discover and take a break in their cafe or enjoy a meal in the roof top restaurant.

Jacqui C — Google review

Love this museum. Has the bits of history that I enjoy. This time, I spent time in the Anglo-Saxon exhibit and went to see the Messiah violin by Stradivari and 2 other of his violins. Will do it again.

Odlaw — Google review

To say there is something for everyone would be the understatement of the year.However, if you want to know how to deal with a wicked rat-ghost, display your planetary deities, or create an incense holder with an ox sculpture then this is the place for you.If you find the Baroque collection make time to stay awhile.

Veronica H — Google review

I was so lucky to be able to photograph Sam and Ben's wedding at the Ashmolean in Oxford. The setting it absolute stunning with the wedding taking place in amongst the beautiful art work. The staff were absolutely amazing and were always on hand to help when needed. What a fantastic and quirky venue to get married at. I highly recommend it.

James P — Google review

This museum has a wonderful collection of historical artifacts, especially those from Egypt. The art gallery is impressive, with a wide variety of artwork to admire. You can easily spend 4-5 hours exploring the museum with your family. There's a convenient food court located underground, perfect for grabbing a bite to eat and continuing your visit.

Kaushal K — Google review

This was one of the most amazing museums I have been in. It was so incredibly diverse and had such wonderful exhibits! Everything from paintings to ancient Egyptian statues to costumes. I loved everything I saw. Unfortunately, I could only spend a few hours here but I really want to come back and see more.

Mardee S — Google review

Brilliant! The Ashmolean has been on my visit list for years and it was amazing.The museum has a fantastic range of exhibits. It's a beautiful building, lots of space to take your time and not be crowded. Honestly, one visit isn't enough!

Brad T — Google review

I've been in April with my daughter, we spent there half of the day. The museum is impressive, a lot of interesting things to see from different eras of history and different countries. We really enjoyed everything, but the roman statues and the Egyptian hieroglyphs really caught my eye, and another things that I loved were the Stradivarius violins.

Andreea D — Google review

A spot where you could have unintentionally spent hours browsing. Even though several of the galleries were closed for maintenance, there is so much to see and it takes time to thoroughly examine collections from different regions and time periods. I reserved a ticket for a specified time slot, yet it appears that it is not quite essential because I visited on a weekday. Furthermore, the highlights self-guided audio tour, which costs only £3.6 and can be listened to on one’s own digital devices, allows me to swiftly discover the most valuable objects in Ashmolean.

Riley T — Google review

It's free, lots and interesting things to see from Roman times, Egypt, India, China and many more. I love this place. Worth every second of your steps. Toilet are clean, equipped with soap and toilet paper. There is locker provided (GBP1), café and souvenir shop.

Imaiqah K — Google review

Beautiful, well organised and airy museum. Entry is free, recommend to donate £10 if you lien of course.It has rooftop coffee shop too.

Bahareh — Google review

Been there quite a few times but it never gets boring! You always find some small detail you haven’t noticed before. Good collections, even my 7 year old brother kept on busy exploring. Great activity to do in Oxford especially considering it’s free. There are toilets, cafe and a restaurant on the top floor.

Demnlive — Google review

Completely free museum with exhibits spanning the globe. You’ll see mummy’s, cast replicas of Roman and Greek statues, Asian bronze work, and so much more.One of the gems of Oxford on my day trip to the college town.

Matty B — Google review

Free to enter. It’s kinda half museum and half art gallery. Lots to see across 5 floors and a cafe and gift shop too. Some interesting local finds as well as the usual Egyptian, Ancient Greek and Roman swag. Good way to spend an hour with the kids. You have to carry rucksacks in your hand, not on your back, presumably so you don’t swing round and knock over the priceless ming vase!

Chris G — Google review

Hadn't planned to visit but discovered I did not need to pre-book. Staff were very informative and had excellent Covid protocols. Free to enter, but please find it within yourself to make a donation!So much to see and you could spends days in here. I had time for the the European Art section and the English Ceramics today. Plenty of information boards explaining exhibits and all cases well labelled.Spacious cafe, lifts, toilets and £1 lockers if you don't want to carry your bag around.Whether you've got an hour or all day, the Ashmolean is a must when you visit Oxford.

Stephen W — Google review

The best museum I have ever visited. Understand this museum in in Oxford centre so being a seat of learning caters for all points of history. Clean, spacious with helpful staff. Lifts to floors, gift shop and tea room, spotless throughout lockers for your bags open or lockable umbrella stands (yes lockable) and mobile lightweight seating if you wish to study by an exhibit or rest for a while. Truly a fine place to visit. My visit was to see the Alfred jewel and was not disappointed. A must to visit while in oxford. And to top it all off its FREE. to enter, so drop in and out anytime during the day. A light and airy place not a old traditional dark and dusty museum. Nice to see the young people of Oxford and others studying inside the museum around exhibits. Gave the place such a nice feel.

codywarkite — Google review

I had a family day out & I was greeting and looked after superbly by the staff. There are many very interesting facts to learn about the world around us, may it be fiction and non-fictional. There also was a lovely staff member I know personally called Asia, and she just adds her own amazing uniqueness to the place. She organises events for the museum such as top class weddings. She definitely does her job justice.

Jackson M — Google review

My visit was specifically to see the Labyrinth exhibition, which was exceptional. The whole enormous building is full of interest & treasure, beautifully displayed and labelled. It would be easy to spend whole days there.

gb99cat — Google review

Loved this place. Such beautiful exhibits and so much history. It is good that the Ashmolean recognises some of the problematic sides to their acquisitions through colonialism and actually has a display on this. We enjoyed the juxtaposition of modern art with historical content. Learned so much here and will come back to Oxford again just to revisit this museum. Definitely worth stepping inside if you are in the area. You can spend a whole day here. You can also get a quick shot of culture in a 20 minute whirl.

Rowan P — Google review

Great museum. Really varied exhibitions and some things I’ve never seen before. Their ancient Egypt wing really stood out with actual mummies and sarcophaguses!

Hannah A — Google review

Great way to spend an afternoon at the museum. Also a really cool cafe on the rooftop with a modest selection of food and drink, including a really decent afternoon tea with a vegan option! I'm impressed.

Grace L — Google review

Our visit to the Ashmolean museum was splendid. The sculptures and historical presentations was great to watch. You need a day to visit the museum fully. A must visit in Oxford

Thambippillai S — Google review

I went with one mission alone, to see the Alfred jewel! A couple of weeks previous I was in Winchester Cathedral where they have a replica and I was determined to see the real thing. Blows my mind to think he commissioned these and likely held them over 1,180 years ago.Wonderful museum over several floors, it was busy but the floor with England's history was pretty quiet allowing for plenty of time to study the Alfred Jewel.

4468 — Google review

Fascinating modern museum explaining the history of civilisations across the globe. Spread across 5 floors, one of which is for exhibitions (paid). Allow extra time for the WC as there's only one!

Richard P — Google review

A great visit if you’re in Oxford. It is free of charge to enter as well! They have spacious lockers, clean toilets, and a shop as well. Museum consists of multiple levels and mainly focuses on the history of the civilization. They have artifacts from around the world. Give yourself at least a couple of hours to visit this place. If you’re very keen, there’s enough things to spend your whole day in it!

Milan T — Google review

Completely free to enter but donations are recommended. Stunning museum with huge amounts to see over a few floors. It has a bit for every one of all ages and a must see in Oxford for a couple hours.

Robert G — Google review

The Ashmolean Museum is an incredible collection of artefacts from all around the world and different periods of history, as well as featuring some world-class art.It really cannot be overstated, how comprehensive the collection is. It is like a combination of the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museums in Oxford.And apart from the rotating exhibitions it is free to entry. We only spent an hour in the museum, but you could easily spend an entire day and then come back and see some more.There is also a roof terrace with bar and cafe that is lovely in the summer.A real gem and worth a visit if you are in Oxford.

Peter H — Google review

Amazing museum, well laid out with wonderful rooms full of art.There was a lady today showing off different coins from across history. It was wonderful to be able to hold coins dating back to antiquity and discuss them.Lifts available for those who can't manage stairs.Lockers are also available for a small fee.Would recommend.

Adrian S — Google review

Great place to visit, with a very large art collection. Definitely needs time to view everything. Planning a next visit for sure.

Ana Ć — Google review

Huge collection of artefacts including some paintings although the only paintings I spotted of note were a couple of Canaletto's.Entry is free, the gift shop is large and as with all museums expensive.Very worth a visit and extremely interesting.

William N — Google review

A great museum that’s full of all sorts of artefacts from around the world. Free to enter most of the galleries. Lots of guides and activities going on. A good shop and cafe. It can get very busy and popular but there are always places you can find away from the crowds.

Andy R — Google review

Generally a nice place to have a wonder for a few hours, taking in some art and history and doing some sketching. Like most places of this ilk it closes too early and you have to pay £1 for the lockers, which you can get a token for from the shop. The Flemish section is my favourite as there are some hidden gems in there.

Caïna V — Google review


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Blenheim Palace

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Nature & Parks

Blenheim Palace is a 17th century, lavishly decorated stately home that is situated in the grounds of Capability Brown-designed gardens. The palace is the birthplace of Winston Churchill, and today visitors can explore its many grand stately rooms or take a walk around its sprawling estate. Blenheim is also renowned for its impressive art collection, including paintings by Rembrandt van Rijn and Vermeer.

It feels like a different experience every time you go! Beautiful architecture, amazing gardens, beautiful lake side walks, hugely enjoyable park and maze (easy to get lost in - our 3 and 7 yr old love it) - plus there are lots of amazing events - the light show and jousting are great. I also did the triathlon there and it was absolutely epic (will certainly never forget it).

Trevor G — Google review

Is amazing place! Huge park with so many different kind of birds! Very picturesque views! Nice to see the tree from Harry Potter movie. Place has its unique spirit. Is a nice jumping out for a half day! Definitely recommend it!

Olga S — Google review

Fab day out. Bought a privilege pass so that I can visit the Palace again over the next 12 months. Went to the Flower Show (parking included). Then to the Palace, followed by parks and gardens. Definitely worth a visit as the Palace is stunning, lots of history, lots of exhibits. But 10am to 5pm still wasn't enough time for me!

Sharan K — Google review

I had a fantastic time at the Halloween trail. The decorations were absolutely amazing, creating a spooky and immersive atmosphere. The kids had a blast, and the street food was delicious. We'll definitely be coming back next year for another fun-filled experience!

Mococa M — Google review

We booked for the light display, a cold November evening which made the show even more magical. Excellent value for money. Coincided with the Christmas Market so we were able look at the stalls at the end of the light display. Very well organised, helpful staff. Lots of toilets. Nice shop and cafe.

Caroline B — Google review

My visit to Blenheim Palace was an unforgettable experience that left me with a profound admiration for this historic landmark. The palace's grandeur and magnificence immediately captivated me, with its majestic architecture and expansive gardens designed by Capability Brown. The panoramic view of the English heritage it offered was truly breathtaking.Undoubtedly, the highlight of my visit was the enchanting display of Christmas lights and decorations. The palace grounds were elegantly transformed into a winter wonderland, radiating a festive atmosphere that was both opulent and welcoming. This spectacle provided a fascinating glimpse into how the Churchills, particularly Sir Winston Churchill, who was born in the palace, might have celebrated the holiday season. The meticulous attention to detail in the decorations was truly remarkable, creating a magical ambiance that appealed to visitors of all ages.Besides the holiday festivities, Blenheim Palace offers a myriad of attractions to enhance the overall experience. The butterfly house, maze, and orangery are meticulously curated to engage and captivate visitors. The butterfly house, in particular, is a delightful showcase of diverse and vibrant species, set in a lush tropical environment.Adding to the quintessential British experience, indulging in afternoon tea at the palace allows for a moment of relaxation and indulgence, soaking in the surroundings at a leisurely pace.Blenheim Palace transcends its historical significance to become a destination that seamlessly combines history, culture, and entertainment. The mesmerizing Christmas lights and decorations create a truly spectacular sight, while the palace's numerous attractions provide both enjoyment and education. With something to offer for everyone, a visit to Blenheim Palace is a must for those exploring the UK.

Daniel N — Google review

The car park is managed extremely well. Can take up to 10 minutes to get N of the main road and the traffic was very busy.What an incredible place, so much land and a huge huge building which has lots of rooms to explore. The gardens are vast and be sure to visit the water fall.The entry fees is a bit high at £38 but it is an incredible place to visit. There was a cricket game and jousting on the Saturday we visited.

Alex C — Google review

Had a lovely day out, the weather could have been a bit kinder . The staff were very friendly and helpful. I recommend you do the buggy tour of the Gardens; Alan was very informative and jovial, it was a fun experience. The Palace was impressive and the guide you downloaded to your phone was very informative although some things were out of sync as they moved things around. The girls playing the harp and the harpsichord gave the tour an appropriate atmosphere. The Churchill exhibition was very interesting with some unique artifacts.

William F — Google review

A fantastic place to visit. The house is magnificent and the grounds are spectacular. The staff and volunteers are friendly and informative and there are also plenty of car parks. Would recommend anyone of all ages to visit.We went on the self-guided tour which took us through the magnificent state rooms. The rooms are extremely opulent and full of large tapestries and paintings. There’s grand fireplaces and currently displays of contemporary art.The entrance hall itself is a sight to behold.

Joshua K — Google review

What a fabulous day out. Could of spent a couple of days looking around its huge. Very interesting. Gardens lovely the palace enormous. Well worth the money. Definitely return.

Michael B — Google review

Visiting Blenheim Palace was a great experience despite the rain. The palace itself is a masterpiece of ornate and historical architecture, with its grand interior and stunning gardens and lakes that surround it.One of the highlights of my visit was the dining room, which took my breath away. The opulent decor and attention to detail created a truly enchanting atmosphere. It was a delight to enjoy a meal in such a magnificent setting. Parking at Blenheim Palace was convenient, as there were ample parking spaces available on site. This made it easy to access the palace and explore its grounds without any hassle.I also had the chance to visit the gift shop, which offered a range of upmarket items at good prices. It was a pleasure to browse through the selection and find unique souvenirs to take home.Overall, my experience at Blenheim Palace was truly memorable. From the breathtaking interior and lovely gardens to the convenience of parking and the delightful dining options, it was a visit that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend a visit to Blenheim Palace for anyone looking to immerse themselves in history, beauty, and a truly unforgettable experience.

The F — Google review

What a beautiful palace and lawns. Exquisite scenery with great landscape. Quality of the build is out of this world. Amazing place to visit and spend time. Friendly and helpful staff. Very well maintained. The Gentleman who drove us on the buggy was great as he explained us the history so elegantly. He loved his job. 🙏

Ammar N — Google review

Beautiful place to visit. The palace and special exhibits are interesting to explore. There is a lot to see! The grounds are gorgeous! You could easily spend an entire day just walking the grounds and looking at the gardens, fountains, and statues. Nice cafe options to eat lunch or grab a snack & drink. Fairly large gift shop with lots of goodies to take home. Wear comfortable shoes!

Alicia A — Google review

Beautiful place, stunning scenery and the Churchill exhibition was fantastic. The staff were knowledgeable to the questions I asked whilst walking around the Palace. Lots of lovely walks with a map so you don't get lost. Will definitely return at a different time of year to see the change in the scenery outside.

Ann W — Google review

A beautiful day out exploring the palace and gardens.The gardens are all very well maintained, areas were closed for maintenance which is understandable given these areas were used for the Christmas light trail. Lots of wildlife around and plenty to see and explore!The pizzeria in the walled garden was lovely! Reasonably priced too, one pizza would serve two adults easily.The palace was beautiful as ever, not a fan of the event on at the time of visiting but was still a good showcase.

Louise H — Google review

As first-time visitors to Blenheim Palace, we found the Palace and grounds amazing. As we went on Easter Saturday the crowd was on the heavier side..There were various activities for kids and parents other than the usual play area around the maze..It has toy train and old aged electric vehicle for mobility support. Last train from palace is at 6pm and first train starts at 11am.The palace has waterfall at the end of the property. It's mesmerizing and amazing to see such a beautiful view.

Vineet T — Google review

Loved it! The grounds are beautiful and kept in immaculate condition. Lots of history and different areas to visit in the ground. The waterfall and Harry Potter Tree are a must. Bring a picnic and e joy the endless lawn. Great day out for the family!

Gareth S — Google review

What a amazing place to visit. Loved it. Building and grounds absolutely wonderful. Tickets are a bit expensive £35 but you get a pass for a whole year. All staff super friendly and helpful. Lots of activities for kids. There was a food festival when we visited the place which was a big bonus for us. Delicious food. Highly recommended to visit.

Piotr K — Google review

It’s a wonderful place. The gardens alone are worth the trip. The main water features (man made lakes) are spectacular and peaceful. We went round the maze. It’s great fun. If you cross second bridge you have taken the long way. The top tip is take bus for 1/3 off and book online. The pass adds to your apple wallet and lasts a year. There are lots of good opportunities, expensive and thereare cheaper in town. The privilege card gives a discount but you don’t get public transport or cycle discount.

James N — Google review

Absolutely humungous and gorgeous Baroque palace grounds being a feast for nature or architecture lovers. Definitely recommend a visit when you’re around, but be careful that parking is only for people who have purchased tickets for the palace grounds, otherwise you’ll have to pay on the spot.

Walter L — Google review

Beautiful 17th century palace with lavish grounds and gardens around. Great for a weekend retreat into the rich British history. Expensive tickets but definitely worth it. Beautiful view of the river from the garden and I would highly recommend the butterfly garden. Nice cafeteria with lovely staff and a wide range of cakes, pastries and drinks.

Tejal P — Google review

A lovely place to visit with the family. Extensive and beautifully kept gardens to wonder around. The house is wonderful and kept in amazing condition. Lots of explanations around and guides for you to ask any questions. The Churchill rooms are very interesting and informative too. If you buy one day entry it lasts for the year as well.

Kate S — Google review

Loved the Sleeping Beauty themed Christmas display. So well done. Very enjoyable. Don't be put off by it being a Disney theme. Men, women, and children will love it.

Alexandra S — Google review

My daughter and I visited on 16/12/23, sleeping beauty in the palace was very good. The light trail was excellent however, there are two rather steep hills that have to be climbed, for someone who has mobility issues they would be extremely challenging, I think this needs to be highlighted when making a booking. The Christmas market was a bit poor but at least you could get a hot drink and something to eat

John G — Google review

Great day out. The palace and the park are great, lots of history with knowledgable and friendly staff.They had the icons of British fashion event on while we were there so there was extra to look at while going through the house.The grounds were great, lovely to have a wander in the gardens and take the little train to the walled garden.You get a free annual pass with your ticket and the events calendar seems to be full of interesting things throughout the year so I will be back again.

R B — Google review

Amazing Easter experience. The kids had the best day, jam-packed with fun. The kids playground was worth the extra cost. I would recommend bringing a change of clothes/costume for kids who may want to splash in the mini river.

Harriet R — Google review

I always get an annual pass as this is such a lovely place to go regularly. Mostly I use it for walking the huge grounds but this time I took in the UK fashion designer exhibition. Fantastic day as always. Parking was way further away than I’ve experienced before. Think the closer carpark maybe for specific requirements now.

L M — Google review

Amazing Palace, endless history, stunning grounds. There's lots to do for all. Sir Winston Churchill did it for me. What a man, unfortunately we don't make them like this anymore. Become a member and enjoy the benefits. Were in fashion design, so I loved the show today. Will be back soon

Mark B — Google review

Magnificent place! Especially for history and/or nature lovers. I was there all day long and I don't have enough. I'm planning my next visit already. Stunning palace with a history and stunning surroundings. Sometimes they organise different events: during my visit there was a jousting and birds of prey show. For kids there is a playground with a lot of attractions. There are many places to eat on the go or sit down comfortably and enjoy the scenery. Plenty of choice. I had my own lunch but I decided to have something there instead. Highly recommended.

Anna C — Google review

Beautiful place to come with family! Possible to come around with the dog as well. Helpful staff to help with everything in the park. Palace is enormous bigger than Buckingham palace in London and taking breath away! Lovely view's, Harry Potter tree below the palace was a great surprise. Garden in a sharp condition; all the plants and lawn trimmed perfect as hell. Possible to use the toilets, shop to buy souvenir's, nice coffee shop with lovely cakes and hot drinks, warm inside, good to relax for a bit. Lift's for disabled around and accessible toilets if needed.

Inez B — Google review

Had a great time at the Easter Eggstravaganza event, we have annual passes and come the Palace a couple of times a year. Really easy parking, plenty of things to do, we even found a waterfall we've never seen before after years of visiting! Food and drinks can be pricey so we take a picnic, usually end up buying something though!

Nathan D — Google review

Incredible day at Blenheim Palace. The walk around the lake was beautiful. Staff were welcoming and the lads on the parking duty were doing a fantastic job trying to get the public to park responsibly and promptly. The train ride was great and even a nice walk back from the walled garden. The Adventure Playground was a huge hit with the children, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Exceptional pizza too! Lovely little gift shop, reasonably priced. Definitely worth the annual pass. Only downside was people touching-grabbing the butterflies this maybe needs to be monitored a bit more as lots were injured or dead which isn't nice to see.

Cherry A — Google review

Loved our day at Blenheim Palace and felt it was great value for money. Really enjoyed the whole experience, especially the butterfly house in the walled garden area. Would recommend to anyone and can’t wait to return in the warmer months.

Tori — Google review

A great day out. A memorable place blending history and nature. There are activities for all ages. I particularly enjoyed the spectacular landscaping and walking by the formal gardens and its centenary trees. And there is a proper maze. It is an investment but it does create happy memories!

Rubens F — Google review

The grand country home where Churchill was born is certainly worth a visit. The history of his family is on its walls. As you enter the Palace, there is a shop and a cafe, if you care to have some refreshments or shop for souvenirs. At the time of our visit, there was an exhibit on Britain's fashion icons, and so the rooms were taken over by mannequins. Sad to say, it ruined it a bit for me. But the grounds are magnificent, and it surely is one of historic importance and a must-see.

Nerissa L — Google review

Blenheim Palace has been on my must-see list ever since we moved to England a few years ago. They had a fashion display throughout the downstairs the day we were there that I didn’t really care for. I’d prefer to admire the palace on its own. We spent 5 hours exploring the grounds and the house. Highly recommend the upstairs tour. It costs extra but it was worth it. We really enjoyed exploring. Very fun day out!

Mariana M — Google review

Good place for a day trip. I especially recommend the parks. The palace itself is good but the parks are simply amazing. You can spend an entire day in the parks. Pack yourself a picnic basket and you're all set for the day! Not a lot of options in terms of food. The cafes don't have much to offer. So I think it's a good idea to bring your own food.At present, an exhibition is on- 'Icons of British fashion'. They have put up mannequins in every room of the palace, and I don't think the combination works well. It did not appeal to me personally because I had gone to see the palace and I couldn't even see the tapestry properly because of this. I am hoping to go back after 30 June when the exhibition ends, and hopefully I will have a better experience then.An annual pass is a great idea. Also, they offer a discount if you travel by public transport.

Madhurima S — Google review

Visited Blenheim Palace on many occasions for different events. Such a majestic and magical place to visit. This time was no exception for the Iconic British fashion exhibition. The staff here are always helpful and friendly. Good cafe with good range of drinks, snacks and small lunches. The grounds to walk around are wheelchair accessible where you can get support from Blenhiem with an electric vehicle to take you to the front entrance as most area is gravel. Not sure about accessing the palace itself as a wheel chair user. You can access both restaurants using wheelchairs. There's indoor and outdoor dining but it can get very busy. Lovely extensive gift shop and plenty of toilets. Blenhiem Palace always does great quality events. Some are extremely popular so need to book well in advance. Plenty of play area for children including a quick fun train ride. Butterfly farm has an amazing collection and wonderful seeing them fly around you. Looking forward to returning to another event here

Wei H — Google review

Blenheim Palace offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and entertainment. The exhibition of English fashion provides a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of style, while the thrilling jousting events transport visitors back in time. However, be prepared for the high cost of food on-site; to save money and enjoy the beautiful grounds, consider bringing a picnic. Overall, Blenheim Palace promises a memorable experience for history enthusiasts and families alike, with plenty to explore and enjoy.

James B — Google review


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Highclere Castle

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (135)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (136)

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Sights & Landmarks

Highclere Castle is a historic country residence, renowned for being used as a key filming location in the popular British television series Downton Abbey. Located in a picturesque setting, Highclere Castle boasts grand interiors and sprawling grounds that are open to visitors during seasonal periods. Guided tours are available and include visits to the castle gardens and nearby locations that were also featured in the show such as Bampton. Visitors can easily access Highclere Castle via car or by joining a tour group.

Absolutely gorgeous castle, a must for Downtown Abbey fans. Stunning gardens, plenty to see with great tea rooms. Great value for money too. Perfect day out.

Frances C — Google review

I recently visited Highclere Castle and had a wonderful experience. The tour guide was excellent, providing a wealth of information about the history and architecture of the castle. The grounds were also beautiful, and I enjoyed exploring them during the tour. To top off the visit, I had a lovely afternoon tea at the castle. The tea and sandwiches were delicious, and the atmosphere was perfect. Overall, I highly recommend a visit to Highclere Castle. The tour is informative and enjoyable, and the afternoon tea is a delicious treat

Duncan A — Google review

Beautiful gardens, especially the wild flower meadow. Very interesting house and Egyptian exhibition. House includes pictures of the filming of Downton Abbey in the actual positions in the rooms where they took place. Good catering facilities with lots of inside & outside seating areas. Well worth a visit.

Judy B — Google review

Who hasn't seen Downton Abbey?! Highclere Castle is a grand and beautiful place. The visit was very interesting. It would have been nice to see more rooms, may be the servants quarter too. The Egyptian exhibition was fascinating and so well set-up. We had a walk in the garden too, so peaceful. It was such a lovely day. I only gave 4 stars as in both cafes, no vegan food was offered. We were surprised and disappointed as you can now find vegan anywhere.

Nathalie M — Google review

Really good experience. We had a guided tour which was very informative. Loads of on site parking. Easy enough to find. The lunch provided was more than expected which we all really enjoyed.

Rich D — Google review

Wonderful trip to Highclere Castle. Enjoyed looking round the castle, although a long queue to go in the (about an hour wait) but of course August is peak holiday time so I would expect it to be busy. The Castle grounds are wonderful with views stretching way into the distance. Plenty of trees and seats in the shade to shelter from the sweltering hot day. Hot and cold drinks plus sandwiches and snacks available at several little cafes around the central area with more than enough seating and tables. Staff very polite and helpful. We will definitely make a return visit at some point.

Cathy H — Google review

As a big fan of Downton Abbey, I’ve wanted to visit Highclere Castle for years. The chance finally came when my wife and I were given tickets (including the afternoon tea box and Egyptian exhibition) as a wedding gift. We were not disappointed! A breathtaking view of the castle greeted us on arrival to the car park. From the moment we exited our car, we were treated kindly by all the friendly staff - including the car park attendants who enthusiastically welcomed us. Long story short, we were very impressed by not only the tidiness of every inch of this property - both inside and out - but by it’s beauty as well. Fans of the show who want to literally stand where their favourite characters have stood will have their wish fulfilled. Unfortunately, photography isn’t allowed inside the castle, but that’s actually a good thing as it keeps the flow moving and allows you to focus on the home instead of your camera or phone.Outside, the gardens and grounds are a must see, so wonderfully maintained. We were also pleasantly surprised by the quality and amount of food in our afternoon tea for two box. What a fantastic idea!We would definitely visit again and highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested.

Brad E — Google review

Huge Downton Abbey fan, this tour was 100% worth the time. We hired a car and driver for the day so we could also make stops on the way home. The food was fantastic really liked everything they gave as apart of the tour it was a really nice touch.

Mike L — Google review

A beautiful castle and HomeStunning grounds too. The guides were very interesting and informative and particularly helpful with disabled clients, I was unable to negotiate stairs and they gave me a chair and photo book of upstairs whilst I waited for my relatives. Also showed me an easier way to see the Egyptian exhibition.

Frances F — Google review

It was an absolutely wonderful experience. The castle is treasure to discover. The staff are knowledgeable, kind, and attentive. I told them that I am Canadian, and they took the time to explain the connection between Highclere and Canada. Then, we got to visit the staterooms, drawing rooms, libraries, dining room, and the great Egyptian exhibition. The grounds that are manicured to perfection with trees from all over the world and benches underneath so you can sit and just enjoy the moment. The beautiful gardens with all kinds of flowers and greenery look like something out of a book. The tea rooms that offer tantalizing goodies and, of course, nice souvenir shop with something to please everyone. I would go back any time. I recommend it to anyone to take the time to visit this place.

Doreen's D — Google review

As a big Downton fan this place is dreamlike! My husband doesn’t watch the show but he really loved it. It’s a wonderful castle as it’s furnished as the Earl & duch*ess reside there. The guides are just so passionate and knowledgeable…we were lucky enough to spend time with Greg whose enthusiasm and real love for the castle is boundless. We found out so many details ..like the architect who designed West Minster also designed Highclere! We were not able to book timed tickets as they were sold out..but we went and lined up at 8:30am (ticket office opens @9am) on a Sunday morning (take a jacket) and we’re able to secure tickets. Make sure you buy the beautiful book at the entrance as you can’t take pics inside..all the gorgeous interiors are in the book. There are fantastic cafes on the grounds and don’t forget to visit the Secret Gardens. Amazing gift shop too. We were also lucky to see the duch*ess with her beautiful Golden Labs on a walk..she is lovely. We didn’t want to leave.

Sheree S — Google review

Wow! What a beautiful elegant place, well maintained and staff were very knowledgeable and informative. Even though it rained for us so didn't get to enjoy the stunning grounds surrounding the estate, it was a beautiful place. As with most places the gift shop was a little expensive but the cafe was reasonably priced, we even enjoyed a warm wild boar sausage in a baguette for lunch! Overall would definitely recommend this place whether your a 'downtown abbey' fan or not!

Rachel A — Google review

So much rich history beyond the charm of Downton. It's so wonderful that the family has opened their home to visitors to see. We loved every minute!

Benjamin B — Google review

A little overrated but the beautiful grounds make up for the lack of engagement in the castle. Felt 'rushed ' going through the castle which is a shame. As photos are NOT allowed, you feel obliged to buy a guidebook.

Zoé W — Google review

The location and building is fabulous. If you enjoyed Downton Abbey, then you will love the tour of the building. Just be aware access is limited to specific days of the year.

Michael D — Google review

Highly recommend. Absolutely smashing, worth the bit extra for the Egyptian exhibition as it tells a lot of the history. The house and grounds are just absolutely gorgeous. Food is a little limited. Gift shop has smashing assortment of bits. So delighted to have visited.

Han W — Google review

A really lovely experience and a must-see for any Downton Abbey fans. The house itself is gorgeous and very well-kept with lots of information about the behind the scenes of Downton Abbey. You can see into the rooms where various scenes were filmed and the furniture is exactly the same so you really feel like you’re stepping in there! The gardens are wonderful and well worth the time to walk around and see everything. The only thing for us, the castle doesn’t allow picnics on the grounds at all. A little bit disappointing in my opinion as you can purchase food on-site and eat it there, even if they had a designated area for picnics, I think it would be better. Just something to keep in mind if you are planning on taking food with you.

Beth J — Google review

Wonderful visit, superb house which is still partlyLived in, with the added bonus of the Egyptology collection and display. No photos of either as photography is banned inside the house. ( ironic as a major film series has been filmed inside the house!) . The grounds are magnificent with extensive views, with the best wildflower meadow I have ever seen , contradicting the Dolly Parton hit ‘ wildflowers don’t care where they grow’ - theses ones do and they have chosen well. A lovely day out with the usual tea and coffee , very good, ( plus the obligatory gift shop ). Access and parking easy and a good idea to book ahead.

Brian C — Google review

Great castle, very big place. We only saw a part of the castle. You get to see plenty. I enjoyed seeing the rooms where Downton Abbey was filmed. I like the fact they had pictures of a scene which was filmed in that room. The bedrooms are very nice and big. We had some food and drink in the tea rooms. Very good price. The grounds are big too, you can enjoy the area. The gift shop was a bit small and if people were queuing, you couldn't really look around and found it small. The Egyptian exhibition was absolutely amazing. I loved every second, the artifacts are amazing! My favourite but was looking through the letterboxes to see the artifacts. I learned some things along the way too. A must if you can visit

Clare C — Google review

A great home to explore - well maintained and a well managed one-way route through the ground and first floors.Detailed history on the building is lacking but they do provide information cards in some rooms. There are helpful and knowledgable staff throughout the castle so do ask them any questions you may have.Photos and signs also tie back the various rooms to their use in the filming of Downton Abbey.There are a couple of cafe and food vans scattered through the property - nothing amazing but the food is reasonably priced.If you are arriving at Newbury station it may be wise to pre book a taxi and also arrange your pickup. Do be prepared that the taxi journey is very steep - £50+, if others are around ask to share the taxi and split the fare.

NSLondon — Google review

Enchanting! We visited Highclere Castle as a private tour. I was fascinated by the history of the castle and its original owner, and it was really exciting to walk through the rooms that the Downton Abbey cast occupied while filming. Highly recommend visiting this special location.

ELLEN D — Google review

As a Downtown Abbey fan this was great. The gardens are beautiful and you could spend hours walking around them. The house is very impressive but be prepared to lock the experience in your head because photography inside the house is not allowed unfortunately. But as the house is actually lived in and not a museum, this is understandable.

Greg C — Google review

We had a wonderful time in Highclere Castle recently. The whole building was magical. Lady Carnarvon welcomed us and did a very nice speech before we started our tour inside the castle. Unfortunately we weren't able to take any pictures inside. Our tour guide Greg, was very entertaining and informative. But all the other staff were very warm and friendly. The afternoon tea was very delicious and we were spoiled by the lovely waiters. The gift shop has plenty of choice and the free books were signed by Lady Carnarvon. The only one thing that was a bit disappointing, that is the ladies lavatory. They definitely need a little bit of improvement. Otherwise we did enjoy every minute of the tour and we will definitely come back. Highly recommended!

Charlotte K — Google review

First, let's get the question of money out of the way - this place is EXPENSIVE. I took my partner here for a big birthday treat as she is a massive Downton Abbey fan, and it cost far more than I've ever paid for a historic house of any kind.However the house is in a league of its own, and it really was a fantastic day out. Lunch/afternoon tea was included, and it was plentiful and delicious. My partner particularly enjoyed her hot chocolate!Our guide was extremely knowledgeable about the house and had the answers to all our questions, and to some we hadn't even thought to ask.

Chris U — Google review

Awsome experience!The gardens are beautiful, a lovely walk around the grounds.The house is a work of art, if you love Downton Abbey, then this is a must for your Bucket List 😊You have to pre-book to enter the house.

Andrew P — Google review

My wife and I enjoyed the Downton Abbey series very much. As a Christmas gift I arranged a visit to Highclere Castle in January as a way to beat back those winter blues. A two hour guided tour was expensive but well worth it. A hardcover book and a nice tea (below stairs) were all part of the deal - very nice. There was also an excellent Tutankhamen exhibition. The Highclere website is quite formal but don't be put off by that, staff are friendly and many are great fun! We re- watched the series as a result and enjoyed it even more to know the 'we were there!' 🤭

Derek J — Google review

Such a beautiful place and great for fans of Downton Abbey. We were greeted by the Lady Carnarvon and had our photo taken in front of the grand Christmas tree. We were offered tea and coffee followed by a tour of the castle. The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and clearly had a good relationship with the family. We got to visit the Egyptian collection and lastly had afternoon tea, which Lady Carnarvon came to join us for. All in all, an absolutely fantastic experience that I can't wait to do again!No photos are allowed inside the castle.

Coralie P — Google review

I’ve been watching Downton Abbey basically on repeat for the last 7 years. I was ECSTATIC when our family found out we were getting stationed in England a few years ago and Highclere has been on my must-see list ever since. We finally got to visit over Easter weekend and it was a dream come true! Lady Carnarvon was directing pedestrians to the house from the car park which I thought was great, very down to Earth. I totally fangirled when we saw her. 😂 The house was a dream and I loved getting to see the rooms that I’ve become so familiar with these last several years via the show. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if we could take photos inside. I get that it’s their private home and they have family photos out, but no one is there to take photos of Carnarvon family photos. We’re there to see the most important character in a beloved show. We’ve visited a number of castles that are still family homes (Alnwick, Blenheim, Belvoir, etc.) and were permitted to take pictures inside. To each their own.We ordered a picnic tea box when purchasing our tickets and thoroughly enjoyed everything inside it. The sandwiches, scones and sweet treats were all fantastic. It was £75 for a box for 2 people. A little more than we would normally pay for something like that, but it also came with two free hot drinks and a small bottle of champagne.The grounds are also beautiful and there is a lot to explore beyond the house. Overall, highly recommend visiting if you’re a Downton Abbey fan.

Mariana M — Google review

Went for their Egyptian exhibition event to celebrate 100 years since the family discovered Tutankhamen's tomb.The house is stunning and if you're a Downton abbey fan there is a lot to look at (no photos allowed in the house due to insurance).The grounds and gardens are stunning and vast. Lots to walk around in a nice day. They offer a events during the year which are incredible and good fun to dress up.There is a lot of history and interesting things to observe. Would definitely return and watch the show now

Izzy C — Google review

A must if you are a Downton Abbey fan. I really felt like a Lady walking down the gardens.Also, the cafè is amazing: I've never eaten such a wonderful meat pie!Be sure to buy tickets in advance, since it's a private home, so the tours are scheduled

Cristina P — Google review


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Highclere Park, Highclere, Newbury RG20 9RN, United Kingdom

+44 1635 253210


Warwick Castle

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (142)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (143)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (144)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (145)

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Sights & Landmarks

Historic Sites

The impressive Warwick Castle is a showpiece of family fun, with attractions ranging from waxworks to jousting tournaments. Fine accommodation options are available on-site and the castle is easy to reach by public transport.

Amazing place to visit! All my family loved it! Beautiful walks and beautiful view!Inside it's a lot of history to learn and enjoy, great for children! We had a great day! Enjoyed the ice skating as well and some delicious mulled wine outside in the Christmas Market!I would definitely recommend for anyone to go! It is worth every moment!

Andreea N — Google review

We had a really good day at the castle the number of events were well thought out and their staging timed to allow you to walk to the next event by the shortest distance before the next event starts. All events were repeated at least twice a day. Great finale to the raptor event. Lots of places to sit and eat with spectacular views of the castle and countryside. An educational and fun day out in a well preserved piece of English heritage and history really worth a visit.

Robert H — Google review

I love this place, have visited so many times. I did queue for my ticket as I wanted to use my English Heritage card ( gets you 25% off). There is so much to see and so, one day is just not long enough. The jousting is just amazing and great crowd interaction, trebuchet is impressive again a great show and the falconers quest. The birds of prey are stunning. All involved in the shows are great, really engage with the crowds.So much to see inside the castle too, and a lot of ground to cover outside. Did not manage to do or see everything today. Will need a return visit soon. Fantastic experience every time I visit and never disappointed. Lots of gift shops, various toilets dotted around. Food vendors in various places, did not have food from any. I usually take a picnic.Parking is easy to get to, a small trek to the castle. Pay for parking when you get to castle entrance which currently is £6 for the day.Highly recommended a day out here.

Maria C — Google review

This visit exceeded our expectations. The tour of the living quarters in the palace is very interesting with plenty of history and artefacts. The grounds are very well kept and plenty of refreshments available. The falconry display was exceptional and we had an interesting time talking to an archer. We missed the jousting event unfortunately as we were too busy looking around the castle

Paul S — Google review

A brilliant day out. Such a beautiful castle, but also made all the more fun for the kids by all big cast of actors in costume, who were hugely enthusiastic. Loved it - particularly the Wars of the Roses show in the showground!

Jonathan M — Google review

Great place to visit if a little dear, birds of prey demonstration was excellent . Lots to see but think the dungeon should be in with the admission price not an extra, can easily spend the whole day there.

Steven P — Google review

I greatly enjoyed my trip to Warwick Castle, however I felt as though events and places to visit weren’t greatly advertised. Whilst the staff and Halloween actors were all lovely, I felt as though the event was more directed towards children and I felt like there was little to nothing for me to do there. The scenery was beautiful and I enjoyed my trip to the dungeons- just unfortunately I felt like it wasn’t suitable for younger adults.

C — Google review

Outstanding place ! So so much to do , birds of prey shows, peaco*cks , actually Castle, zogs playground, maze and a million more things. English heritage members get 50 % off on the gate or book online . Parking is 6.00 . As always take your own food . Excellent excellent day out

Candice J — Google review

Really liked it. Plenty of space inside and outside. There is definitely something to see. I highly recommend a visit. There are several places on the area of the castle where you can eat.

Gintare R — Google review

What a great experience, we had a great time there, many attractions, many things to see and to do, the falconers quest is a MUST.We spend around 6 hours there, and we enjoyed every minute.If you were planning for a day trip, I highly recommend this place.

Mohammad A — Google review

Very cool castle with plenty for everyone. The activities set up around the site are perfect for children and adults. Great food carts, fascinating history. Recommended day out for sure!

Kyle M — Google review

A great day out for everyone everywhere is cleaned regularly and the toilets are good as well. Most things have to be paid for when inside like the archery, photos and the dungeon but there is a lot to see, the gardens and conservatory area is Good for a rest out of the sun . plenty of seating around the grounds there certainly is plenty to do for a full day out .

Beano — Google review

Excellent day out with kids. Well persevered and maintained castle. Lovely interior and lots of activities for children. Lovely grounds. I recommend of buying tickets online prior to coming. On the spot tickets are pricier

Um A — Google review

Always something new to discover!We’ve been to Warwick Castle many times, decided on a weekday visit to catch the War of the Roses show and wasn’t disappointed.The WotR has been updated once again this year, the background story is more in-depth and captures the attention of young and old.The horsemanship is something to behold with additional surprises at the end of the show.The Falconer’s Quest was superb as is always the case, the one notable difference is the improved audience engagement, the cast put a huge effort into bringing the birds right into the audience area with flying in close proximity to all.The castle and attractions are in-depth and enough to keep you engaged all day long.Beware though, if wanting to walk the top of the walls and the towers where the views are breathtaking, there are many difficult steps to negotiate.The route is challenging for most.Parking is something of a pain, the walk from the main field parking can be challenging with a large portion of the twenty minutes being uphill.Easier parking can be found in the town centre for a similar price.The food and drink offering are poor value as is the case at all Merlin sites, a regular coffee will set you back £4.30 minimum with very limited options.Overall, a great day out and well recommended.

Darren M — Google review

Not my first visit here. It's a good day out. The castle and staff are great. The reason this doesn't get 5 stars is the cost of extras throughout the experience. Per person Dungeon £6 (over 10s only), Archery £6. Sword handling £6... if a family of 4 all have a go at each the cost of the day goes through the roof. All this on top of ticket cost and £10 for parking for the day. The best bit is probably the jousting show... at least that is free. Please also note there are a lot of step involved in experiencing the walls and towers, so if you have a mobility restriction you won't get the most out of the day.

Will B — Google review

Fantastic but too expensive.The castle is beautiful and very well preserved. There’s lots of things to do and the Falconer Quest spectacle is simply awesome.However, paying £140 for 4 people is just excessive.If at least they had the second day free option, it would be worth it because they only open 6 hours a day and visiting with kids, 6 hours is not enough.

Moisés R — Google review

brilliant had a nice walk around in the day and seen the shows The Falcons the best we have ever seen made our weekend. Also the Halloween event was very good 👍

Matt H — Google review

Beautiful experience, I will admit it’s overpriced at £40pp (excluding the dungeons - an additional £10pp) but nevertheless an excellent experience. We went during the Halloween event and it was beautiful and a fun time.

SPARKELS7797 — Google review

This was amazing experience, lots of live scenes and they have seasonal events as well. It was a bit expensive almost 40 pounds for entry, but if you have english heritage membership, it costs 19.50 which I think was great value for money! Lots of climbing in the castle as well so be prepared to get sweating!

Erika P — Google review

Not cheap but you get what you pay for and it's quite good. We spent a little extra and visited the dungeons which was one of the best dungeon experiences we've had, very entertaining and making the audience part of the show. I recommend a visit here most definitely but don't expect it to be cheap.

Toby R — Google review

Worth the money. Make sure you walk up to the keep. The spiral staircase is a bit tiring, but the views at the end are spectacular. This also seems like a family-friendly castle, if such a thing.

Michael D — Google review

This is an absolutely fantastic day out for the whole family. The castle is very impressive and one of my highlights has to be the incredible falconry display, all I will say about that is, make sure you stay until the very end.

Claire-a-bella R — Google review

An incredible castle with beautiful scenery around. It might be smaller than many castles but you will be surprised by the fact that there is so much to do. It's an excellent day trip. Good to visit both on weekdays and weekends.Do not let the steep steps to the tower discourage you.Brave yourself to the top and you will be rewarded with amazing views.For more fun ,pack a picnic along and enjoy it there. There is an eatery there but prices are a lil bit on the higher side. A picnic saves you the spend plus gives a romantic feel to your outing.

Su C — Google review

Brilliant place to visit with or without kids. The staff are all friendly and the characters all play their roles excellently. The place is big and has plenty to see and do. From walking around the castle towers and gardens to watching the shows and meeting the characters. The bird show was amazing.

Kenneth S — Google review

Came here as part of a coach trip and I was amazed with the history this castle contains!There is plenty to do for everyone here, regardless of age.shows, tours, shops, and plenty of information for those with an interest in history.My only complaint was that I never had enough time to take everything in or enjoy any shows as I was limited for time.To fully explore and see everything this castle has to offer would take a full day.

William M — Google review

Great experience for the entire family. All shows were fun and exciting! Spent an entire day there and still need to come back as so many things were left unexplored.

Stryker — Google review

The shows were great 👍 much better than l expected especially the wars of the roses. Half day is not enough for visiting all the spots, recommend whole day trip.

Hsun-Yen W — Google review

Went here for a day out with my gf. Was a wonderful day and we had plenty of things to see. Be sure to check out the scare dungeon. It is NOT the original castle dungeon, but it is worth the show, and there is an original castle dungeon under one of the towers. Do not hesitate to get up on the castle walls, sore legs are worth the magnificent views. To get up on the wall you need to take the stairs on the right as soon as you enter the castle gate. Tower stairs can be annoying, the steps are short and high, but again, it is worth the experience.Book in advance to avoid it being sold out, but keep in mind that the tickets are non refundable. There is, however, a rainy day guarantee.Most of the other attractions outside of the castle gates, such as mazes, are not really worth your time unless you have kids. There are many food stands with delicious food though.

Vova B — Google review

Good tour of this castle. Lots to see and explore. It was expensive, but that’s how they keep the castle and surroundings maintained. Well worth it for the experience. The birds of prey show was excellent.

Paul S — Google review

Despite being the first day of it's reopening all was good. Great knowledge of the guide George. Great Owl and Hawk display. Nicely presented rooms on display.

Treccie O — Google review

A great day to spend then this is one of them.Smaller than Windsor. But was very interesting and multiple options to do.The entire day was spent and was impressive for the money spent.Strong recommendation to visit

Janardhan S — Google review

Great, very well kept castle and grounds, the exhibits are very good and the figures are very life-like.There are a couple of cafes and a falconry display. There are lots of very grand rooms to look around, also the walls, towers and gardens to explore. Plenty of steps to keep you fit.It is easy to spend four hours or more here.More friendly and relaxed than Windsor Castle.

Dave F — Google review

Brilliant place which will take a fair few hours to enjoy; some shows going on to enjoy along with the castle itself. Lots of the food stalls unfortunately not open when I went on a weekday. Be warned though, it's expensive for drink and food. Would recommend taking your own as much as possible.

Ryan — Google review

It's really good. The interiors are amazing and the characters look like real life. Kids will enjoy it as they will get their own playground which has swings. Other than castle visit, there is Maze which is another fun activity for kids. The river side arena view is also great. Would recommend at least 1 visit.

Himani D — Google review

The castle is beautiful the grounds are incredibly well kept. Falconers quest is a must. But it’s incredibly expensive. Parking is an extra £6. £8.50 for a plastic sword. £3.50 for a bottle of co*ke. £10 each for the dungeon experience & £20! For two photos and a key ring. It’s all a bit much. They don’t seem to get that most family’s would happily pay £10 for the photos. Instead they just bin them after they show you. Prices need work. Less means more. Advice for now bring your own food and drinks.

Aegis — Google review

This was a last minute stop while we were close by and so glad we did visit. We absolutely loved it. The bird show was fantastic. The castle was lovely inside and out. Maze and play area for the children. Great day out.

Hannah — Google review

This is a great castle. I went here while visiting the UK and was satisfied with my experience. This castle was ordered to be built by William the Conqueror, but the castle here today was constructed later. This castle has a small dungeon, large staterooms you can walk through, a tower you can climb up, a shirt movie explaining the history of the castle, ramparts you can walk on, and a garden. I gave this castle five stars because it’s a beautiful historic place. This is definitely one of the best things I did in England.

Qwerty — Google review

Warwick Castle offers a captivating journey through history with its medieval architecture, interactive exhibits, and stunning grounds. It's a must-visit destination. Also very suitable for (young) children.

Frederik K — Google review

My daughter purchased tickets in advance and got a good deal. Although it rained on the day, we have a 60day rainy day guarantee.Good day out with the grandchildren, watched the falconry display and catapult.Only disappointment was cafes shut early and attraction open until 6pm needed warm drink with the weather.Climbed the castle but be advised if not fittest don't attempt. Spectacular views from the top!

Lynn — Google review

Our first visit to Warwick Castle was an absolute delight. We were thoroughly impressed by the sheer amount of activities available for the entire family. From the historical exhibitions to the interactive experiences, there's something for everyone to enjoy. The castle is set against incredibly scenic surroundings, making every moment picture-perfect. It's a fantastic destination that combines education with entertainment, ensuring a memorable day out for visitors of all ages.We can't recommend it enough for anyone looking to immerse themselves in history and have fun in the process.

David C — Google review

Amazing experience visiting the ancient Castle. All the areas were so beautiful and well kept. Fortunately the weather was very beautiful this day. The peaco*ck’s garden was stunning and the birds were everywhere. A wonderful fun filled day for all the family. The dungeon was also great and we had a tour guide who explained everything to us! Definitely worth a visit.

Umm D — Google review

What a day, we really enjoyed it with two small kids, the playground was lots of fun, the horrible histories maze allowed us to explore and the shows we really good, definitely would come back again.

Thomas B — Google review

This was such an incredible experience! The only downside to the Castle is the pricey food inside (so make sure you bring a few snacks if you don't want to spend much). But the whole place is totally worth the price of admission! There is so much to see and the history and legacy of the Castle is so well preserved. There is something for everybody there! The live events such as the Legend of the Trebuchet and the Falconer's Quest were also amazing and totally worth seeing!

Gabriela L — Google review

This is a lovely Castle with plenty to see and do. Enjoyed a tour of the rooms and the dungeon experience is worth paying for. The falcon display was excellent.My only gripe is that it could be very expensive for a family visit as you have to pay extra for some experiences.Also gets very busy on a weekend.

Ross W — Google review

Our family stayed in the Tower Suite for a fun break, and can recommend it unreservedly. The Rose Suite is beautiful, and well appointed with a big comfy bed, a range of coffees and teas, a big TV built in to the end of the bed (it rises like magic from its cabinet), and an excellent walk-in shower room. The views from the top of the tower were amazing.The concierge team - Emily, Jordan, and Ellie - were very attentive to our needs while maintaining a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Their dedication to our comfort and satisfaction only added to an already impressive experience.With our stay we also had a private tour of the castle, and Imogen from the history team did not disappoint. She took us on an entertaining and informative walk around the grounds, and was extremely patient in dealing with the many questions and interjections from our children.Even without an overnight stay, there is plenty to do at Warwick Castle, with a very impressive bird of prey show, and another show that climaxes with the firing of an enormous trebuchet. In addition there was a history-themed maze, and a playground for smaller children among other attractions.Our kids have a number of food allergies, and the staff were exceptionally helpful when it came to meal planning for them. Chef Max went out of his way to make sure everything was safe and we could enjoy ourselves without worrying about the menus, and just enjoy the delicious food.

Carl A — Google review


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Warwick, CV34 6AU, United Kingdom

+44 1926 406610


Cotswolds Distillery Visitor Centre

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (151)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (152)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (153)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (154)

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Food & Drink

The Cotswolds Distillery Visitor Centre offers popular tours three times a day, seven days a week. Visitors have the rare opportunity to witness the craft of local spirits and learn about the spirit-making process. The distillery also features a cafe and shop, with plans for an eco-friendly wetlands area in progress. Guests can enjoy experiences like the Gin Masterclass, where they can blend their own gin after learning about its history and sampling various flavors.

Great little distillery in the middle of nowhere. Don’t be worried if your sat nav takes you down some very narrow single track roads, you will get there eventually. Book your tour well in advance as they were fully booked when we turned up on the off chance but they still made us very welcome and we had a short video presentation and then sampled the various whisky’s and gins available before deciding which to take home. Add to that a great little tea or coffee shop, very clean toilets and the best (and biggest) carrot cake we’ve in a long time what more could you want. Highly recommended

David H — Google review

Myself and my other half (as lovers of gin and whisky respectively!) decided to visit for a tour and tasting on our way back home from a trip away. We're both already fans of the produce but wanted a chance to try some different ones and learn a bit more about how it's made. Hattie was a fabulous guide, very knowledgeable and kept everyone laughing too! Lovely afternoon with a bonus of some really nice food from the cafe. Would definitely recommend a visit and we look forward to returning after the upcoming expansion!

Sarah B — Google review

I had the most amazing time learning about Gin blending, the history and what you do at the distillery. The two hosts were engaging and fun and very helpful. I was there by my own and so needed a bit of reassurance that I was doing the right thing and nothing was too much bother. I made my own recipe and we enjoyed it the following day sat in the sunshine. Thanks so much.

Laura B — Google review

We visited yesterday for the Gin Masterclass Experience. We had the most fabulous, fun filled 3 hours and Brian, our host, was simply wonderful! Very knowledgeable and kept us laughing throughout. We enjoyed learning the history behind the gin and loved sampling ALl the different flavours before deciding how to blend our own gin (There was a lot to try!). Great we could mix it up our experiment with a tonic and garnish to get a real sense of the taste before we committed to the final product! Mine just needed a dash of grapefruit added to it so great I could go back and tweak the recipe, as many of us did. Of course you get a tad drunk but that's all part of the fun! The drinks weren't in short supply! We really enjoyed sampling the other gins at the end with Brian and a few other couples. We were curious about the 1616 and the wildflower gins so of course it led us to buying a bottle or two before heading back. Alison your a star! Thank you for sorting out a taxi for us! Yours and Brians banter certainly had us laughing. Everyone was warm, friendly and helpful and we really enjoyed our time there. Would highly recommend as lots to do as part of the experience and good value for money we thought. Definitely the better of the two gin experiences we have done. THANK YOU!

Emma M — Google review

Brilliant visit, great tour, Nicola was friendly, knowledgeable and funny, she made the whole visit amazing. We can not speak highly of her, from start to finish, whilst sampling she made the whole group feel included, those who were and were not drinking.Nicola is a massive personality within your team. Thank you Nicola for making our visit the best gin tour we have been on and we have been on several 😀The only down side was we bought a pen and realised when we got home it was not put in the bigger bag from bottle bag, should of contact them but life took over. Still an amazing time 😊One last thing, visit the cafe, food is lovely 😍

Louise B — Google review

One of the best distillery tours we've done. The tour guide was very knowledgeable about both the whiskey and gins that are produced at the distillery. The venue is very pretty and in the beautiful settings of the countryside of the Cotswolds.The staff were so friendly and happy to help or answer questions, the tasting afterwards was amazing as we got to try as many whiskeys/gins as we wanted.The food served at the cafe was delicious and much needed after all the tasting we did and of course a few bottles were bought from the gift shop before heading home. If travelling to the Cotswolds for a break/long weekend I would highly recommend a visit to the Distillery...

Sonia H — Google review

What a brilliant afternoon! We are totally impressed with the Cotswold Distillery tour. We got there a bit early so had a drink and perused the menu which looked amazing (unfortunately we were not hungry) For the tour, £25 buys you, 90 mins that includes, a tour of the facilities (with Tom who was brilliant and faultless), a taste of the 65% pre-cask whisky 😲, 25 mins of gin and whisky tasting in a fabulous lounge, and for the driver a doggy bag of 6 gin or whisky's of your choice. I can think of a few people that would enjoy this and would highly recommend going!

Lesley C — Google review

Brilliant afternoon spent with the fabulous Susie, what an excellent tour guide. Made it enjoyable for us drivers too! All staff we met today are a credit to the company, everyone lovely and nothing too much trouble. Now slurping my No 3 gin in front of a fire, perfect end to the day!

Debbie F — Google review

The Cotswold Distillery is a fantastic place for Whisky and Gin drinkers alike. I would highly recommend the distillery tour. It's an interesting tour to go on but you get to taste all the Whisky and Gin they supply so if you've not tried one before, here's your chance. Suzy, our tour guide was friendly, funny, and informative. All the staff are friendly. They offer a selection of nice food for snacks and lunch, including stone baked pizza and some excellent cakes

Robert B — Google review

Absolutely fantastic place to visit regardless if just going for some food and drink or the full tour and tasting experience.Ambiance and hospitality of the employees was fantastic. You could tell they truly enjoyed their workplace and what they were doing.Doesn't hurt that their Gin and Whiskey collection is yummy as well.

Sascha K — Google review

Absolutely brilliant, can't recommend it enough, very knowledgeable and friendly staff and the whisky speaks for itself, Melissa our tour guide was very very good and susy on the counter was very pleasent, would definitely go again, 👍

Peter W — Google review

Such a wonderful tour, especially on a rainy afternoon. Our guide was entertaining and knowledgeable and the tasting afterwards was very generous. We stayed for a delicious bite in the cafe and went away with beautiful Gin!

Debbie W — Google review

Absolutely fantastic place! The tour&tasting were really interesting and fun! Our tour guide, Kevin, was super friendly and knowledgable and made the whole experience great! The tasting allowed you to try any of the whiskies or gins you wanted, and the drivers got to take away six minis of their choice. Highly recommend!!

Emma G — Google review

My husband and I had a great time at the Cotswold Distillery - we started with the tour and tasting, which was really interesting and our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable and made it a great experience! We could try multiple samples of their gin and whisky so it was really good value for money, and drivers could take away a bag with a number of samples of their choice too to try at home which was a really nice touch. Afterwards we also had lunch in their cafe which was delicious, had a great atmosphere, and a wide range of options to suit everyone. We will be going back and would thoroughly recommend!

Lexi — Google review

Fabulous afternoon at the Cotswolds Distillery for a special tour. Sun shone, had lots of nice whiskys and gin. Friendly and helpful staff. Cafe and shop are fantastic. Highly recommended.New eco friendly wetlands area that has just been started looks fabulous and will be a great environmentally friendly addition to the production of a fabulous range of gins and whiskys.EDIT: back on Monday morning to buy some whisky and also had a lovely cappuccino and Caramel Latte cake 🍰

Simon L — Google review

What a fantastic experience. We went on the distillery tour and it was great . Also considered the designated drivers as well with a bag of goodies to take away . Also had a bite at the on-site cafe. Food was great and catered well for dietary's

Gemma S — Google review

We visited for a tour which was great, Lots of information and plenty of tasting. The cafe was also excellent, the pizza and garlic bread were fresh and tested great. Lots of variety of gin and whisky in the shop too. The staff were all very welcoming, everyone went above and beyond to make sure you had a good time. The tour guide was amazing, Charlotte, she made the tour with a good balance of humour and information.

Ryan S — Google review

Excellent, A very friendly team and a great tour.Informative tasting session at the end. I attended several distillery tours and this is the best by a country mile. Great whiskey as well.

Martin R — Google review

Great informative tour with an excellent tasting session afterward. Hattie was our tour guide, she was funny and brilliant

B M — Google review

One of the best days out ever. We arrived too early for our guided tour and had time to have some food from on-site restaurant. Shakshouka and pizza were delicious, accompanied by coffee and shots of outstanding whisky liquers Amaro no1 and no2. The tour was very interesting with a blend of humour and information followed by tasking of Cotswolds whisky that is made with heart and passion expressed in its taste. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

Bart L — Google review

Visited for a group evening gin making class and demonstration. Awesome fun and a great night out. Only downside was I forgot what was learned by drinking far took much of what was made 🤪 🍷

Fobby — Google review

As a whisky lover, this was a fantastic experience. Great tour guides, lovely little café/restaurant! Great service! Great for whiskey and gin lovers, but also those looking for something to do in the Cotswolds!

Daniel P — Google review


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Phillip's Field, Whichford Road, Stourton, Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5EX, United Kingdom

+44 1608 238533


The Rooftop Restaurant at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (157)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (158)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (159)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (160)

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The Rooftop Restaurant provides stunning views of Stratford-upon-Avon and the River Avon, with options to dine inside or on the balcony. The restaurant serves a variety of British and European dishes, including Sunday roasts. co*cktails appear to be a popular choice with visitors, and the co*cktail masterclass is one of the top five drinks experiences in Stratford-upon-Avon.

I treated myself by going for the three course dinner before a show and it was one of the most enjoyable meals I have had for a while. The staff were welcoming and the dishes came out quickly. The beetroot salad starter was amazing, lots of wonderful tastes going on that all worked together. The main was a lovely spiced tagine and the dessert was a pleasure for the eyes as well as the taste buds. I had lemon meringue pie with raspberry sorbet, it was really good.The only issue I had was getting my bill in time for the show as there were a lot of people wanting the bill at the same time. However this was a minor thing.

Laura C — Google review

Had lunch here for Mothering Sunday - first time visit. Really impressed with the service, the food, the view, the acoustics of the place, the seating and comfy chairs, the drinks menu and the climate in the dining area. Everything is geared towards a great experience. 10% tip is charged and I have no problems with that. Will be back.

Hugo H — Google review

Had a delicious lunch.. food was beautiful. Great views. Lovely friendly staff. Would definitely recommend

Issy R — Google review

Beautiful food, lovely views.We couldn't get a table for the Saturday evening pre-performance, but were offered a Sunday afternoon slot, which was probably more relaxed too. You can pre order afternoon tea, or enjoy the main menu, which is lovely

Glen C — Google review

Our server, Tom, was very friendly and supportive. A credit to the RSC restaurant. He answered all our queries about the food, it was service with a smile all the time. He made our visit very enjoyable. We had 3 courses, not usual for us, and found the portions just right. The food was excellent. A very good dining experience.

Ingrid F — Google review

A bit pricey for me,the food was nice,just not enough of it( I'm a proper roast chicken person rather than gordon ramsay drizzle) picture below was my main meal

John I — Google review

Went for a pre-theare 3-course dinner, and it's delicious. The food menu is ok interesting, with good presentation and decent volume. The drink menu is interesting, recommend the basil smash!

Yaran L — Google review

Fantastic location, fabulous food, and friendly staff. Treated us (my 11-year-old and me) with kindness and respect. Well organised staff and well-cooked food. Great menu and good value for pre-theatre. Relaxed atmosphere and welcoming environment. Highly recommend.

Steph P — Google review

Only at the RSC for a meal, excellent food and very fast service. 1 x 2 course(£29) and 1 x 3 course(£31),plus bottle of merlot(£24). £94 including standard service charge. Well worth it.

John P — Google review

We were early for our reservation but our party of five was accommodated at a fabulous table looking out over the river. The food was excellent and catered well for the vegan who was one of our group. The atmosphere was relaxed - we spent a comfortable three hours over our meal - and the service was courteous and efficient. We had a lovely meal and a first rate experience.

Amanda E — Google review

I was pleased that despite needing a gluten free meal, there was plenty of choice available on the menu and that dishes could be adapted to meet my needs. Our waitress was very helpful. We always enjoy dining here and do so, even if we're not going to a performance.

Alwyn J — Google review

Great place for a pre-theatre dinner, lovely food and good drinks. Staff are friendly and helpful.

Hazzy M — Google review

A superb meal in a comfortable location, with friendly and attentive staff, before a fantastic production! What more could you ask for? Thank you RSC!

Michael S — Google review

Location at the top of the theatre has great views. The lunch time set menu was excellent value with a great range of options including dairy and gluten free. Starters included salmon bruschetta with a gluten free alternative and spicy pakoras. Main course of cod was beautifully cooked and vegetables and potatoes delicious.

Julia W — Google review

Despite the performance being cancelled, it was great to be able to eat in the restaurant. The staff were lovely, very friendly and helpful. The food was delicious, really tasty and served quickly and was hot. We will definitely be back.

Helen L — Google review

Absolutely lovely rooftop experience before seeing a play. Staff, ambience, food, drink all amazing. I’m gluten free and vegetarian, it’s so refreshing to visit somewhere I have a choice of foods and feel safe that I won’t get glutened. Really well thought out menu every time I go there.

Emma H — Google review

We had a fantastic visit with a superb meal. All staff were so polite and helpful. A great experience. We will definitely be back.

Susan C — Google review

Me and my mum have an annual trip to Stratford upon Avon, we always book a table here, and we've never been disappointed. Beautiful, well portioned and delicious food and the staff are always so friendly, knowledgeable and polite. We order from the pre-theatre set menu which is reasonably priced considering the standard of the food. Can't wait to come back.

Emma B — Google review

We love this restaurant. The setting is a wonderful fusion of new and old. The staff are so lovely and attentive. The food is excellent. Prices reasonable. A perfect pre theatre meal. But would be good as a destination even if you’re not going to one of the amazing shows.

Adrian R — Google review

We returned to the restaurant for special occasion as previous visit was exceptional, however, we were sitted in a hidden corner even though there were plenty of empty tables.Food was below average, very disappointing, nothing special.The bread that was served with the soup was not fresh.The soup OK, but nothing special.Desert cutlery was placed on the table without napkins, which is also unhygienic.My coffee cup was chipped.The desert did not taste fresh, some was very dry.Overall we were very disappointed today considering the location and high price, which we don't mind to pay, but today was not worth it.We won't be back.

Maya C — Google review


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(3465)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (163)

3rd Floor, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Waterside, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6BB, United Kingdom

+44 1789 403449


Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (164)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (165)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (166)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (167)

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Wildlife park

Outdoor Activities

This family-friendly park has a large area for getting up close with 260+ animal species, including lions, rhinos, zebra and giant anteaters. The park is open on weekends only until Thursday 10 February 2022, but regular opening hours resume afterwards.

Lovely park! It's well laid out and presented, with lots of interesting animals to see. It's a good size too - Easy to walk around, though there is also a little train that you can hop on if you prefer (which was quite a popular option).The restaurant serves quite basic food, but equally, it's all you need really to replenish - I noticed a lot of people brought their own picnic kits with them, which I'd definitely consider for next time!Really enjoyable day out. 😊

Kendall B — Google review

Love this place and have visited for many years. Getting in was a palaver as it took longer to get from Burford roundabout than it did to get the there from Oxford! Some information via social media would have helped. We had no idea why the queue was so long and as we had already purchased tickets we waited. Once in the park you weren't aware of how busy it was unless you wanted food/ drinks /toilet. If you wanted the train you'd be better off later in the day as the queue was insane. Everything was pretty much as I remembered. I didn't quite understand why they had closed off one end of the walk through bird/wallaby /tapir enclosure? It made it a bit of a trek to walk back out again instead of simply adding pads to the exit. Especially as the entry ones had dried out. That was the only disappointing part of the place. Many animals weren't there and the ground around the wallabies was dry and simply mud. Overall its a great value day out. Take a picnic and be prepared to wait a while to actually access the park. It's a great place to visit if you have limited mobility as it pretty flat with good pathways.

Lisa D — Google review

A great day out for the whole family. Very well laid out with plenty of facilities around the site. Beautiful landscape and a wide variety of natural enclosures containing a wide variety of fascinating animals. Saw the penguins being fed with a free talk about them which was great. Large play park for kids and a decent restaurant with a good selection of hot and cold foods. Well worth a visit.

Sumpop — Google review

Visited during the school holidays and was expecting the place to be completely packed with families everywhere when I saw the huge amounts of people going in...but this was not the case once inside. The park has lots of open spaces and ample benches for those in need of a rest, which is always welcome when running around after kids!The train is a great way of seeing the site and a number of the larger animals, but be prepared to queue!Food and drinks were reasonably priced and of a good standard (the sausage rolls were especially tasty!)Overall, we spent the majority of the day there but didn't get round to seeing everything, probably as a result of the large play park which kept the kids occupied for ages.

Chris G — Google review

Honestly an amazing zoo/park. So much for kids to do also. Probably one of the best zoo’s in the UK. The train is well worth catching a ride on as it takes you round the entire park. The kids park is absolutely brilliant however as always with these places the food is terrible. Nothing changes here its horrid. We have been 6/7 times now and just take our own lunch with us. I have no issue spending money on food but it needs to be good food. Such a shame they dont cater for people who like something other than frozen beige food…. But its normal at these types of places. Would be 5* if you could get a nice lunch

Jason R — Google review

Amazing place I will keep coming back to over and over again. The only downside for me is the restaurant options - very low quality food served, both cold and hot, I would recommend taking a picnic with you, and just get an ice cream there, excellent choice of Kelly's ice cream!Slightly cheaper tickets if you book at least a day before, ample parking, good facilities, excellent staff, animals looks very happy and well cared for.

Julia B — Google review

Wow, this place really is worth a visit! It was absolutely fantastic! It has a great mix of animals, gardens, nature and walks. I can honestly say that this is the best maintained zoo/wildlife park I have ever visited. The entire park was in immaculate condition, the animal enclosures were fantastic; large, spacious and incredibly clean. There was a great variety of food and drinks available at reasonable prices and a great gift shop. The car park is a very short walk from a rather vast grassed area with lots of space and benches available, ideal for a picnic with a view of the White Rhinos. Overall I was very impressed and will definitely be visiting again.

Joshua L — Google review

Such a nice zoo.Booked online, was straight forward. The lady asked for the code to retrieve tickets. It’s quiet busy but the queue is going quickly. Massive car park!The itself is very clean, plenty of greens and dog friendly! Some places inside do not allow dogs.Perfect for families.Rhinos, giraffes, you name it.. the animals were in good health so I assume that they are taking good care of them!Beautiful getaway. Fascinating creatures!

Zaid H — Google review

Fantastic place to visit for the day and set in a beautiful location. I've never been somewhere where you can get so close to the animals! This place feels so much more natural than a zoo and is clearly looked after. The price is well worth it and actually on the cheap side in my opinion, I wouldn't mind paying more for entry and I'm sure it would help out so much! The main restaurant was a fair wait at lunch but there was a huge selection of homemade food and the staff were brilliant. Special mention to the lads clearing the tables as they were working so hard but going out their way to help others at the same time 😊

Sion B — Google review

Never been to a Wildlife Park like this one. Especially with allowing people to bring their own dogs. Different. The way it's laid out is so easy going & not herded in one direction. The gardens are gorgeous & well looked after. Bring a picnic!

Quinte M — Google review

Really great day out and loads of different animals to see. Best thing is you can take your dog. We go to see all the animals with her except for the reptile house but if your in pairs you can go in one at a time . Plenty of parking available and facilities.

Ste — Google review

What a lovely park. Extremely clean and tidy. Big car park with disabled parking right next to entrance. Right from get go from the ticket office to gift shop were Extremely friendly and helpful. We were by giraffes and daughter had her assistance dog with her and I asked a lady who worked there if assistance dogs were allowed into giraffes and she said sorry I don't know I'm just a gardener. I told her that's a great job and was doing a great job helping to keep the garden's immaculate and offered to check. All the gardens were great. There are still lots of flowers to see blooming. There is a massive play area for kids with a huge tree house and a smaller one for younger children. A big rope bridge . A big pyramid climbing frame and lots more to do. The cafe area was nice and clean and lots to choose from. Chicken chips and beans were great. Good portion and jacket potatoes were tasty. Lots of seating with a big glass enclosure with animals in there . Gift shop were stocked well also. It will be great to take the grandchildren there next summer in better weather.

Patrick B — Google review

Always a wonderful experience. All the animals are happy, well fed and cared for. The grounds are kept in immaculate condition. Just a great day out. We love it!

Jessica G — Google review

Truly wonderful place to visit and the best part you don't have to leave your pet dog home alone or tied up in a kennel as they are welcome here. The animals all look well looked after and many are in open enclosures not cooped up in tiny cages. Plenty of places to just stop and sit and let the world pass by while you soak in your surroundings. Easy toilet access as well as places to get refreshments if you choose. Plenty of picnic areas as well and ample parking.

Bee S — Google review

What a lovely park, so clean and so much to see, really does fill up a day. There is something for everyone. With feeding at specific times for some animals too. An amazing play park for all ages, my girls loved it. We had a fabulous day can't wait to go and explore again!There was a little train for extra charge which took you round the park takes about 10 minutes.

Lois W — Google review

This was our first visit, and it was so lovely. We will definitely return. I love that everything is more or less outside. We took a picnic (strongly advise) as you can go back to your car as much as you like so you don't have to carry it around with you. There are plenty of grassy areas for you to have a picnic and also benches.We visited Easter Saturday, and it was busy, but not uncomfortable. The children's park area was probably the busiest area we saw/briefly played in.We would have liked to have a ride on the little train but the wait time was just too long for us (30 minute wait with 3 young children probably not the best 😅) so maybe next time that should be first on our list!All in all the animals were great, got to touch/stroke a snake too. 🐍 And it was a wonderful day.

Char W — Google review

We went mid week during the school hols and it was packed, this is not a problem though as the park is huge.I'd recommend taking a picnic as food queues are long during peak times.Its a beautiful day out, the flowers and plants around the park are stunning.The animals appear really well looked after and the little farm park area where children can touch the goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducklings, etc is really cute.There is a little train with stations around the park that you can hop on and off of, it toots and the kids absolutely love it.If you want to wear your kids out, this is the place to go.

Kim L — Google review

It’s a great wild life park.We visited on May Spring public Holiday- nice sunny day. It’s strongly recommended to book tickets in advance as the online tickets are £2 cheaper. The place has ample car parking place- shouldn’t be a concern.It’s home for variety of animal friends all across the world.There is a recreational train that circulates the park is a fun ride.Lot of food options available. Would recommend to carry a Mat, as it’s a good picnic destination as well.

SaiKaT S — Google review

A fantastic day out, lots to see and the grounds and gardens are absolutely beautiful. The whole place is immaculately clean. Lots of picnic areas and benches to sit at to just sit back, look and enjoy.A wide variety of animals to see...A must is a visit to see the penguins at feeding time...most entertaining...and seeing the rhino's in front of the stately home was amazing...would definitely recommend. We spent around 4 hrs or so here and would definitely say is a full day out if you don't want to rush and sit and have a picnic

Gaenor C — Google review

Very Beautiful and picturesque location for this lovely Wildlife Park. Lots of different animals, insects, reptiles and birds to see and a couple of enclosures where you can get up close to some also. Large picnic areas and cafe, plus snack kiosks situated around too. A small train also takes you across some of the park. The gardens are exotic and also feature lots of different flowers and plants. Not a big range of larger type animals but an admission price for under £20 for adults is a real bargain for what you do get to see.

Paul W — Google review

Great day out, we really enjoyed it. Lots of animals to see, beautiful grounds. Areas to have a picnic. Ample parking too! We were excited to see the giraffes and rhinos. I was also looking forward to seeing the red pandas but unfortunately they were hiding in the trees when we visited.

Zaibs — Google review

What a wonderful place. The grounds and gardens are beautifully laid out and superbly stocked with plants of all sorts. The the animals are well cared for and have plenty of space. We were delighted to see baby rhinos. There's interesting information about each one. You can walk round or take the little trainThe cafe and shop are well stocked and extremely clean and all the staff are hands on and extremely friendly and helpful. The cafe food was fresh and varied.There are picnic places all round and we were able to take the dog. Incidentally the ice-cream kiosks around the grounds sell doggie ice cream. However I'll be going again without him so we can spend longer. Understandably there are areas dogs can't go so we had to alternate who went in. To sum up its an hour and a half journey from our home to this beautiful destination but so worth the trip. It was our first visit but we'll be frequent visitors from now on. Can't wait to return.

Ros S — Google review

Came here on an educational trip and BY far the best out of the zoos we visited that term. Enclosures are well thought out and animal welfare is definitely at the forefront of this zoo. Also DOG FRIENDLY. Which is a huge bonus!!

Lauren C — Google review

Was pleasantly surprised by the size of this place. Ample parking, didn’t feel too crowded even during summer holidays, regular toilet stops, great selection of animals (better than London Zoo in my humble opinion), large enclosures for animals, lots of shade and picnic areas to eat, fun train for kids, play area and obstacle course for kids.Overall an enjoyable place to spend a day for adults and children.Only downside is the toilets were not in form. One baby chasing had no lock and smelt really bad (in the restaurant).Restaurant food was tasty but portion size on the small side.

Artful T — Google review

We absolutely love visiting here, especially with it being super dog friendly! My boys fed the giraffes on our last visit which was such an amazing experience! The lady in charge was fab with them both, full of knowledge and answered all their questions. The food is nice but very pricey. Lovely gift shop too.

Amy H — Google review

There are so many things to like about this venue, even before talking about the animals. The venue sells out quickly due to restricted numbers as a result of grass car parking issues for the overflow, which gives the feeling that the Park is busy but you have ample room to move around without being on top of other visitors. I have never been to a Wildlife Park where you can get so close to the animals (see photos); this is very interesting for both adults & children alike. The Park is neither too big nor too small, nothing is really far from anything else & you don't get tired walking around. There is a good outdoor play area for the children & a good restaurant/cafe should you not have brought a picnic. Remember to take a ride on the train (extra £) to complete the day out. Although there are maps of the Park located at various point around the site, my one criticism is that there is a total lack of signposts anywhere to point you in the directions of the animals you want to see.

Nigel H — Google review

Wonderful place. Animals look happy and well taken care of. Lots of baby animals out at the moment, it's great to see a zoo which clearly has successful breeding programs working. Quite busy but due to the layout of the zoo, there were no choke points or places. Lots of grassy areas to sit and enjoy food and weather.

Ella-May W — Google review

Great place to visit for family and friends with kids. Conveniently located, however, unfortunately not accessible by public transport. Huge collection of animals with options to see some of them from very close proximity. It has a very nice collection of reptiles as well. There are a huge number of bird species as well. The details of all the animals/ reptiles/birds are given to have more information about them. They have a nice variety of restaurants for takeaway and dine in as well. I think there was a pub as well but unfortunately I was not able to visit it as I had to drive. Overall, it was a very nice place to have a day out.

Abhijeet R — Google review

Really great place to visit - highly recommend for all ages. Large enough to comfortably walk around and see everything. Small train as well which is perfect for the kids! All the enclosures are very well maintained and all their residents are more than happy to pose for pictures! A real gem of a place.

Karen B — Google review

It's one of the better wildlife parks/zoos we've been to. It's a great layout and easy to navigate around.Great for the whole family!The restaurant has a good selection of food and all tastes good.Happily, go there again and again.

Lyndsay B — Google review

Amazing day out! Went with my husband & dog, great animals, dog friendly & a great day out. Brought tickets online & saved money. There was a little wait to get in, but we turned up at opening time of 10am. Would recommend taking a picnic as main restaurant was super busy but lots of smaller refreshments stand available throughout the park. Dog friendly except free flying bird area & restaurant

Sami G — Google review

Amazing day out, its really rather incredible how close to the animals you can get. The staff were so kind and friendly really lovely atmosphere. Very clean and tidy park toilets clean. Ice-cream 10/10. Plenty to do here

Natasha K — Google review

Loved this park and gardens. Really good selection of animals and nice play area for kids. Wasn’t too big and was very clean and tidy.

Rachel L — Google review

Excellent morning out, if the weather had not changed coukd have easily walked around the second time.I have never known a zoo be dog friendly. It was lovely to spend a day out as a family and not worry about leaving my dog at home.Animals all looked very happy and it was easy to view all of the animals in the zoo.Highly recommend visiting.

Victoria G — Google review

Wonderful place! Took our toddler & was a perfect day out, so many animals to see and the farm park was great too. Lovely restaurant if overpriced but nice spacious environment with a small animal enclosure in the corner! Toilets were clean and great baby changing areas. Will definitely visit again!!

Sophie C — Google review

Such a lovely place to visit, especially with young children as there's plenty of space, all areas easily accessible with a pushchair. There's information about all the animals and a great variety. The animals are well looked after and are calm and well managed and appear happy and comfortable in their surroundings. The staff and volunteers are super friendly and approachable. This is a really good day out.

Naomi P — Google review

Well, worth a visit, it's not huge so it can be negotiated easily on foot, and you get really close to the animals. The miniature train that runs around the site is a nice touch. There are plenty of toilets and refreshment areas

William D — Google review

£19 per person, great place for wildlife but take your own food. The cafe queue,for what looked like a school meal, was ridiculous. Nothing else really offered apart from £4.50 for a sausage roll, crazy price. Other than that well organised, an enjoyable day albeit lacking dining for so many people.

Mike L — Google review


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Bradwell Grove, Burford, OX18 4JP, United Kingdom

+44 1993 823006

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Shakespeare's Birthplace

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (177)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (178)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (179)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (180)

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Historical place museum

Sights & Landmarks

Shakespeare's birthplace is a Tudor house located on one of the main streets of Stratford-upon-Avon. It is managed by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, and contains a small museum as well as memorabilia from Shakespeare's family and life.

A must visit place if you live in West Midlands. Parking may be an issue. I used the nearby Lidl shopping Centre parking (3 hours max parking is adequate to see around the places).

Thinley C — Google review

We had a lovely afternoon visiting this place. We booked in advance just to avoid the queue but it wasn't very busy, although we did visit on a Thursday. There was a guide in every room that gave details about where we were and was happy to answer any questions. The gift shop is amazing, it's impossible to leave without buying something. There's a lovely garden with benches and toilets. We parked at Bridgeway Multi Storey car park which is approx 8 min walk from the place.The surrounding areas are also lovely.

Alice W — Google review

We had a very lovely day out visiting Stratford-upon-Avon😊 Shakespeare's Birthplace was at the top of our priority list, and we were not disappointed because there was so much history! It was a highly interesting experience. The staff inside the house were also really dedicated and it was obvious they were educated about the place🙂 Thank you for the enjoyable time❤️ PS: One of my photos shows Shakespeare's grave, which is only around 10-15 minutes walking distance from his birthplace if you would like to visit that too!!

Hannah — Google review

It was very beautiful place to visit. If you are fan of Shakespeare and his works it’s a must visit place for you. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. Tickets were little bit expensive but still it’s worth it. The toilets were clean. The gift shop has a lot of stuff to buy and explore. The surrounding have a lot of stores for souvenirs and other things. Really beautiful place to explore. I highly recommend it.

Jarin S — Google review

Stratford upon Avon a lovely place to visit, nice town, restaurants and plenty of places of interest. Shakespeare's Birthplace worth a visit especially if enjoy history and English literature. Spent about 45 minutes here a little over priced but helps with the upkeep.

Stacy D — Google review

I had a really good time and felt like I taken I step back in history. This is really good value for money and the house itself is beautiful. I enjoyed seeing the different versions of Shakespeare’s through the artwork that was done. I found the whole experience really interesting and would go back again any time. The staff and the actors are on hand to make sure that your experience of the day is memorable. If I could give this place 10 stars I would. Thank you so much for a lovely experience and can’t wait to come back.

Sarah C — Google review

Nice place to visit and a significant piece of history that is well worth your time if you're visiting Stratford-upon-Avon. The house itself is not very big and just has a few rooms to see but it's filled with lots of history. Just to be able to walk in the footsteps of the great William Shakespeare was a treat. Considering the high price of the ticket for the visit of this house only, I would recommend getting the Shakespeare's Story ticket that will give you access to three of Shakespeare's family homes.

Julien P — Google review

If the historical records are correct, this place is where WS was born. The exhibition centre at the ticket office is a bit moderate,but the house itself has some characteristics. The staff gave us a good talk about the history of the house and WS's family.

T S — Google review

Good for the tourists, but was he really born here... probably not... considering that his name is even incorrect and he was most likely stoned when he wrote his best works, can you really take any of this seriously...?!Nice enough building and "experience ", but very expensive imo...Also, the 80's centre built around the cottage is obscene, hopefully the architect never got another job after designing that monstrosity...

Brian M — Google review

Lovely town with lots of fine ancient buildings. Many, many tourists perambulating in groups with guides, if you want a quieter experience probably best to go off season. The RSC park is delightful with drama students putting in lots of outdoor plays. The riverside space is beautiful.

Paul G — Google review

Amazing place with lots of history, feels so special visiting the place where William Shakespeare is buried! Whe whole world studies him and his plays are known globally so being there in person is a special feeling...A must if you're in the area!!

Peter L — Google review

We visited as my daughter loves Shakespeare. The first part is a display of items about Shakespeare and the time he was born. The gardens are beautiful. The house is very small, we got round everything in under 40 mins. If you are a true fan it's worth a visit. I do feel however that the ticket price is very expensive for what it is. To visit just the birthplace it would have been nearly £50 for a family of 4. We did get the tickets that allowed us to return and go to another two Shakespeare attractions however when we visited we didn't have the time to go to the others and as it was a 4 hour round trip so I doubt we will use the return tickets.

Hannah K — Google review

I was dreaming to visit this place for ages, since I learned English at school in Ukraine 20 years ago. It's definitely a "must" place. There is a small museum before you enter the house itself. It's a very atmosphere place, staff is very friendly and gives a lot of information. Also there was a small Romeo and Juliette show. The bookstore is also nice.

Kate S — Google review

Key Features:Historic Setting: Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Elizabethan England as you explore the rooms where Shakespeare grew up, played, and likely dreamt of his future as a playwright.Interactive Exhibits: Discover fascinating insights into Shakespeare's life and work through engaging exhibits, multimedia presentations, and costumed actors.Beautiful Gardens: Wander through the charming gardens surrounding the house, where herbs and flowers would have been familiar to Shakespeare and his family.Family Connections: Learn about Shakespeare's family and their influence on his plays, from his father's glover business to his wife, Anne Hathaway.Significance:Shakespeare's Birthplace is a touchstone for fans of English literature and theater worldwide.It offers a glimpse into the social and cultural context that shaped Shakespeare's writing.Visiting the birthplace allows you to connect with the origins of one of the greatest writers in the English language.Visiting Shakespeare's Birthplace:Open daily, with guided tours and self-guided exploration options available.Advance booking recommended, especially during peak season.Educational programs and family activities offered throughout the year.Unleash your inner Bard and embark on a journey through literary history at Shakespeare's Birthplace. It's a place where imagination takes flight and the words of the master come alive.

Yasith R — Google review

So much history and information. Guides very helpful and friendly. Lots to see. Easy to get around. Gardens were beautiful.

Suzanne B — Google review

It’s a very nice place to visit. Tour guides are placed nicely and each of them is very kind and patiently. Ask them questions about the building and the history, you will be very satisfied with their answers.

Mulder C — Google review

A really quaint little village where Shakespeare was born. The house he grew up in has been renovated and is now a museum of sorts. Obviously the whole village has drawn tons of exposure due to Shakespeare. But the city has kept it relatively small and very clean from all the tourists. Overall, a great place to visit when in the area

C N — Google review

Place was really nice. People inside the birthplace was really nice and explained about the furnitures in the room also the relevance of the other things in the house. Shakespeare’s story and people in his life and career explained clearly through a time line. Loved tge vibe on the street.

Shubhangi B — Google review

Shakespeare and English literature goes hand in hand.This is a must visit site if visiting England 2hr stopover is enough to visit Shakespeare home and see around town.It is remarkable how Shakespeare House is still maintained to the highest standard even after 500 years whilst many new build looks like they will not last 20 years.Victorian houses speaks quality. There is a nice shop to buy Shakespeare related good.

Ghulam B — Google review


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(5305)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (183)

Henley St, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6QW, United Kingdom

+44 1789 204016


Broadway Tower

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (184)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (185)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (186)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (187)

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

Broadway Tower is a unique castle located in a breathtaking location on the Cotswold escarpment. The tower has an amazing view of the surrounding area and features a shop, restaurant, and audio tour. The tower is well-presented with a quirky history that is worth exploring.

Enjoyed the short walk round this tower. The view was amazing even if it was a bit hazy. It has cleared a bit after we had had a drink in the lovely cafe so walked a little way on another path to take in the view. If you are going on the long walk then park down at the bottom carpark as it's free.

Sheila K — Google review

Lovely location great scenery and a great cafe and shop to have lunch and chat out doors on within. Service was gast and friendly and lots of parking space at a reasonable price as great for a stroll with kids who will love seeing the wild deer and running around the tower. There is a small charge to be on the tower grounds and a combined charge to go into tower and be on the grounds. Its a great place to have a picnic and watch the deer with kids or even adults. We had good weather and so you see along distance making the scenery great.

Nirav P — Google review

What a lovely sight as you tamp along the Cotswold Way towards Broadway.It was raining earlier and so to see this tower appear with the sun on it was delightful.You can purchase a ticket to view inside but I didn’t do this as I had muddy boots etc.The views a wonderful from this high spot.Definitely do it if you’re in the area.

Paul S — Google review

While it may be small there is still a lot of history to be discovered. Some sunny and clear (ish) sky's allowed to see a great distances. Take binoculars for better site seeing.Had some rain beforehand, so some muddy patches - check the weather and bring wellies

Chill D — Google review

One of the best views across England. It's just one of those places where it could be rain or shine, and it wouldn't really matter. We brought a pram, and surprisingly it wasn't that bad.. nice and flat with some slight bumps on the gravel, but nothing which will kill off the wheels. It's a must see!

Lee D — Google review

Really worth a visit. Walked up the hill from Broadway to the Tower which overlooks the town. Well presented with a shop cafe and restaurant. Incredible views of the surrounding area and a very quirky history. Enjoyed the visit but found the £12 entry a little on the spicy side. On balance worth it

Rich L — Google review

Absolutely stunning views from this great "folly". You can climb to the top of the tower through a number of different rooms. Go on a nice, sunny clear day and the 360 degree view over the countryside from the tower top is out of this world. There are also a number of extremely pleasant walks to do around the tower's locality. Parking is plentiful and there is a cafe for refreshments.

Allan — Google review

Nice hill and tower. Not sure it is worth paying to enter, but definitely coming to see the view and enjoy a bit of good weather.If you are lucky, you may be able to visit the adjacent bunker too (not always open to public).

Joao P — Google review

Absolute gem worth visiting. Recommend buying tickets online as there's limited space and devices inside. Outside there are beautiful paths to have wonderful walks with stunning views. Can make it as long as you like it and visit cafe or food and drink trailer after. There's also good chance you'll meet deer. They're adorable :)

Iza P — Google review

Circular walk from Broadway village up to the Tower. Great views during the walk and from the tower. £14 to visit the tower. It's probably worth it for the amazing views. Good parking at the top if you can't make the walk up, with a good cafe with a great selection of food and drinks plus a shop.

Andrew C — Google review

Walking up the hills out of Broadway towards Chipping Campden, the Broadway Tower suddenly loomed into view.As we entered and ascended the winding stairway, we were rewarded with unexpected splendor and interesting history at each level. The view from the top was astounding. Well worth our efforts!

Darryl M — Google review

Very interesting visit inside the tower, it took us 1 hour as we listened to everything on the audio tour... Rooms are beautifully decorated, great views from the top, it is well worth the £12 entry. Take your time and enjoy it.

Gillian T — Google review

Worth having a walk up to the tower if you’re visiting the Broadway area. £12 entry with a very good audio guide provided which explains the history of the folly. The interior is very impressive especially the library area and with great views from the top. Visited on a Saturday and was busy around the local area but quiet within the tower.

Tom B — Google review

Really interesting place to visit and a must with the Audio guide. The Tower is a must. The circular stroll around the Deer Park is also lovely for the views of such an interesting building and area.Gluten free offerings limited in cafe close to Tower and very overpriced. 1 sandwich, 1 soup, 1 quiche and salad and 3 hot drinks £46. 😬 Take a picnic to enjoy in the grounds instead.

Anna W — Google review

A really interesting place to visit. Fascinating history, and the very best audio/video guide we have encountered. Good for the history but also good for the children with little games to play on the guide screen.Cafe and toilets are clean and tidy. A good selection of typical "tourist attraction" food and drink.Buying tickets in advance is less expensive if you are parking your car. Entrance tickets are timed; i.e., you book a time to enter the tower. I don't know how strict they are on timing. Not very I suspect.Only 4 stars because it's a little on the expensive side at £14 per adult entrance including the audio/video guide as mentioned. Well recommend though.

Stephen B — Google review

If you're seeking a place that's as beautiful as it is memorable, this is the spot you've been waiting for.First things first, bring that trusty tripod along – you'll want to capture every breathtaking angle of this place. The tower is an absolute masterpiece, radiating beauty from both the inside and outside. 📷🏰But here's the real magic: the view from the top. Oh boy, it's a sight that'll leave you speechless. From rolling landscapes to awe-inspiring horizons, it's a visual feast that's worth the climb.As if that wasn't enough, the tower spoils you with a coffee shop and a souvenir shop – the perfect cherry on top of this fantastic experience.So, without a doubt, I'm waving the recommendation flag high for Broadway Tower. If you're craving beauty, adventure, and those picture-perfect moments, this is the place to be.

Miriam K — Google review

Well maintained, interesting piece of history. While.privately owned tower/grounds tickets are reasonably priced at £14 per adult and £3 per child (pending age). Included with a ticket is an audio guide that is also interacting for children. Everyone we encountered working the property was so nice.

Kristen H — Google review

Wonderful location amazing scenery all around the tower. Easily accessible. Entry ticket for Adults £14 and Kids above 6 is £6 is very overpriced in terms of what it has to offer. It's highly recommended to spend some time in the estate but not recommended to go up the tower.

Zuhair K — Google review

Nice place to visit.We walked up from Broadway village. It's a decent hour or so walk up and the paths are very muddy and wet.There are various different paths up and down so worth checking a map before hand.Beautiful views from the top of the hill.Nice cafe near the tower.

Suzie G — Google review

Amazing views! AMAZING!We didn’t go up the tower as we just went to watch the sun set. You have to pay to go in the tower and to have a bunker tour.A lot of different paths and walks. Dog friendly cafe and pop up coffee places.Would be lovely in the summer, with a picnic.Definitely coming back and definitely recommend for a morning/afternoon stroll.

Fyn S — Google review

Broadway tower is a great spot to visit. I have visited this small building just with my wife and on a separate occasion with my family too. You can get a tour of the building through a mobile device and headphones (both provided in the cost). The quality of the tour was great and easy to navigate around. If you are interested in this building or history it is great for you. On the site is a car park, a shop, a cafe where you can eat, and a short walk away is a coffee shop too. There are great little and I imagine long walks around here some very hilly areas too. This was a great morning out for us. A very chilled and relaxing morning, love this area of the cotswolds and would go back soon. You can buy tickets in advance online, which we did, or you can buy them from the shop on site. The cafe was very busy, so we ended up going down to the coffee shop where we had a drink and some cake, which was amazing. Definitely recommend to anyone.

Tom M — Google review

Pretty tower in a nice setting, on top of a hill, with fantastic views! You can pay to visit the tower and get even better views from the top. There’s paid parking with a nice cafe and outdoor tables. Great spot for a picnic too! The site also has a small nuclear bunker that you can visit (open only on Sundays in summer) and a deer reserve.

Fernando O — Google review

This is a very pleasant place to come for a breath of fresh air or a picnic. There are just a few spaces to park on the road, so you are more or less obliged to pay for parking. To go up the tower is very expensive, in my view, but you follow the public foot paths around the tower for free.

Andrew F — Google review

Lovely place to visit if you are in the Cotswolds. Good parking, variety of walks, red deer on site and a rich history associated with the tower. The views from the top were amazing, although very windy. To top it all the cafe was brilliant, lots of choice of food and drink, places to site and superd service.

John B — Google review

So glad we went. I found this unique tower on a Google search. This place is incredible all around. Sheep, deer, and beautiful scenery all around. You can't ask for more; we even ate in their cafe.

James M — Google review

Fantastic place to walk around. It's a picnic area. You can see deers around here. Scenic view. Theres a small walking area as well. The castle itself surrounded by greeneries. Beautiful place. Free parking on the road side. If you want to go inside the castle you have to buy tickets. But to roam outside, it's free.Good place for family.

Stennet B — Google review

Lovely day - blue sky - 1C - with a northerly wind - the views were fantastic. The top cafe is excellent. Posh Cheese on toast recommended. The walk around the Tower is very good. Nice to see the deer. Dog friendly

Hednesford C — Google review


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(2093)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (189)

Middle Hill, Broadway, WR12 7LB, United Kingdom

+44 1386 852390


Designer Outlet Swindon

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Outlet mall


Children's clothing store

Clothing store

The McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Swindon is an outlet mall located in the heart of the Cotswolds, just outside of Swindon. The outlet mall is home to over 90 stores, with international names like Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Jeans, Boss, Levis and Vans.

Good outlet shops with lots of options. Reasonable prices. Little food options but not that bad. Huge parking which costs £1 for first 5 hours and £12 whole day.

Tausif B — Google review

Large variety of Designer shops, clean and very well maintained. March 2023 when I visited it, I was impressed by the plants that decorated the I sides and outsides of the building.The only thing I would wanted is the option to pay by phone at the car park, which is missing at the moment.Much preferred over the Oracle@Reading.

Fotis M — Google review

I found the best bit of Swindon! Top notch shopping mall, giant climbing-maze-wall-type playground for the kids (which makes it very easy to keep an eye on them from a distance!) Also with cafe overlooking!!!! Plus a smaller playground for little children. Good toilets. Food court with plenty of options. Plenty of (paid) parking. Industrial themed building with historic cranes, scales etc with interpretative signage, actual locomotive to view, and even a little miniature (paid) train for families to take a ride around the mall. Right next to STEAM the great western railway museum. If you want a spot of lunch or shopping after visiting the train museum, do not miss this shopping centre! When we visited at Easter 2024 they even had a little indoor hedge-labyrinth Easter trail set up, free, with lollies & colouring activity pack with crayons as the prize when they completed it. Staff were friendly and relaxed. Honestly finding this place has transformed my reluctance to happiness when I need to visit Swindon.

E S — Google review

This was our second visit to Swindon Deisgner Outlet and must say we were just as impressed this visit as on our first. A great variety of shops held within a converted train yard which makes for a very cool looking centre. Well kept and clean, the Christmas decorations looked beautiful as did the market stalls at the entrance. No doubt we will be back again soon!

Lauren R — Google review

Very festive at the moment. We arrived just as they were opening on Saturday, 10 am, by lunch time it was very busy. You can pay to go on a land train that will take you all the way round so you can see where all the shops are 1st hand before venturing on foot. Some units are smaller than their main shops in towns so the choices will be less. We were very successful on our mission.

Sharon N — Google review

Major brands at outlet prices, ample space for shoppers.Scooters can be hired for people with special needs. Kids cars, train and play area are attractive.Car parking first 30min are free, you must enter your car registration, entry time if not picked automatically.

SA S — Google review

This is situated on the old Great Western Railway works and is impressive how they have mixed the old engineering buildings with the new shops. There are too many shops to mention but, if like me, you don't do shopping, then visit to see the steam engine and look up to see how many overhead cranes you can find👍

Andrew W — Google review

We've been coming here for a few years but this time was the first with my dog she was amazing, and it was also my birthday too. All the shops were super friendly and accepted my dog too.

Starvsblack2 C — Google review

Spent the day in Swindon and visited Designer outlet (Swindon) and highly recommend a visit if you love to shop til you drop. It's a well laid out shopping outlet with many designer brands and the outlet offers 10% off with participating retailers.Great day out for all the family and even has a play area for younger children. Great selection of retailers.

Bree M — Google review

Excellent place for shopping. Lots of variety.Customer services are at its best almost at every outlet.Parking is also reasonable.Needs to have a bit more option of food.

F S — Google review

Easy access, plenty of 🅿️ mid week, a nice atmosphere and west Somerset train theme. Usual coffee shops, limited food hall plus burger/breakfast joint, has a little train called hooter for kids, kids play area and you can see shops on the website but I regularly visit the Vans shop, great discount on the iconic skate shoes, worth a visit

Chris E — Google review

There is nothing not to love about the Outlet. It houses, perhaps, the most collections of designer stores under the same roof in the whole of the South West.The Outlet is well planned and I particularly loved the fact that a little bit of railway history had been incorporated into the building. The West Somerset train stands out and so do the rather colourful rail carts and other railway parts that are suspended on the roof.The Outlet is functional. There is a secluded colourful play area for children. The parking is massive and is free for the first 30 minutes and cost £2 thereafter. There is a car wash/valet service at the car park which offers free parking for its patron.The designer outlets on the premises parade an eclectic collection which includes footwear, clothing, perfume, home decor etc. There is a food court as well with popular brands. There are also food stall for lovers of street food outside the OutletThere is lots of natural lighting and some of the stores have made good use of it to improve their ambience. M&S stands out. The toilet facility is quite clean and overall the Outlet appeared clean and well managed.Loved it and would be going back for more!

Ade — Google review

COOL PLACE TO SHOPI think I’ve been to most of the MacArthur Glen Designer Outlets in the country, and the thing I like about this one is that most of it is covered with a roof, so you’re protected from the elements when shopping (unlike Cheshire Oaks, which is freezing!).Has a nice Christmassy feel during December and the outside stalls selling German sausages and churros are cool. Plenty of shops to see and it’s in a logical order so you could do laps around the place.Only downside: the parking at busy times is painful, so expect to park miles away from the entrance. And the ticket machine takes your money but then doesn’t let you out of the carpark – so always pay at the barrier for your parking with your contactless credit card.

Ninh L — Google review

Loved it here out of all the outlet places I have visited this is way better than the rest.Parking 5 pounds for three hours blue badge holders free just scan your blue badge barcode at barrier on way out.The whole place had a very nice vibe it's built in old engine sheds formally GWR they have retained much character and preserved so much.Toilets very clean the while place was well looked after plenty of seating throughout.Great play area for younger children you can also hire ride in cars for them.Massive range of shops and plenty of places to eat and drink also.Disabled acess is the best I've seen well done to the customer service desk they are great also.

David N — Google review

The Swindon Designer Outlet offers a diverse shopping experience with a wide range of brands at discounted prices. With its convenient location and ample parking, it's a shopper's paradise. The layout is easy to navigate, and the food options provide a nice break from browsing. However, occasional overcrowding during peak times can detract from the overall experience. Nonetheless, it remains a great destination for bargain hunters and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Pradeesh B — Google review

Good place to buy outlet designer clothes. However sale and clothes range not as good as it used to be. Parking is now £2, which is still relatively cheap. Great location if you live near swindon to shop for quality clothes be over you do nee to look harder.

Rahman A — Google review

Designer outlet Swindon have many outlets of various branded products of clothes and accessories. It's more than value for money. Sometimes even upto 60% discounts are offered for some items. Moreover there are plenty of other options to spend your time with family. There is kids play area, children's train, baby dress changing rooms, etc. When it comes to food and drink you have all sorts of eateries. The ample parking facility saves your time and unnecessary tension. A best place to visit for shopping branded items and quality products.

K S — Google review

A great outlet centre with mix of high street favourites such as M&S, Phase Eight and Next alongside Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein with a variety of cafés and restaurants to choose from including two Costas, Starbucks, Five Guys, Wagamamas and Pizza Express. Great play area for under 8's.Beautifully decorated for Christmas with a wonderful winter wonderland area for children.

C K — Google review

Never been here before, it was outstanding better than CV. Very clean all the shops were open, the staff from the shops we visited didn't jump at you, to see if you wanted anything, that was nice to see.The train was a lovely thought for kids and the play area was brilliant very big too.

Tina T — Google review

Second visit after some years. Much bigger than I remember. Lots of fine brands represented and bargains to be had. Parking: £2 for 5 hours, after which it gets very expensive! So beware, if you want to stay and eat, you might go over the 5 hours. And it's no-ticket parking so make a careful note of your arrival time.

Chris W — Google review

Amazing outlet for shopping, lovely indoor decorations, a great variety of shops and prices. Good food court. There’s also a nice train ride that starts from in front of the play area that kids really enjoy. The ride is 3 pounds per person last time I have checked.The kids play area is so well designed and certainly worth checking out.

Soha ( — Google review

It is comfortable in all weathers. Varied stores for all tastes. Easy to spend 5 hours there. Beware after 5 hours of parking the cost rises dramatically. Good choices of restaurants and cafes. A good day out.

PammyS — Google review

Brilliant spacious outlet with great range of shops and better than online outlet prices. Easy to park although charged. Good food options inside and outside street food options. Mixture of clothes, homewares, beauty, jewellery, cookery, shoe and accessories shops

Mo M — Google review



40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (192)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (193)

40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (194)40 Best Stops Between Bury St. Edmunds and Cheltenham (195)

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Sights & Landmarks

Avebury Stone Circle is a rural monument consisting of standing stones and 17th-century stables that have been converted into a museum. It is located 0.7 miles (1.1 km) from central Avebury and is considered to be one of the area's iconic landmarks. Apart from the stone circle, there are several other attractions in its vicinity including gift shops, bookstores, pubs, Manor House and gardens, and a barn with outdoor seating for dining.

Lovely place to visit ,not just the stone circle to look at ,there is also, gifts shops, bookstore, pub, Manor House and gardens , barn with seating outside if you fancy a bite to eat..lots of things to see and do. Car parks are near and blue badge holders can park right near the High St..not far (4 miles ) away you have the burial grounds ,all in all fab place to visit if your on your own, couples, with children age doesn't matter..

Angela W — Google review

A lovely walk around the stones, there's quaint cottages, a lovely pub & a cafe/restaurant, plus the house to see so lots to do.Be aware in the car park you need coins or the app and the signal is a nightmare there.

Sarah M — Google review

Great to visit and see the Avebury Stones which are older than Stonehenge and older than the pyramids in Egypt apparently. Lovely place to visit and also a National Trust site and visitor centre

Dominic A — Google review

One of those locations that makes you sit back and take stock of life...the reason why our ancient ancestors decided to create such a monument is mind boggling. The time and effort involved must have been off the scale.It has a spiritual feel about it which i loved...I arrived well early and had the site to myself and wandered around this amazing location.A real gem...but it does get busy.

Dave T — Google review

This is an absolute beautiful and powerful place. Owned and maintained by the National Trust, it is complemented by a beautiful, very old farm, lovely places to eat and shop for souvenirs, and a sweet little museum. Free parking, but also a few places to pay for parking. This area is well preserved, and as I said, has a powerful, peaceful feel to it. I loved being able to touch the stones. I enjoyed this even more than Stonehenge.

Deb G — Google review

I love Avebury. A fascinating stone circle (the largest stone circle in Europe) and a lovely little village! Unfortunately, the National Trust has had to rope off sections of the circle (particularly during school holidays) due to erosion from so many people walking around, but it's still very stunning to see.They have a pub in the middle of the village which offers food and drinks. There's also a small corner shop (very friendly owners) and a few other shops (one being esoteric, another being an independent jeweller).The church and its grounds are very well maintained, and there's a museum that details the history of Avebury.It can get very muddy during rainy periods, and proper walking/hiking boots definitely help you keep traction with the ground!It is a wonderful place to go to during pagan holidays. There's always really friendly people around, and the summer solstice and Samhain (Halloween) celebrations are always great fun! I've visited this site dozens of times, and I dare say I will continue to do so for as long as I'm able to!There are several car parks dotted around, including one near the centre of the village.The only negative to the village at the moment is that the public toilets are STILL not open. They've been closed for a very long time now.

Pan P — Google review

Lots to see here, the stone circle, the Manor and museum and there is a nice national trust shop. Parking is a little outside the town and circle, but there is a direct footpath back away from the road and traffic that brings you to the circle and tourist bits. Toilets and food and drink available.

Karl T — Google review

Great place with a beautiful National Trust property as well.Loads of walks round here as well, the stones are easy to walk around as well, unlike Stonehenge.The national trust property is definitely worth a visit.

Matt B — Google review

I recently visited Avebury and it was an absolutely delightful experience. The weather was perfect, making the day even more enjoyable. The cleanliness of the area was impressive, and the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. The well-located car park made it convenient to explore both the stone circle and Manor, all within a short walking distance. Avebury is a must-visit destination, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a memorable day out.

Marisa F — Google review

Fascinating place, really powerful vibes from the stones. I spent over 3 hours walking around the site, dog friendly as well,but not inside the small restaurant. Plenty of information at the visitor centre and museum. Village itself is very small, a couple of shops selling the sort of thing you also find in Glastonbury (tarot,candles etc.) And a chain pub. Beautiful area.

Alexander C — Google review

Great day out to Avebury, being able to stand right next to the stones is really quite an amazing experiance, the little farm stead was a bonus. Make sure you go to all of the different sights the area. Easy to spend a full day

Riccardo V — Google review

Absolutely love going here. Having a nice little wonder around. Seeing the stones. Touching the stones. Photos are of Avebury Church. So lovely and peaceful. Parking. Lovely pub on corner, they do some good food with good prices. Second hand bookshop. Some crystal shops.

Tash S — Google review

Stunning walk around the henge and the beautiful stones. Gorgeous small church dating back over 1000 years. The garden of the mansion is exquisite. The mansion is run by some fabulous people who tell you great stories of the house. There is also a small museum. You can try on costumes and even sit on the furniture. A highly recommended day out.

Jon F — Google review

A unique find with this amazing town that is surrounded in mystery ✨️ Avebury is a beautiful place surrounded in giant stones with a lovely village. It's so peaceful and beautiful. Parking can be a bit challenging as there is no phone signal there.

Kate H — Google review

High energy, high vibration place. It's free, no tickets required. You can touch the stones and walk around, sit there and meditate. There's a Cafe just opposite, in case you want to park/ wat etc.

Akanksshaa — Google review

The largest stone circle is about 40 minutes from Stonehenge. It is very well the visit. The stones are really impressive and the energy is palatable. Take your time and enjoy the visit.

Roberto B — Google review

It's a beautiful little village with stone circles, how can it not get five stars. The town has a pub, Cafe, shops, free public toilets, lots of history, and is a beautiful day out. I didn't pay to see the Manor and gardens or to go in the museum at 6 GBP, but what I saw was very enjoyable.

Adventure N — Google review

A wonderful afternoon, especially as our visit to Avebury today was totally unplanned. We were lucky with car park, and loved that we felt immediately the place was alive. A tremendous place to experience & imagine traditional village life. Actually a lot to do and see for free, but we felt so welcomed, having some great chats with wonderful National Trust volunteers and other visitors, that we joined the NT today. Looking forward to regularly returning even if just for a coffee or a stroll 😀 😎

Andy B — Google review

An incredible archeology site, we loved walking around the stones..Follow signs for parking, it's only a short walk back past the cricket pitch to the village and stones.

Sean O — Google review

Actually more impressive than l imagined it's much bigger, the hint should have been the biggest Stone Circle in the world. A very level easy walk around and lots to see, of course they charge for the car park £7 but the rest is free unless you want to visit the museum. National Trust shop as always and l throughly recommend the Red Lion pub and the gift shop opposite is independent and very helpful.The area is dog friendly as you know l wouldn't go otherwise.

Stephen G — Google review

Magical experiences to be had at Avebury Stone circle! There’s a stone laid down that vibrates gently if you sit on it. This is because under the soil there is a chalk layer and the rain seeps through creating a positive and negative electrical charge.

Alison C — Google review

Spent a lovely couple of hours wondering through the stones. Also worth checking out the Unhenged coffee shop and cafe at the club house. For a bite to eat. Dog's welcome. X

STEVE S — Google review

Skip overpriced and tumultuous Stonehenge and come to Avebury instead!!Great archaeological site with a powerful energy, nestled in the quaint English countryside. The stone circle is free to visit, and there is a lovely cafe nearby to enjoy a cuppa and a scone.We absolutely loved the leisurely stroll around the monoliths and picturesque village.

Devana — Google review

A much better experience than stone henge! Free to walk around and relax. Not too many people, nice shop.

Lesley W — Google review

It was a nice place for a stroll and lunch in the Red Lion which was good value for money. gift shops were very interesting lots to discover in them and you only pay for parking all day £7 for cars and £10 for campervans National trust members are free I believe.

Mary P — Google review


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Sudeley Castle

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Sights & Landmarks

The Tudor-era stately home of Sudeley Castle is a great place to explore for history buffs, with its formal gardens and art by some of the greatest painters in history. The castle's tea room is reasonably priced and has a wide selection of drinks and food, making it a great spot to stop for lunch or dinner. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, always happy to help out.

We loved Sudeley Castle. Beautiful place and views. Lots of history surrounding Katherine Parr and Henry VIII. The animal sculptures were fabulous. Lovely chapel. Interesting exhibitions. If you have young children, there is an amazing adventure playground, and all the animals to find, a willow maze and yew corridors to run in and out of. Cafe was reasonably priced and staff friendly. Highly recommended!

Julie B — Google review

Really nice grounds with lots of well kept gardens to see. Interspersed with animal sculptures which was great to keep our daughter entertained. Having been inside the house I probably wouldn’t bother going back inside, but would definitely visit again for the grounds. You can spend around 3hours here quite easily

Eren H — Google review

My little Yorkshire heart did a flutter at the price, but we all really loved it. 3 adult history buffs went. Feel that there was something for everyone (apart from the obligatory teen sat on his phone in the corner). The house tour was a exhibition first so you got Sudely through the ages, then into various social history exhibitions which were vast, varied and very interesting and finally round rooms in the house. The tour was interactive and tailored to those present. Very knowledgeable guide. The gardens were gorgeous. Of course it was a gorgeous day, so that helps! All in all thoroughly enjoyable visit. We were there 3 1/2 hours but easily could have spent a longer time there. Amazing visit, would heartily recommend.

Nicky G — Google review

Just walked around the gardens this time. The fragrance from the roses was amazing. The sculpture animals are well worth a visit. Had lunch in the new style cafe interior design was very well laid out and good quality food.

Pam H — Google review

Loved this place, hadn't realised how much history is associated to Sudeley Castle, so much to see. Grounds were beautiful, the Animal Ark sculptures were a delight for the kids to find. Exhibitions inside were immense, well presented and interesting. We paid extra for guided tour and I really felt it was worthwhile, very knowledgeable tour guide and delivered in an interesting manner. My only reservation was that the main restaurant is at entry, so half way through our visit we had to walk back to the start to enjoy lunch. The food was good, we enjoyed soup. Also kids play area looks fab, lots to play on. Kids got in free with Blue Peter badges too, great saving. Great day out, highly recommend. Don't forget to like my review 😀

Susanna R — Google review

Stunning grounds and castle, with all so beautifully staged and preserved, you really take a step back in time. The exhibition of elephants and other animals was an unexpected surprise and very cleverly done. The disabled access was good made better through borrowing the manual wheelchair provided which was an all-terrain type. The cafe adjacent to the entrance is very nice, large inside space plus outdoor tables. The food choices were basic, a few rolls and all drinks in disposable cups. The staff were all friendly and very helpful, especially with the wheelchair.

Michaela B — Google review

Got in with a 2 for 1 offer with Gardeners World so under £20 for us both. We didn't realise how historic the castle was and it was very interesting. Unfortunately the gardens were a bit disappointing, but maybe the time of year (May) didn't help. We enjoyed our visit anyway.

Roger L — Google review

If you're into your history and the Tudor era this is the place to go. The castle is situated in lovely grounds and plenty to see. The tea room is fairly priced and good for all types of drinks and food. The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable and always there to help. I would thoroughly recommend spending the day here.

Andrew T — Google review

This is a beautiful castle with very well maintained gardens. It consist of a beautiful trail, playground, garden with different sort of flowers. The castle is full of beautiful history. We visited on a bank holiday and it wasn’t too busy.

F ( — Google review

Visiting Sudeley Castle during the Winter Spectacle of Lights was truly amazing for our family. The lights surpassed our expectations, and the staff's helpfulness and politeness added to the experience. The actors on the light trail were fantastic, and the overall layout of the castle, along with its beautiful gardens and views, is truly spectacular. A must-visit destination for families.

T C — Google review

Great place to spend the day, lots to keep the adults and children entertained.Beautiful grounds, superb play areas, artwork and museum.

Michael L — Google review

Great day out with the kids, we did the kids trail and animal sculptures. The house/ castle not great for the little ones but there is more then enough for them to do, like the biggest wooden kids play castle I've ever seen, wish I was 6 again!

Stuart B — Google review

Only visited the grounds (Plenty of Free parking), As me & my wife were attending the Fantasy Forest Festival.Grounds are lovely & mostly level with plenty of huge, shady trees to picnic under.There is a good quality Cafe & shop with clean toilets at the entrance, along with some plants for sale outside.Not one piece of litter to be seen.The Castle itself looks lovely & will return at some point to visit it as we live close by.

Terry C — Google review

Lovely garden & well maintained. Great place for to bring kids for outing. The castle is a bonus but mind the stairs to different level of the castle. Friendly staff.

Michael K — Google review

Such a fascinating Castle to visit, which was steeped in significant history. It is so worth having the Guide (Laura?) tell you about the history of the Castle so that you can fully appreciate everything about it. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn visited the Castle and Katherine Parr had lived there and her tomb is in the church. There are many unique artifacts there of great interest. I highly recommend a visit if you are interested in Tudor history.

Jane D — Google review

Fantastic place to visit, packed with history. Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I are only some of the historic figures who lived here. The castle is not particularly big but is very interesting to explore. The garden is very pretty, too, as well as the chapel.

Angie K — Google review

Definitely worth a visit if you're visiting the area. We booked in advance and saved 10% on the ticket price. Lots of free parking, staff so helpful and friendly. Great cafe and loads for kids to see and do. Gardens opened at 10am, Castle not until 11am so we arrived at 10am and had a wander around the Gardens. Visited the Church in the grounds where Katherine Parr is buried. The Castle had a large exhibition over a few floors then you get to explore some of the rooms of the Castle. It's all really interesting and a great way to spend a few hours.

Liz C — Google review

Great place to visit with many rooms to view and gardens well looked after. Spent three hours there and this was nowhere long enough. Both volunteers and staff are knowledgeable and are more than happy to assist with all questions.

The A — Google review

Beautiful chateau with large grounds. A must if you love old stones! The vegetation sculptures are interesting to discover.

Vincent T — Google review

Lovely place to visit did it with the HHA card. Normal admission is £23 per person. Estate is beautiful, house is very interesting and lots of information is given. Well worth a visit

John M — Google review

Went for the Christmas lights, they were fantastic.Even on axwet and windy December night, the feel of Sudeley was great.All the staff were friendly and the actors interacted with everyone and even managed to keep a smile in the rain.Highly recommended and we will return in summer

Alyn A — Google review

Sudeley Castle, nestled in the picturesque Cotswolds of England, is a stunning blend of history, architecture, and natural beauty. Its rich heritage spans over a thousand years, with connections to royalty and historical figures like Queen Katherine Parr, the last wife of King Henry VIII. The castle's enchanting gardens, including the famous Queens' Garden, are a testament to its timeless charm, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and admirers of English heritage alike.

Virginia W — Google review

A must do visit. This stunning place is a perfect day out. Go early to make the most of it, as there are SO MANY things to do.The whole experience has been so well thought through, it really shows how much effort has been put into making this a wonderful place to visit.There are accessible routes. Plenty of parking.You can also go for a coffee or the gift shop alone, without paying the entrance ticket.The gift shop is really nice and well priced.Loads of things for kids, including fab playground areas.The message of CoExistence (with nature) shines throughout.The gardens are stunning, the beautiful church hosts the tomb of the only Queen buried in a private property.The exhibition is a fantastic lesson in history and life from the Tudors onwards.The private house rooms are very nice, photography is not allowed there.I recommend this place 100%.

Tweed T — Google review

It s a beautiful and wonderful place !!! Worth the money ! You should not miss this place if you are a tourist and even a local. The adult tickets are around 22 GBP and you can visit the castle and the gardens within one month free with the same ticket. It s a playground for kids as well, a nice restaurant, a souvenir shop. You can go by car or by bus. It s a great place to be and you need a few hours to see everything!!!

Fatma — Google review

This was amazing! I went here with my family and I enjoyed the lights and how everything was set up. The theme for the lights was the wizard of oz and they even included characters which made this experience even more fun. Even if you don't want to see the lights everything is nicely set up. The gift shop is absolutely amazing they had baubles, books, magnets, scarfs and plenty of more that you can see yourself.I 100% recommend this place if you are planning to go with family or just want to see the history behind it

Nikola K — Google review

Lovely place, as I'm a fan of castles and the history involved. The staff are friendly too. This is my second time visiting and I feel it is over priced for what you get to see, with regards to a castle. If you are more interested in the gardens, then you might feel value for money.

Adrian M — Google review

Fabulous Christmas light display. This year wizard of Oz themed. The carpark was well organised, the ushers placed all round the grounds were very helpful and friendly. The characters stopped for photos on the way round, we couldn't fault it. Well worth the money for a christmassy evening.

Amy H — Google review

Great mixture of ruins, intact house / castle and museum. There's just the right amount to ensure you can cover everything in 3-4 hours before anyone gets tired or bored.

Paul W — Google review


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