34 Best Stops Between Chilliwack and Nelson (2024)

Manning Park Resort, located on Highway #3 in BC a few hours away from Vancouver, offers various rooms, cabins and chalets suitable for families of all sizes. This 4-season mountain retreat has an array of activities such as skiing and boating. It is also known to be one of the best family ski resorts in BC with lessons and runs suitable for everyone. For those who want some alone time, there are plenty of opportunities to hit the slopes without kids.

We make sure to go to manning as a family at least once a year. This last time was amazing! We stayed in a cabin for three nights, it was newly renovated and was not advertised as such. It was a very nice surprise! We enjoyed the pool many times, went for snow walks, skied, spent quality time with our family and tubing. The staff are all helpful and friendly. Sandy (I hope I got her name right) in particular stood out for our family. She was amazing with my scared five year old son at tubing and went out of her way to ensure he had fun. She was so friendly and took time out of her day to make him feel special and leave having had a good time.

Ellesha M — Google review

Great to have this resort in the heart of such an incredible provincial park. Room was nice and spacious. Good restaurant on site which serves hearty meals suitable for hungry hikers. Nice to be able to relax in the pool & hot tub after a long day in the mountains. Staff were all lovely and welcoming.

Tim H — Google review

Great place for a rest stop between the interior and the lower mainland. Easy parking, great views, patio with beers, washrooms, you name it, they got it.Even picnic tables to enjoy your road snacks, not in the car!

Travis F — Google review

Great spot. Cabins nice. Aug. long weekend they have the lantern festival at Lighting Lake, nearby. It is really a great experience for the whole family. They have lantern building workshops for everyone the day of the festival. Then as it gets dark everyone heads to Lightning lake for the light up. It may be canceled this year due to fire bans. Check at Manning Lodge.

Brian S — Google review

Was not impressed with hotel service. Both times I have booked there have been issues. They have claimed they do not have a room to accommodate our booking. (We booked a pet friendly room) and many of our relatives also had issues with bookings. On the positive side the cabins were nice and Manning Park is beautiful.

Hailey C — Google review

Great price. Pool is huge. Beautiful property and location. Staff were a bit rude on my first trip, much better on the 2nd trip. Rooms are hit or miss, some are well maintained, the other room I had, had marks all over the walls and holes. Had to phone front desk to inform them so I wasn't held liable.

Cody H — Google review

It is so beautiful here. I have been hiking in summer, and the views are breathtaking. Snowboarding and snowshoeing in winter, are also great. This year we stayed in the cabin with family and it was such a lovely family time, and the cabins are so cute. Staff were extremely accommodating and I definitely would recommend heading out to Manning Park!

Cassie R — Google review

Beautiful resort! We were only there for a day ride, but loved every minute! The runs are amazing, there is so much variety both between runs and with in runs! My favorite was one of the runs off the blue chair, groomed run winding down the mountain with powder in between, some forest action, and jumps all the way down. Will definitely be coming back, hopefully for a night or two though!!! Enjoy videos of my wife and I both eating it on a jump that was out of our league hahaha, last run of the day calls for at least one send! Enjoy!!!

Shade H — Google review

Disappointing. Over $200 a night with fees, no AC or temperature control in any rooms, and they will charge you an extra $25 an hour if you ask for a late check out. I've never had any hotel charge a fee if you ask for an extra 30-60min checkout (if they can accommodate), especially when the Manning park check out time is an early 10am (and the pool and fitness room don't even open until 8am).Manning park charges a premium for it's location, but I doubt I will stay here again when there are accommodations 45 minutes in either direction (Hope, Princeton) that are far cheaper and at least have climate control.The rooms are clean and the pool is great (they would get 4 stars), but the 'loon lagoon' doesn't open early enough given the early check out requirements and the high fee you are paying to stay here as a guest. Fitness room should have been updated 20 years ago, as the equipment is falling apart.Disappointing guest experience.

Joel F — Google review

Fantastic location. The setting is superb, close to trails and lakes. A cross country skiing oriented resort on the side of a highway, this place proves to be a good summer spot as well. I saw many people taking morning walks with their dogs. A few bikes were in the bike locker.There is an exercise room, a decent pool, hot tub, sauna, a game room (pool table, foosball,shuffle board), a bike locker room and a kids playground. I can see a summer family weekend jaunt here as much as a winter skiing break.

Infinerdy — Google review

Stayed at the resort this past weekend in a lovely premium cabin. We were so impressed with the staff in every place we went, from the front desk, Bear's Den, dining room and the gift store! Very friendly staff who gave us suggestions and directions for hiking areas.

Stacy V — Google review

Manning Park was adequate for the price we paid. Upon check-in they informed us that the ice rink was closed. This was not advertised anywhere on the website, and even when we called them to discuss the reservation (shortly before our arrival) they made no mention of it. This was a disappointing start to our trip.Many areas of the resort are run down or out of service. The cleanliness of the pool area and locker rooms left something to be desired. Additionally, our room could have been cleaned further. There was sticky residue on the bathroom counter and what appeared to be some dried cream or ointment on the TV stand when we arrived. We asked for silverware to be brought to the room and what they delivered was dirty and needed to be cleaned in the hotel room sink. We also asked for bowls and they never delivered them.The staff were all nice and pleasant to work with, the x-country ski rental was smooth. The ski trails were well-groomed with a reliable shuttle service. The restaurant food was delicious.

Annabelle S — Google review

Love the resort and everything it has to offer. The Bears Den is open and a great place to catch a game and meet people from around the globe! The restaurant is full of delicious menu options. The rooms are nice and quiet. The winter camping is a ton of fun!

Clarence M — Google review

The ski area offered great variety and absolutely NO wait times for us fairly novice skiers. Very accommodating service (I had booked for the wrong week, and they fixed my mistake), and an all-around laid-back atmosphere that we all appreciated. Really recommended!

Ulrich P — Google review

MOTORCYCLISTS - I was caught up in the mountains in icy rain. I am new to biking and was out of my comfort zone. I made it to Manning Park Lodge and stood dripping and freezing cold with teeth chattering in the lobby. They have a check-in for 5 pm, but they got me into a room (and into a bathtub!) within 15 minutes. They redirected cleaning staff to help me and didn't make me pay the 2-night minimum. They were awesome. I wasn't my happiest self and they made everything better. I love this place for vacations with my family, but love it even more for the special treatment and consideration I received. I was unprepared for the mountain weather (completely foolish) but saved by Manning Park Lodge

Tiffany S — Google review

Great place to stop and stretch your legs and watch the ground hogs. Plenty ro do in the park, from hiking ,camping, kayaking, mountain biking etc. If not feeling the hiking aspect can drive up to a lookout and get incredible views of different mountain peaks.Charging plugs for electric vehicles available and a restaurant/ snack shop .

Huw J — Google review

We celebrated 2 birthdays at the premium cabin and had the most memorable time at the resort.The kids loved being in the pool and we all enjoyed Canoeing at the lake.It was the most memorable staycation as a family.The cabins are big and very comfortable.Stay here and make some amazing memories.

Namrata — Google review

Great place but beware of mice and their droppings and stains on the mattresses specially the pull out couches. We actually couldn't use them... It was disgusting.As soon as we entered the cabin we found 2 dead mice on traps...imagine the kids! It just made it for an uncomfortable stay. I took the dead mice out and they came to pick them up right away at least.Then the light in the kitchen was burnt, so they came to change it the following day, but they left the burnt light on the kitchen table.I eventually put it outside but noone came to pick it up. At check out, I got the typical lines - staff shortage and staff are sick.We had stayed here before but will not be back. I could post pictures of the dead mice and burnt light on the table but that would be too disrespectful to the "resort." Lots needs to improve.

Fam. C — Google review

I love how kid friendly this resort is. It gives you time to reconnect with your family after a very busy work-life schedule and summer is about to end. Their playground is really nice. The food in the restaurant is great. The atmosphere is perfect. There's a lot of things to do outdoors with the family.

Da W — Google review

For $350 a night I expect a lot better than this toilet. The queen bed in the cabin was basically a board. It was the WORST bed I have ever slept on. To put such a cheap bed in such an expensive place is really low class. As well, they pretend there are four restaurants, when there is really only one, and it is absolutely DISGUSTING!! I puked the first night eating there, and my wife puked the second night. Honestly, I have NEVER had worse food. Even Denny's is way better. Avoid this "resort" at all costs. It is an obscene rip off.

Bob H — Google review

On BC Highway 3, between Hope BC and Princeton BC. Manning Park Lodge good base camp for park exploration. Hiking with great scenery in the alpine region, Scenic valley and lake trails. Campground at Lightning Lakes, with more camping through out the park. Gibson Pass Ski area in winter. Dinning and accomodation available at lodge. Park can becomes busy in the Summer.

Lo K — Google review

I can’t say enough good things about Manning Park! We had our wedding there in October 2023 and it was the absolute BEST! The staff is incredible and they were all so beyond accommodating. The cabins are amazing and the food was 10 out of 10. All of our guests rave that it was the best wedding they’ve been to and I give so much credit to how seamless the staff made the weekend feel.The best most beautiful wedding venue and we would recommend it to anyone!Thank you Manning Park for making our outdoor wedding venue dreams come true!

Stephanie R — Google review

I just wanted to share my experience not with the manning resort as a whole, but the customer service associated with the company.I have been trying to find out details on the status of something for over 3 weeks, while calling, emailing, calling, and emailing again, I have not been able to get an answer regarding my situation.While someone inside of the company did give me a reply (6 days later), and now the mountain has closed, and I will not be able to get in touch with anyone.Extremely unimpressed with how the customer service has been with Manning Park. Once again this review is strictly about my customer service experience I have been having (or lack of).

Mike N — Google review

A beautiful place, whether you are just having a quick stop or staying for an incredible vacation. There's a cute store, loaded with fun things and a lovely restaurant. There's a pet friendly space for your furry family. Check it out. Don't just drive by.

Cindy H — Google review

I am generally disinclined to write negative reviews, however, in this case it feels warranted. We had a terrible experience with Manning Park Lodge. Due to personal circ*mstances, we cancelled our booking, called over the phone and recieved confirmation that we were within the cancellation time frame, and that the booking would be cancelled. Unfortunately, the refund didn't come through so we called back and were given the run around and told to call their booking agent (hotel one), who told us to call the lodge... back and forth. Eventually we reached a helpful Hotel One agent and they confirmed that the booking was cancelled within the cancellation period and sent an email confirmation with the cancellation and confirmation of the refund. Manning Park Lodge still didn't process it. Called again to both hotel one and Manning Park Lodge, this time the hotel itself said it would be cancelled and confirmed that they had processed the refund. Still didn't come through. Called back and now are being told they will not process the refund. Unprofessional, and unacceptable! So BEWARE of this place, which is seemingly dishonest;

Treena D — Google review

A friend of mine had a family issue and had to attend to them for an extended period of time, a situation that was out of his control, and they wouldn't refund him or at the very least credit him... They didn't get back to him for quite some time, and still refused. Do not recommend

Bhav R — Google review

You can hear other people through the walls, and the humongous "6-people room" doesn't have enough chairs for even five people (around a small table fit for not even four people). The beds are very close to one another and lack separations. The bed sheets are small and thin, barely big enough for the beds. The entire hotel was probably made in the 1980s due to old materials such as telephone cabling equipment and dedicated razor trash bins inside the walls. The TV, still in a plastic wrap, is brand new (the TV costs eight hundred dollars and more). I can't complain, though, it does the job for the time spent there for skiing or nature walks. I recommend going to Banff or Whistler, which are better touristic options. In Manning, the nearest gas station is an hour away, and the prices are higher due to its remoteness. If you want to be lost in the middle of nowhere, sure, go ahead and come here; however, if you want an excellent skiing or nature walks, other places exist. I also found a bible in the room, what a classic American trope.

fakeforsure — Google review

We stayed in a standard cabin. Nothing special, but cosy. No dishwasher, which was fine. Mattresses on bunk beds were really hard, so I did not sleep well. Heating is extremely loud, so we had to sleep with earbuds, and those that couldn't, didn't sleep well. Not what you expect when you pay $500 a night.Staff we're okay, but tremendously not helpful. They work at a resort but knew nothing about anything regarding the typical activities done at a mountain resort. I understand that there's a designated activity center near the lodge and one at the downhill area 10km away, but they could get a 15 minute training to answer basic questions.The hot tubs were fine, but the pool was very cold. The building itself is old and not very nice.I got a splinter playing with the giant Jenga in the game room, and every single ping-pong ball was broken or dented. The room itself is not very nice or inviting. The giant power4 game was damaged and fixed with some of the splintering Jenga pieces.Overall, great location, okay cabins, the rest sub-par at best.

Dimitri K — Google review

34 Best Stops Between Chilliwack and Nelson (2024)


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